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Judas has been around, both in terms of time and travel. He's traveled North America for over a hundred years. If you're a vampire you might have heard of him. If you're not... odds are you haven't.

In more recent nights, he's been quite active in Los Angeles. With a growing number of failed raids and pushes against the Sabbat, one has to wonder the reason behind is persistence...

RP Hooks
  • Gangrel - Judas is a Gangrel. What does this mean? It means he doesn't care as much about Sect boundaries. Anarch, Camarilla... hell, he'll have a chat with the Sabbat if they keep their guns holstered. There's no promise he'll keep his though.
  • Camarilla - He is a creature of the Camarilla however, and his loyalty is unquestioned. He has been a part of the Camarilla for over a hundred years.
  • Reputation - Judas is known all over North America by the undead and undead-adjacent. There are rumors swirling about him. That he is a bloodhound for the Inner Circle. That he is an assassin. That he's the vampire to call if you need to travel into or out of warzones or enemy territory. Some of them might even be true.

We're all bastards here.


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Sect Camarilla
Age 100+
Occupation Troubleshooter, Transporter, Bastard
To come later. Or not.