Technocratic Lexicon

  • Adjustment: A subtle or coincidental act of Enlightened Science.
  • Anthropic Principle Theory, the: Proposed (in real life) by Brandon Carter in 1973, this theory
    asserts that:

    • 1) humanity’s position in the universe is privileged enough that we can act as
      observers within it, and so…
    • 2) this universe must therefore be compatible with our existence
      and our ability to observe its principles. The first observation is known as the Weak Anthropic Principle, and the second as the Strong Anthropic Principle. In Mage, both mystic and tech-focused mages realized a variation on this Principle millennia ago, though they refer to it in different ways, and have squabbled over how best to use their especially privileged talent for altering that universe, as opposed to simply observing it. (See Enlightened Anthropic Field Theory, the.)
  • Black Dagger: Elite stealth-unit Black Suits with devastating psychic assault capabilities. (See
  • Black Suit protocol: The NWO practice of training new members as identically dressed and
    groomed Black Suits, regardless of gender or ethnicity, in order to foster a sense of collective
    identity and a subtly menacing presence. cc-amalgam: A cross-Convention amalgam — a mission group featuring at least one team member from each of the five Conventions.
  • Doctrine of Mutuality, the: The core ethic of behavior among Technocratic operatives. Ideally,
    mutual behavior benefits the Technocracy as a whole, while unmutual behavior undermines the
    integrity of the whole.’
  • Enlightened Anthropic Field Theory, the: Technocratic theory positing that sentient beings
    (usually, but not necessarily, human ones) determine the shape and nature of our universe. Under this theory, the sleeping Masses determine reality unconsciously, while Enlightened humans (and
    other beings) have both the ability to determine it consciously and the responsibility to do so for
    the greater good. Those who abuse that responsibility are therefore Reality Deviants, because
    they choose to alter the universe for selfish reasons rather than for the greater good — a greater
    good that is, of course, determined by the Technocracy. (See Anthropic Principle Theory, the.)
    field op/Field Op: A common phrase with two distinct but related meanings: lower-cased, field
    op is short for “field operative” — an agent working in the field, as opposed to in an office, lab,
    or distant construct. Capitalized, Field Op is short for “field operations,” which are the sorts of
    missions a field operative goes on in the field. (See also, CTA: FO.)
  • Gandalf: A sneering reference to mystic mages. (See also Harry/Hermione.)
  • Harry/Hermione: An inexperienced but potentially dangerous young mage.
    Holographic Universe Theory, the: The concept that the universe we experience is a “flat” and
    limited information structure imprinted on lower energies of the universe’s gravitational horizon.
    The real-world version of this theory involves string theory and complex mathematical
    principles; certain Mage paradigms assert that “reality” as we experience it is essentially a
    projection of natural and perhaps anthropic principles, and thus is subject to alteration by people
    Enlightened and educated enough to understand and manipulate those principles. (See
    Enlightened Anthropic Field Theory, the.)
    low light/low lighter: A freshly initiated Enlightened operative, so named because that person is en-lightened” but not yet terribly bright. Mildly derogatory, the term is typically used by upper-tier Technocrats who aren’t terribly susceptible to complaints from the lower ranks.
  • Master’s Edge, the: A combination of confidence and style practiced by Black Suits and
    Syndicate operatives; done properly, it’s effective enough to break a target’s spirit just by
    walking into a room.
  • Matrix-Invested Operatives: Living beings invested with Quintessential energy; in mystic
    parlance, Soulflowers. (See MIO.)
  • Operative/operative: Standard-issue name for Enlightened Technocratic personnel. Often
    capitalized in older applications (especially among the NWO) but typically lower-cased in
    current terminology.
  • Overton Window, the: Named for Joseph P. Overton, who postulated that an idea’s viability
    depends on whether the public finds it abnormal or unthinkable. It describes a range of ideals
    that the majority of a population finds acceptable. Here, it’s used to describe the edges where
    PSYOPs operate.
  • Procedure: a blatant or vulgar act of Enlightened Science.
    prodigy: A young operative raised and trained within the Technocracy, either from birth or from
    early childhood onward. Not all prodigies are Enlightened, but all are considered T1 operatives
    until they Awaken. After adolescence ends, the ones that do not become Enlightened remain
    extraordinary citizens for life, but are no longer referred to as prodigies.
    terranorming: The process of establishing a localized Consensus by setting up appropriate ideas
    and then reinforcing them with combinations of charity, technology and force until the local
    populace accepts the desired idea.
  • ‘tis full: The spoken version of the acronym TISFL: (the) Technocracy IS For Life. An
    expression that recognizes the stark reality that you can’t simply quit the Technocratic Union.
    Virtual Agents: Technocratic operatives existing only on the Digital Web; personified programs
    with discernible identities. Named, in part, as a mockery of the Virtual Adept Tradition.
