Changeling Creation

To make things easier with character creation, we have added a step-process to guide you through it. Please feel free to ask for help if you need it! Also, we assume that you have a copy of Changeling the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. If you do not, please let us know and we can direct you to where you can find one.

Step One: Concept

  • Choose Concept, Kith (per below), Court (Seelie, Unseelie, Shadow), Legacy (per below), Seeming (per below), House (Seelie or Unseelie, if applicable, per below)

Step Two: Traits

  • Prioritize the three Attribute categories: Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3)
  • Prioritize the three Ability categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13/9/5)

Step Three: Advantages

Step Four: Tempers

  • Record starting Willpower (4), Glamour (4), Banality (3).
  • Adjust temper rating based on seeming.
    • Childling: You view the world with a deep sense of childlike wonder,
      and are bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm.
      Temper Modification: +1 Glamour
    • Wilder: You never sit still, but are constantly braving danger,
      seeking new adventures and new horizons to explore.
      Temper Modification: +1 Glamour or +1 Willpower (your choice)
    • Grump: You look to the long term, building and sustaining in
      ways that will last.
      Temper Modification: +1 Willpower

Step Five: Birthrights & Frailties

  • Record Trait adjustments and special systems from Birthrights & Frailties.

Step Six: Freebie Points

  • Spend freebie points (15)
  • Optional: Select Merits and Flaws

Step Seven: Specialties

  • Record specialties for Attributes or Abilities rated 4 or higher.

Step Eight: Threshold & Antithesis
Select a Musing/Ravaging Threshold (per below), or leave blank for now

    • Musing
      • Inspire Creativity
      • Create Hope
      • Create Love
      • Create Calm
      • Foster Trust
      • Help Those in Need
      • Foster Dreams
    • Ravaging:
      • Exhaust Creativity
      • Destroy Hope
      • Destroy Love
      • Create Anger
      • Break Trust
      • Exploit Dependence
      • Destroy Illusions
  • Select an Antithesis: All changelings have an antithesis, something that runs counter to the core of their being. Each antithesis is deeply personal — no two are exactly alike. Any time a changeling encounters her antithesis, it triggers her.

Step Nine: Notes

  • Set all +NOTES. (Required for backgrounds, merits, flaws, starting equipment, ANYTHING IMPORTANT.)

Step Ten: Descriptions


Step Eleven: Backstory and Other Notes

  • Set +NOTES for your BACKSTORY, Backgrounds, Merits/Flaws, Pooka Animal Affinity, etc. Don’t forget to set your archetypes either.

Step Twelve: Approval

  • SUBMIT your character for approval.
  • Note: While waiting on approval, take this time to read through the book and get familiar with the MU* commands. Please, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help!


  • Boggan: Industrious, down-to-earth fae who are swift workers and incurable gossips.
  • Clurichaun: Boisterous fae whose legendary carousing masks fierce loyalty.
  • Eshu: Storytellers, explorers, and adventurers who always seem to show up just in time.
  • Ghille Dhu: Spirits of the green and nature, they were once thriving creatures that shifted their natures based on the season.
  • Korred: The keepers of lore and masters of tradition. They hold the secrets that can never be told but must never be forgotten.
  • Merfolk: They live in the deepest part of the oceans, separated from other fae and the touch of the mortal world by the darkness of the sea.
  • Morganed: Also known as sirens, the morganed are lithe, graceful creatures that exude sensuality and desire.
  • Nocker: Eccentric, foul-mouthed inventors who can make whatever they imagine.
  • Piskey: Friendly and likeable, if light-fingered, fae with a soft spot for mortals.
  • Pooka: Animal shapeshifters and tricksters who never quite tell the whole truth.
  • Redcap: Menacing and ferocious fighters who can devour literally anything.
  • River Hags: These water-logged fae live in fast-moving bodies of water and drag in unsuspecting prey to drown.
  • Satyr: Hedonistic free spirits who love a good party as well as a good debate.
  • Selkie: Beautiful and charming seal shapechangers who are closely tied to the waters.
  • Sidhe (Arcadian): Recently arrived from Arcadia, these regal fae bring insight and authority from the Dreaming but struggle with the Autumn world.
  • Sidhe (Autumn): Natural leaders who stayed behind when their cousins fled, and now occupy an uncomfortable place between the common folk and their Arcadian kin.
  • Sluagh: Eerie whispering fae who speak with the dead and adore learning secrets.
  • Swan Maidens: Gentle, shy, but deeply passionate, (masc: swan princes, neutral: swan lovers) they are renowned as some of the greatest and most thoughtful lovers of the changeling world, but also seem to suffer terrible, tragic fates at a far higher rate than other fae.
  • Troll: Stout warriors and tireless protectors who will suffer anything for those they love.
  • Wichtel: They do the tasks that must be completed no matter how unpleasant, venture into darkness and danger in search of the resources society depends upon, and perform perilous, backbreaking work without expectation of fame or fortune.
  • Wolpertinger: They are hybrid wilderness creatures and usually have the hind legs of a rabbit, wings of a hawk, and antlers of an elk, but other combinations of animals are known.

