The Renegades

” We, and all others who believe in freedom as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Renegade Gangs all have one thing in common: a refusal to be a part of the Stygian machine. These gangs all have their own agendas, rules, traditions and even politics or lack thereof. With the loss of Stygia during the Sixth Great Maelstrom, the term ‘Renegade’ became moot, but those who endured Stygia’s stigma in the name of freedom, something different, or what-have-you, continue to call themselves such as a badge of pride having survived an eternal durance.

Joining the Renegades

It’s more than just putting a badge on your sleeve or finding a relic bike. The Renegades don’t just let anyone into their ranks. It requires a systemic rejection of everything Stygia: The Legions, the Lady of Fate, Charon’s importance, all of it. It is why Renegades during Stygia’s reign were so few in number. Balk at Dictum Mortuum all you like, but when Maelstroms came with hundreds of spectres to eat your face? The Hierarchy was there. The living came to enslave you? The Legions were there to defend you. The living sought to destroy you? The Legions were there. The renegades are painfully aware of the prosperous umbrella they abandoned. They still hate the Hierarchy, even though it did as much good as it did bad.

Apart from rejecting all things Stygia, Renegades adhere to their own codes of conduct and belief systems and prospective members must show they already do so to a point. The more like us doctrine is how Renegades go from recruiting you, to enslaving you as thralls to be sold to the highest bidder.

Unlike Heretic Cults however, Renegades are largely political. If you are in their sphere of influence, they will muck with you. For good or ill. Hence why the gangs below will have sections dedicated to how they interact with those who have not signed on the dotted line and joined the cause.

The Gangs of LA

Outside of Whitley Heights, for now, the Renegades hold complete dominion. The following three gangs make up the current political powerhouses LA following the Sixth. All are aimed against Whitley Heights with the desire to send it packing to Oblivion. It’s Cells enact the beliefs of the gang at every turn and keep the Hierarchy on it’s heels.

The Daughters of the Scythe

Feminists with a chip in their corpus, the Daughters of the Scythe fight to establish the egalitarian nature of death – all are equal to Death, so why should the dead have a Hierarchy? A gang that operates like an NGO/outreach group, the Daughters are the strongest renegade gang in LA and their numbers – along with their haphazard bureaucracy, puts them a step ahead of their rivals.

The Black Rabbit Society

LA has always been a place of mystery and a bastion for new ideas, especially spiritual ones. The Black Rabbit society is a gang of deceased stage magicians, spiritualists, psychics and mediums. While they function like a clubhouse, their weapons are borne when the dead threaten the living. Especially when the Hierarchy seeks to rectify an error based on their precious Dictum Mortuum.

Storm Riders

The Storm Riders are smaller in number than the other local gangs. The pre-eminent biker gang of the Underworld (there are numerous others), the Riders reject Hierarchy authority and spend their time cruising Byways in a Robin Hood-like quest to aid the poor and downtrodden commonwraiths.