The Denizens

Here we are, born to be kings
We’re the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers

– Queen, “Princes of the Universe”

As a result of the conflict between the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danaan, the Dark-kin known as Denizens were barred from the waking world. The Tuatha enacted the Silver Ban and forbade them from walking the Silver Path. As pockets of dark Glamour began to leak back into the Autumn World, however, they provided ways for the Denizens to once again walk among mortals. Rumors abounded concerning the persistence of Denizens after the Sundering. With so many locked away in the Dreaming and out of contact with the mortals, would they not fade away into legend? The answer to this that many have found is a breed of Denizen known as the Evanescent. These Denizens either went into hiding outside the Dreaming or were locked out as trods and pathways slammed shut. During the last great conflict between the Fomorian and Tuatha de Danaan, eruptions of dark Glamour brought some Denizens through again. Among these Evanescent were aonides, keremet, and moiræ. Others soon followed, drawn by these same eruptions of dark Glamour.

Dark Glamour? Los Angeles is FULL of it. As such, it should come as no surprise to the Changelings of Caer Angeles in the Kingdom of Pacifica that the Denizens have gravitated to Los Angeles like moths to a flame.

The Fir-bholg and Fuath lay claim to parts of Angeles National Forest. Aonides stalk Hollywood movie studios and stand-up comedy clubs. Moiræ thrive among quasi-religious cults brimming with celebrity clientele. Little India, the largest Indian enclave in southern California, hosts both the Acheri and the Naraka. And finally, drawn by whatever dark primordial forces seem to increasingly feed upon and fuel the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, the Keremet gather to stand sentinel over the City of Angels.

The following groups are members of the Dark-kin known as the Denizens:

  • Acheri (Perpetuators of the cycle of life, an outside force to weed out the weak and let the strong prevail. To this end, they have mastered all forms of disease and temptation, and exercise these skills liberally amongst themselves and others.)
  • Aonides (Better known as muses, they claim to be the source of all creativity and emotion, and are often artists in their own right.)
  • Fir-bholg (A link between the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danaan, fir-bholg were once rulers in their own right.)
  • Fuath (Creatures of nature, they share the animalistic touches pooka carry, but cannot change their form; instead, like satyrs, they have a permanent animal feature.)
  • Keremet (Enchanted beings, most commonly Dreamers or Kinain, they were taken to the Dreaming in their final moments of life. Stolen away from their rightful fate after death, they instead become wraith-like creatures that drift about without much drive or desire in their miserable, prolonged lives.)
  • Moiræ (Originally known as Oracles and viewed as dispensaries of knowledge and sources of guidance for mortals, moiræ enjoyed sharing their prophecies and watching as those they advised reacted.)
  • Naraka (Children of Kali, the goddess of destruction, naraka are tormented by their origins, and while they despise order and rules, they seek an answer as to how and what they are.)