Seelie Legacies

  • Bumpkin
  • Courtier
  • Crafter
  • Dandy
  • Hermit
  • Orchid
  • Paladin
  • Panderer
  • Regent
  • Sage
  • Saint
  • Squire
  • Troubadour
  • Wayfarer

Unseelie Legacies

  • Beast
  • Fatalist
  • Fool
  • Grotesque
  • Knave
  • Outlaw
  • Pandora
  • Peacock
  • Rake
  • Riddler
  • Ringleader
  • Rogue
  • Savage
  • Wretch

Seelie Houses:

  • Beaumayn: Haunted seers and monster hunters plagued by an old crime.
  • Dougal: Stoic inventors and craftsmen whose bodies become one with their trades.
  • Eiluned: Talented magicians and investigators whose curiosity often causes trouble.
  • Fiona: Fearless adventurers and romantics with notoriously stormy personal lives.
  • Gwydion: Renowned leaders gifted at detecting lies but possessed of fearful tempers.
  • Liam: Political outcasts determined to speak up for commoners and mortals.
    • Tinean: Natural hunters and trackers.
  • Scathach: Mysterious warriors who avoid politics and associate with Prodigals.

Unseelie Houses:

  • Aesin: Domineering lords of the wilderness who rule over mortals like nobles of old.
  • Ailil: Master politicians and manipulators, if sometimes too clever for their own good.
    • Fírinne:Thallain find members of this House difficult and implacable foes.
  • Balor: Ruthless warriors and implacable foes marked by freakish Fomorian blood.
  • Danaan: Walkers of the Dreaming, recently returned to herald a great change.
  • Daireann: Consummate hosts and renowned poisoners, prone to ill-timed boasting.
    • Barghest: The Devil Dogs really are exceptional guards and watchmen.
  • Leanhaun: Peerless artists and patrons with a vampiric hunger for mortal Glamour.
  • Varich: Cold and calculating strategists who will bet everything on the right risk.


  • Chimera: Items or companions of yours that only exist in the chimerical world.
  • Contacts: Trusted informants who give you useful information for a price.
  • Dreamers: Inspired mortals whom you patronize for Glamour.
  • Holdings (RESTRICTED): A faerie freehold that you claim as your own.
  • Mentor: Another changeling that teaches and advises you.
  • Remembrance: Your intuitive link to the Dreaming and the collective knowledge possessed by all fae, possibly even your own past lives.
  • Resources: Mundane wealth and possessions as well as income.
  • Retinue: Enchanted mortals who assist you in your endeavors.
  • Title (RESTRICTED ABOVE 2): Your rank in the Kithain nobility.
  • Treasure: An item of yours that has magical powers of its own.


  • Autumn — Fear, shadows, and decay.
  • Chicanery — Perception, memory, and trickery.
  • Chronos — Tempo, history, and time control.
  • Contract — Oaths, deals, and fae bargains.
  • Dragon’s Ire — Superhuman feats of physical prowess.
  • Infusion — the Art of manipulating and altering Glamour beginning at the most basic level and advancing into the sublime.
  • Legerdemain — Illusion, sleight of hand, and telekinesis.
  • Metamorphosis — Shapeshifting and transformation.
  • Naming — Mastery of the fundamental essence of things.
  • Oneiromancy — Dreams and slumber.
  • Primal — Mastery of the elements and the natural world.
  • Pyretics — Fire, heat, and purification.
  • Ruin (RESTRICTED) — the Dauntain Art of destroying Glamour and creatures of the Dreaming.
  • Skycraft — Weather manipulation and control.
  • Soothsay — Clairvoyance, prophecy, and fate.
  • Sovereign — Leadership, command, and obedience.
  • Spring — Growth, life, and protection.
  • Summer — Energy, passion, and light.
  • Tale-Craft — this rare Art encompasses perhaps the most primal magic there is: the power of storytelling itself.
  • Wayfare — Movement, freedom, and journeys.
  • Winter — Cold, ice, and the death of emotion.


  • Actor — Affecting mortals, Kinain, and Prodigals.
  • Fae — Affecting changelings, chimera, and all things of Glamour.
  • Nature — Affecting animals, plants, and natural phenomena.
  • Prop — Affecting devices and man-made items of all kinds.
  • Scene — Affecting large areas or multiple targets at once.
  • Time — Affecting the duration or triggering of cantrips.

Freebie Point Costs

  • Abilities: GENERAL HOUSE RULE: All Abilities & Secondary Abilities cost 1 freebie point per dot, up until level 3. They cost 2 freebie points per dot to raise above 3.
  • Arts 5 points per dot
  • Attributes 5 points per dot
  • Glamour 3 points per dot
  • Realms 2 points per dot
  • Willpower GENERAL HOUSE RULE:  2 points per dot
  • Merits Merit rating in points
  • Backgrounds 1 point per dot

Experience Point Costs

  • Attribute current x 4
  • Ability current x 2
  • New Ability 3
  • Art current x 4
  • New Art 7
  • Realm current x 3
  • New Realm 5
  • Glamour current x 3
  • Backgrounds GENERAL HOUSE RULE:  5 per dot
  • Willpower GENERAL HOUSE RULE: 10 points per dot