Kinfolk Apps

Kinfolk Player-Characters

One of my aims is to introduce Kinfolk to this sphere in a way that makes them feel fully realized and a valuable asset. I think Los Angeles as a setting has more opportunities for this, than say, some rural caern around a waterfall a hundred miles from town. I am extremely receptive to Kinfolk Tiers, and there are a few Houserules that they benefit from.

I am still updating and re-organizing the website. I will return to this space, once everything is in its proper place (instead of just up on the bboard somewhere in game). In the meanwhile, consider that the Kinfolk for any of the encouraged Tribes is more or less an automatic Tier III, and it’s very possible to convince me to even offer a Tier II if the concept displays a real consideration for the backstory.

You are allowed to have both a Shifter and a Kinfolk alt.

I am not taking applications for Kinfolk Mages at this time. Nor for any Fera race that I am not allowing as PCs (i.e., please don’t apply for a Nagah, Mokole or Rokea Kinfolk at this time).

Kinfolk Tiers

I am heavily incentivizing non-supernatural Kinfolk who belong to the Bone Gnawer, Children of Gaia, Glass Walker and Uktena Tribes. A reasonable grasp of the werewolf backstory, Los Angeles as a setting, and a decent angle could find me being very generous, with several potential Tier II’s still available.

Kinfolk will greatly factor into the Influence system on LiberationMUSH, and I’ll have more to say here when I’m ready to publish it on the website. I’ll update this bulletpoint when I do.