  • CTA: Common Technocratic Acronyms
    • 6TP: The Six-Tier Pyramidal structure of Technocratic Rank.
    • AAR: After-Actions Review — a post-mission overview of how well or poorly things went
      during the mission, focusing on what agents did right and potential improvements for subsequent
    • AFET: Acceptable Force Escalation Threshold — the amount of force authorized for a given
      target and/or mission.
    • AO: Area of Operations — the staging and performance zone for a field mission.
    • AW: Asset Weaponization — determining which assets to use on a mission.
    • BRQ: Baseline Reality Quantum — that is, an unEnlightened human. (See PRA.)
    • CCC: Cleanup, Containment, and Compensation — the process of minimizing and repairing
      damage inflicted on a mission zone, making sure the damage and aftermath doesn’t spread
      outside the AO, and compensating innocent bystanders whose lives and property have been
      impacted by Technocratic operations. Considered a costly but necessary step in securing and
      maintaining Consensus among the Masses.
    • CI: Collateral Impact — the amount of damage and death inflicted on civilian life and
      infrastructure as a result of Technocratic operations. Something to be avoided as much as
      possible, if only because cleanup is a bitch.
    • CLE: Civilian Law Enforcement — cops who are not part of the Technocracy’s ranks or
    • CMURD: Craft-Affiliated Magic-Using Reality Deviant — a mage from one of the Disparate
    • DOM: The Doctrine of Mutuality (see Lexicon, above).
    • DTFT: Designated Target Force Threshold — the amount of force expected to deal with an
      expected target.
    • FO: Field Op(eration)
    • HE: Hemophagic Entity — a vampire.
    • HOAR: The Hierarchy of Assets & Resources
    • HSKIN: Holy Shit Kill It Now — a Marauder, Nephandus, or other malignant yet powerful
      mage considered too dangerous for anything except immediate termination.
    • IECSSC: Infiltrations / Exfiltration Covert Strike Specialist Corps, AKA the Black Daggers.
    • IG: Information Gathering Operations
    • JMARD: Juxtapositional Manifestation Paraconsciousness Reality Deviants — ghosts.
    • MIO: Matrix-Invested Operatives
    • MURD: Magic-Using Reality Deviant — a mage.
    • NAMURD: Non-Affiliated Magic-Using Reality Deviant; a mage with no obvious associations
      to another faction — an orphan.NEI: Neglect, Error, Intent — an evaluation technique to determine how to correct unwanted
    • OPTEMPO: Operational tempo — a “productivity quota” that measures the number of missions
      a given operative or team accomplishes per fiscal quarter. Managers and planners live by
    • OPTEMPO quotas. Field operatives know OPTEMPO is bullshit.
    • PC: Precious Cargo — something (or someone) that is the target of a mission.
    • PDE: Pan-Dimensional Entities — possibly aliens, or just weird stuff that defies explanation.
    • PEE: Paradox-Effect Entity, also referred to as PEM (Paradox-Effect Manifestation) by
      Managers and operatives who can’t bring themselves to use the official tag. Despite protests to
      change the designation, PEE remains the acronym employed in most Technocratic archives and
      operations. Even Mirrorshades need a chuckle now and then.
    • PRA: Potential Reality Assets — unEnlightened humans whose beliefs define the strictures of
      Consensus. (See BRQ.)
    • PTMURD: Potentially Talented Magic-Using Reality Deviant — a potential mage not yet
      Awakened but showing every indication of Awakening soon. In short, an ideal recruit.
    • RAN: Repeat as Needed
    • RDE: Reality Deviant Episode; a synonym for RDI, below.
    • RDI: Reality Deviant Incident. Depending on whom you ask the “I” might also stand for
      Incursion, Invasion, or Insurgency.
    • REMURD: Random Element Magic-Using Reality Deviant— a mage or hedge magician with
      no clear affiliations and unknown powers and identity.
    • RoE: Rules of Engagement
    • RP: Rally Point — the place where field ops gather.
    • RSP: Req Spec Phase — time before a mission to request new gear.
    • SAMETO Protocol: Some Animals More Equal Than Others — a sarcastic and unmutual
      reference to the HOAR.
    • S&C: Secure & Contain
    • SDS: The Six Degrees of Separation
    • SSP: Secure Scene Protocols — Secure / Stabilize / Contain / Deny.
    • TAMURD: Tradition Affiliated Magic-Using Reality Deviant — a mage associated with the
      Nine Traditions.
    • TBE: TinkerBell Entities — faeries.
    • TE: Target Exploitation — determine a target’s weaknesses.
    • TI: Target Identification — determine your target in an IGO.
    • TISFL: (the) Technocracy IS For Life (See ‘tis full.)
    • UC: Unenlightened Citizen/Civilian
    • VHS: Van HelsingS — civilians who are amateur monster hunters.
    • XMDD: eXtraordinary Material Distribution Database