VTM Timeline

Note: Liberation uses the timeline given in V20 and Lore of the Clans 20th. (Some of these entries were put up semi-haphazardly and are not all perfectly curated yet – it will be soon)

1870: Sebastian Juan Dominguez becomes Prince of Los Angeles.

1870-1943: Don Sebastian’s lax control of the Kindred population in L.A. increases the power of his domain, but causes growing instability.

1927: Tremere Alonzo de Portola contests Don Sebastian’s Princedom. His influence grows, until de Portola and his coterie abruptly disappear.

1943: Brujah Anarch Jeremy MacNeil travels to Los Angeles, and begins to push against Don Sebastian’s rule.

1943: Fights between members of the Camarilla and Anarchs fleeing from the Sabbat intensify during the Zoot Suit Riots.

1944: Don Sebastian has Jeremy MacNeil seized and flogged. The Anarchs begin planning a revolution.

1944: The Anarchs begin their revolt on the night of the winter solstice. They begin driving off or purging Camarilla kindred from Los Angeles.

1944: Werewolves purge Malibu of vampires and sack the Setite temple there during the revolt.

1945: The revolution rapidly spreads through nearby cities.

1945: The Anarchs make their final assault on Don Sebastian’s compound. Salvador Garcia enters the compound alone and emerges some time later holding Sebastian’s head. He claims to have destroyed the Toreador Prince in single combat.

1945: The Camarilla of San Francisco meet the Anarchs with fierce resistance, turning the revolt back at their gates.

1945: Salvador Garcia and Jeremy MacNeil publish the Status Perfectus, outlining the principles of the Anarch Free State. The Revolutionary Council then disbands, leaving the city leaderless. The Anarchs collapse into a mess of feuding Coteries.

1955: Assamite hunters are dispatched to kill Jeremy MacNeil. He fends them off with the help of Crispus Attucks.

1956: MacNeil divides Los Angeles up amongst the city’s anarchs, establishing the first Baronies. Disneyland is declared a “safety zone” (AKA an Elysium) where Kindred are forbidden from fighting each other.

1965: The Sabbat launches the Siege of Los Angeles. Fighting is violent on both sides, but the Anarchs are able to turn the Sabbat back. Mohammed al-Muthlim emerges as an Anarch hero. Leila Monroe declares herself Priscus in the wake of the failed bid for the city and devotes herself to winning it for the Sabbat.

1966: al-Muthlim founds the Crypts’ Sons, with a nucleus of Kindred at the heart of a massive mortal gang network.

1969: The Followers of Set found a new temple in the Hollywood Hills. Jeremy MacNeil is informed of the temple’s existence not long after its founding and sacks it, though high priestess Dawn Cavanaugh escapes. Minor Setite temples pop up from time to time on the fringes of the city, but the Snakes make no further attempt to centralize their power in L.A.

1975: The Giovanni dispatch a famiglia group led by Bruno Giovanni to Los Angeles. The Giovanni construct an opulent family compound in Bel Air, and mollify the city’s Barons by claiming no additional territory; they pursue business and criminal interests throughout the city, offer their services dealing with ghosts, and pay out kickbacks to the Baronies as needed.

1992: Baronies battle each other during the Los Angeles riots. Salvador Garcia’s disillusionment with the Free State grows as he watches gangs like the Crypts’ Sons seize more and more power. Jeremy MacNeil refuses to intervene for fear of becoming a despot.

1997: The Inner Circle decides to make seizing Los Angeles a top priority.

Late 1990s: Clan Tremere goes to war with an undentified society of mortal Mages. The war eventually ends under under uncertain circumstances, but is very costly to the Tremere; it costs them members, Chantry-houses, forces them to draw heavily on stockpiled boons, and many of their enemies both within the Camarilla and without move to settle old scores.

1999: The Wan Kuei arrive in Los Angeles and set up a powerbase centered on Chinatown. They are lead by Ancestor Ming Xiao, a powerful elder.

1999: The Wan Kuei slaughter the Crypts’ Sons and destroy their leader, Mohammed al-Muthlim.

