The Independents


Over the past few centuries, the fatal dance between the Camarilla and the Sabbat has changed vampire society. Their bloody Jyhad has shaped the secret history of the world, destroying millions of mortal lives in the process. However, there are some Clans who witness both Sects tear at each other’s throats in the name of their ancient feud and decide that they would prefer to watch from the sidelines. These lineages (Assamites, Followers of Set, Giovanni, and Ravnos) can claim their place as proper Clans, but share a strong disinterest in getting involved in the war between the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

Granted, individual members of these Clans (usually younger Kindred) show up in the ranks of both Sects from time to time, but the elders of the independent Clans have their own goals in mind, goals that would conflict with allegiance or loyalty to a Sect. Of course, independent Kindred are vampires first and Clan members second; they don’t all possess mindless, unwavering devotion to the ideals of their Clan. Most of them focus on their personal goals first, whether or not they coincide with their Clan’s goals. This has the side-benefit of confusing outside Kindred even more, since it’s never clear whether a particular independent will act with their Clan’s interests in mind, their personal interests, or some hybrid of the two. (She may even pretend to serve one set of interests while secretly serving another).

Individual independents are always wildcards, with no set of laws or politics forcing them into a clear, defined path.



Followers of Set:

The Followers of Set of Los Angeles have been a constant presence among the Anarchs, but it’s been a very long time since they’ve been a united one. Setite operations in the city center on small blood cults consisting of a Setite, their childer, and their mortal followers. In some ways this has worked to their advantage; these small cults tend to be beneath the Anarchs’ notice where a big cult might draw unwanted attention. The Brujah Jeremy MacNeil despised Setites and considered their temples a threat to the Movement; this hatred remains deeply embedded in the Anarchs of Los Angeles even though MacNeil is gone.

Dawn Cavanaugh remains the most powerful Follower of Set in the city, and is in the unique position that all of her worst enemies are long dead. She has put together a small cult, but hesitates to establish a new temple until and unless the numbers and influence are there for it to stand against the Anarchs and other sects in the city. The presence of Archbishop Fortie Waxx is also causing her to stay her hand, for fear that if she draws too much attention to herself, the Serpent of the Light will send the Sabbat to destroy her.



Los Angeles offers plenty of vice to appeal to a wandering Ravnos, and they certainly pass through the city and hide among the Anarchs. But, each Ravnos generally stands by him or herself.