The Nephandi

Oh, ’cause they will run you down, down ’til the dark
Yes and they will run you down, down ’til you fall
And they will run you down, down ’til you go
Yeah, so you can’t crawl no more
And way down we go Way down we go

Kaleo, “Way Down We Go”

According to the Traditions and the Technocracy the Nephandi are no longer a priority threat. In a rare show of cooperation the two factions exiled the Fallen beyond the Gauntlet allowing them to focus on greater threats: each other. The demise of the Nephandi is great exaggerated. The Fallen are an invisible infection are spread across the Tellurian, and that includes Los Angeles. The are two “visible” factions in L.A., which is something of an overstatement – there maybe more. These two are legendary at best, and no real evidence has ever been produced that they actually exist. Still, rumors gets started somehow….

  • The Inverted Church – The Euthanatos and Order of Hermes claim that infernalists hide within LA’s communities of faith. They practice an inverted form of Christianity in the shadow of the cross, but whenever the hunters appear close the Church vanishes like smoke.
  • The Producers – Even more legendary are the Producers. These are rumored to be a cabal or perhaps lone operatives in Hollywood trading souls for careers. It’s a tired trope, sure, but what better way to hide than in something so common no one believes it.