2000: Cardinal Francisco Domingo de Polonia begins his East Coast crusade. East Coast domains fall to the Sabbat one by one in rapid order – the losses of Miami and Atlanta hit the Camarilla especially hard.

2000: Salvador Garcia betrays Jeremy MacNeil and Crispus Attucks to the Wan Kuei. While some believe MacNeil and Attucks escaped or were taken prisoner, most accept that they were murdered by the Kindred of the East. Armando “Nines” Rodriguez steps up and takes the role of Anarch war leader. Garcia flees to San Francisco. The Anarch Free state begins to lose cohesion.

2000: As the Anarch Free State collapses, the Camarilla makes its move on L.A. A number of Kindred are dispatched to the city to form a Camarilla court from outside of the city, including Ventrue Sebastian LaCroix, Malkavian Dr. Alistair Grout, Nosferatu Gary Golden (A L.A. native in life), and Tremere Maximillian Strauss.

The official Camarilla enclave is in the heart of Downtown L.A centering on the Venture Tower skyscraper.

Strauss establishes a hidden Tremere chantry in Downtown L.A..

Golden establishes a Nosferatu warren beneath Hollywood.

Grout occupies a massive mansion just outside of the city.

LaCroix declares himself prince, though he has little sway over his Primogen. Golden particularly despises him, and most look to Strauss as the power behind the throne. Despite these setbacks, the Camarilla’s influence rapidly grows.

2001: The Harbingers of Skulls break free of the curse imprisoning them in the Shadowlands. Some remain with the Tal’Mahe’Ra. Others join the Sabbat to use its resources to pursue vengeance against the Giovanni and locate Cappadocian survivors.

2001: Archbishop Andrei of Clan Tzimisce arrives in L.A. He works with Priscus Leila Monroe to convert Anarchs and ships in packs from Tijuana to build forces to challenge the Anarchs, Camarilla, and Wan Kuei.

2003: Strain on the Masquerade in Los Angeles draws the attention of the Society of Leopold.

2003: The War for Los Angeles goes hot. The Wan Kuei, Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs fight for control of Los Angeles. The strain on the city is compounded by a host of other issues:

An Akkadian sarcophagus rumored to contain a third-generation vampire arrives in the city by boat and is immediately stolen.

A Gangrel serial killer engages in a spree of exceptionally graphic murders.

Primogen Alistair Grout is murdered, apparently by Nines Rodriguez.

The Society of Leopold hunts Kindred throughout the city.

A blood cult called the Brotherhood of the 9th Circle spreads a virulent disease through the city, further threatening the masquerade and impeding Kindred hunting.

The Sabbat attack the Masquerade by distributing snuff videos showing humans being killed and eaten by War Ghouls.

A wildfire does severe damage to Griffith Park and burns into the Santa Monica mountains.

The Giovanni Compound is invaded and ransacked by unnamed attackers, who torpor Bruno Giovanni.

2003: The war ends with the destruction of Wan Kuei Ancestor Ming Xiao, Sabbat Archbishop Andrei, Prince Sebastian LaCroix, a small army of Kindred and Wan Kuei, and a horde of Kine unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.

As the last ones standing, the Anarchs declare “victory” and then immediately fall to infighting.

Tremere Regent Maximillian Strauss rallies the Camarilla and prevents the Ivory Tower from being driven out of the city completely.

The Wan Kuei remain a force to be reckoned with in the city.

Nines Rodriguez declines the title of Baron as he does not wish to rule over Los Angeles as a tyrant.

The Camarilla remain entrenched in downtown L.A. They shift their goal to keeping the Anarchs feuding amongst themselves while the Ivory Tower cements and expands its power base in the city.

Society of Leopold Inquisitor Grünfeld Bach and his team of hunters are tracked to their base by the Kindred and slaughtered to a man.

2003: Tzimisce Zachary Sikorsky discovers that Regent Miranda Galbraith has been assassinated by an unknown party. Panicked that as the man who discovered her demise he will be blamed for the deed, he will be executed, he sculpts himself into her likeness and takes her place.

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2020: The Present Day.