There’s something in the look you give
I can’t help myself I fall
I can’t help myself at all
There’s something in your touch when we kiss
I scream god forgive me please
‘Cause I want you on your knees
I don’t wanna think about it now
I know I wont get out if I fall in
So I don’t wanna think about it now
It’s dark in my imagination

– Of Verona, “Dark In My Imagination”

Even creatures of myth and legend tell ghost stories.

These stories speak of a fae race not seen since the Mythic Ages, twisted and terrifying, yet eerily similar to the Kithain. Where the children of the Tuatha provoke fear, anger, and sorrow in mortals to inspire them, shake them out of their complacency, and fill the world with Glamour, these boogeymen terrorize and destroy without thought or care for the world’s Dreamers. They are the ogres who kill and eat any who trespass on their bridges, the gremlins on the plane’s wing sabotaging the engine, or the woman in white on the side of the road who murders any driver who offers her a ride.

On the twilight of the Evanescence, the Kithain discovered that horror stories are all too real. These creatures, collectively known as the Thallain, inhabited the Dreaming long before the Kithain or even the Tuatha de Danaan. Before the rise of humanity, the Mythic Realms would have been unrecognizable to modern fae. The Dreaming was a primordial world composed of raw savagery and base instinct. Higher ideals weren’t merely unheard of; they didn’t yet even exist. Life was brutal and short. Hunting, eating, mating, and surviving, all by any means necessary, were the height of aspiration. Emerging from these ancient dreams were the Fomorians. The Fomorians birthed the Thallain in their image to be the inheritors of their nascent Dream.

The Evanescence – September 11, 2001, the day a group of terrorists executed the largest foreign attack on American soil, a nation that previously believed itself impervious to invasion. Thousands were killed, and the world changed almost overnight. Across the globe, travel was restricted, police powers were drastically increased, expansive surveillance programs were put into place, and entire nations were destabilized, all in the name of security.

The last vestiges of the Silver Ban restricting the Thallain burned out in the onslaught of Dark Glamour, and the children of the Fomorians flooded back to Earth in numbers rivaling the sidhe during the Resurgence.

Today, the Thallain use their newfound freedom to subvert or destroy Concordia and other changeling societies across the Autumn Realm. Some work through the Shadow Court, corrupting unwary Unseelie and fostering animosity between the nobles and commoners. Others work independently, outright attacking Kithain institutions and Glamour sources. Still others revel in violence and atrocity for its own sake. Leaders among the Thallain, known as the Black Court in honor of their ancient masters, don’t mind these senseless individuals, for even they further the cause of the Fomorian Dream.

They hunger for the day humanity is eradicated, the Tuathan Dream is extinguished, and the Fomorians are loose once more, returning the world to its original brutality.

The various Thallain kith and their related Kithain kith are as follows:

  • Aithu (Eshu)
  • Beasties (Pooka)
  • Boggarts (Boggans)
  • Bogies (Sluagh)
  • Goblins (Nockers)
  • Murdhuacha (Merfolk)
  • Ogres (Trolls)
  • Spriggans (Piskies)
  • Bodachs (Clurichauns)
  • Ghasts (Redcaps)
  • Kelpies (Selkies)
  • Lurks
  • Mandragoras (Ghille Dhu)
  • Nasties (Satyrs)
  • Night Hags
  • Sevartal (Sidhe)
  • Skinwalkers (Nunnehi)
  • Weeping Wights