Anarch Clout works a little bit differently: Charisma + (Appearance OR Strength) + (Leadership OR Etiquette OR Streetwise OR (Intimidation IF Style > 2)) + (Area Knowledge OR Networking OR Politics) + (Politics OR Streetwise IF not used above).

A + or sign indicates they have a Merit, Flaw, title or story element that is currently giving them a higher or lower rating than they’d ordinarily deserve. Additionally, please note that these Clout ratings are chiefly relevant to Hollywood and the Westside. The remnants of the Anarch Free States that still adhere to the Status Perfectus (Such as South LA and South Bay) are contemptuous of those who do not. For the most part (two or three PC representatives aside) they are and will remain mostly NPC.

Influence is not currently being represented on the chart until certain changes involving how Communal Havens work are fully implemented.

AngelicaHollywood10  +1 
ArthurHollywood11  -1 
BaptisteWestside/Santa Monica04.5  -3.5 
BartokHollywood09Hollywood Enforcer
CassieWestside/Beverly Hills15.5  -2.5 Beverly Hills
CatalinaWestside05  -2 
CaydenceWestside08  -3 
ChristianWestside/Santa Monica09.5  -1.5 Baron of Santa Monica
ColtonWestside/Santa Monica10  -1 
DejaWestside/Beverly Hills00.5  -3.5 
DelphineWestside06.5  -1.5 
EstherHollywood09.5  -0.5   +1 
FariahWestside/Santa Monica08  -1 
GhostSouth LA15  +1 
HallPasadena05.5  -0.5 
HollyHollywood09  -2 
Isaac AbramsHollywood17  -3   +1 Baron of Hollywood
IslaWestside/Santa Monica14.5  -1.5 
JayWestside08.5  -0.5 
KadenWestside/Santa Monica08.5  -1.5 
KinseyWestside/Santa Monica08Pico District
Lillie-AnnHollywood06  -2 
LilaUnknown07.5  -0.5 
LayalWestside09  -1 
RabbitHollywood07  -3   +1 
SavageHollywood14.5  -1.5   +1 
ShawnaHollywood07  -1 LOS FELIZ: Griffith Park
SpadeSouth LA11.5  -1   +2.5 
TeresaWestside10  -1 
TrentWestside/Santa Monica10
VyWestside/Santa Monica11
ZebastianWestside13  -1 
YusufAssamite08  -1 
YasminAssamite09  -1 
ClemAssamite04  -1 
ChanelAssamite08  -2.5   +1 
QuietUnknown05.5  -2.5 
RagnarHollywood06  -1   +1 
FiddleSouth LA09