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It's basic dog psychology,
if you scare them and get them peeing down their leg, they submit.
But if you project weakness, that promotes violence,
and that's how people get hurt.
~ Bodhi


He's from Los Angeles. So are a lot of people. Comes from some rich family. Rich, influential, a bunch of soulless capitalist assholes. He never wanted anything to do with that and so he spent most of his youth elsewhere. On the beach. The pier. Enough that Santa Monica became more of a home to him than anywhere else. Finished high school, earned a degree, became something of an environmental activist when he wasn't lazing about in the sun. Then he got noticed by another asshole. An undead one. Got himself embraced and found himself a part of this new "youth" movement in the Westside. Vampiric youths. He took to his new situation well enough even if he misses the sun. Now he's got plenty of time to get shit done. When he feels like it.

RP Hooks

Dot black-mini.png Anarch: Westside all the way. Embraced early on in the movement.

Dot black-mini.png Brujah: Doesn't look like one, definitely acts like one.

Dot black-mini.png Surfing: Gnarly, bruh. Even more fun at night.

Dot black-mini.png The Environment: Cause we're, like, gonna be here a long time.

Dot black-mini.png Santa Monica: Been here long enough that he may as well be a local.


SurfIcon.png Christian - Just this guy whose house he stays at.

SurfIcon.png Aspen - Really wishes he didn't stay there.

SurfIcon.png Biscuits - WHO'S A GOOD BOY? GOOD DOG!



Trent Lost.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Trent Brody
Appears As: Trent
Birth Date: February 14th, 1976
Apparent Age: Thirties
Demeanor: Rebel
Affiliation: Westside Anarchs
Clan: Brujah

Notable Stats

STAT 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
STAT ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️


She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze
She's like the wind
Through my tree
She rides the night
Next to me
She leads me through moonlight
Only to burn me with the sun
She's taken my heart
But she doesn't know what she's done.