Inanimae Creation


Character Creation:
When creating inanimae characters, follow the normal creation process as creating a Kithain character, but account for the following differences:

Where Inanimae differs from her Kithain counterparts is in her Kiths and Courts:

Inaniame Phyla (Kiths):

  • Glomes, Inanimae of Earth and members of the Empire of Stones
  • Kuberas, Inanimae of Wood and members of the Empire of Seeds
  • Mannikins, Inanimae of human-shaped elements and members of the Empire of Dolls
  • Ondines, Inanimae of Water and members of the Empire of Tears
  • Parosemes, Inanimae of Air and members of the Empire of Skies
  • Solimonds, Inanimae of Fire and former members of the Empire of Flames

Inanimae Courts

  • Gladeling
  • Krofted


Players need to consider which Backgrounds to pick for inanimae characters even more carefully than during Kithain creation. Many Backgrounds take time and effort to cultivate, and unless the character interacts with changelings and mortals on a regular basis, avoid the following: Contacts, Dreamers, Influence, Resources, and Title.

All inanimae gain 1 dot in Holdings to reflect how much Glamour they regain while inside the Anchor. While it’s possible to increase the rating, it only affects the number of points recovered and nothing more.

New Backgrounds

  • Husk

Merits & Flaws

Inanimae characters may choose any Merits or Flaws available to the Kithain, with the following exceptions.


  • Physical: Huge Size (glomes count as troll)
  • Mental: Knows Too Much (no phyla)
  • Social: Escapee,
  • Supernatural: Animalistic Favor (only Krofted), Faerie Eternity (no phyla)


  • Physical: Asthma (no ondines)
  • Social: Sell-Out (no phyla), Fallen Noble (no phyla)
  • Supernatural: Slipped Seeming (no phyla), Winged (only Krofted)

Freebie Point Costs

  • 5 points for a dot of a Sliver
  • 4 points for a dot in an Attribute
  • 3 points for a dot of Glamour
  • 2 points for a dot in Abilities or Willpower
  • 1 point for a dot of a Background

Experience Points

Inanimae pay the same cost for development as changeling characters do (consider Slivers to be Arts). Characters can acquire one secondary Sliver Affinity as long as it does not oppose the nature of their primary magic. The second affinity cost 14 experience points.

Opposed Slivers

  • Aquis Opposes Pyros
  • Petros Opposes Stratus
  • Pyros Opposes Aquis
  • Stratus Opposes Petros
  • Verdage Opposes Stratus

Mannikin Magic

Among the phyla, only mannikins possess the mind needed to conform magic into order, which grants them access to using Arts. However, this requires the acquisition of Realms. Both Arts and Realms have the same freebie point and experience point cost as they do for changeling characters. Also, once a player purchases a dot in an Art, her character is able to Unleash it just like changelings do.