Changeling the Dreaming Theme and Timeline

The Long Winter is Coming

The dwindling balefires in Concordia have changed both the political and social landscapes more than any noble is willing to acknowledge. Changelings that returned during the decades following the Resurgence (and that have not succumbed to Bedlam or Undoing) are blessed by having built foundations to fall back on when Glamour supplies diminish. Meanwhile, others have to resort to desperate extremes to survive Banality’s growing influence on the world.

And Shadows Grow Long

Looking for change, but receiving no solution from their leadership, sinister organizations such as the Shadow Court continue to grow steadily by promising a new world in return for sacrifices and commitment in the name of their cause. The massive rift between faerie nobility and commoners threatens more than the stability of changeling society by drawing attention from where it is needed.

Better a Nightmare Than Dreamless Sleep

Increasing number of Thallain and Dark-Kin enter the Autumn world alongside monstrous chimera and nightmare monsters in order to prepare the world for the Elder Dark. At the same time, some find it easier to cast their lot with the Fomorians in order to avoid meeting their end. Sometimes, the rules of the Grand Game seem to be heads I win, tails you lose.

Fear Leads to Anger

Nonetheless, the nobility is not immune to the changes in the world. Fear of losing standing and influence in the faerie community spreads throughout the houses. The practice of applying Sovereign in order to ensure loyalty to the court is increasing and has even spread to ennobled commoners. Conflict exists within houses on a larger scale than before, forcing the nobles to look for enemies where there were once brothers and sisters. Insecurity and fear among nobles further escalates the tension with commoners, as freehold trods become focal points of increased military activity, and as refugees from fallen freeholds seek new sources of Glamour to sustain them.

Attachment Leads to Jealousy

The Parliament of Dreams endlessly discusses possible solutions, but leaders of both courts delay, prevent, and sabotage agreements in order to maintain full control of their own power.

The Final Days Are Here

With another civil war threatening to break out, nobility looking for threats among their own, minions of the Elder Dark stalking the Kingdoms, and decreasing amounts of Glamour, the belief that these are the final days of Autumn and that the Long Winter is around the corner gains strength.

You Have the Power to Choose

As a player in the Changeling sphere, you have the opportunity to take a side in this Grand Conflict. To choose to make a difference. Or not. But some will, and the Grand Conflict will reflect the choices players make, or do not.