“Homage to you, O Bull of Amentet, Thoth the king of eternity is with me. I am the great god by the side of the divine boat, I have fought for you, I am one of those gods, those divine chiefs, who proved the truth-speaking of Osiris before his enemies on the day of the weighing of words. I am your kinsman Osiris.”

-Egyptian Book of the Dead, “The Coming Forth by Day”

The Reckoning

The Ngoma had once run great academies, and African Kings fought for the right to be their patrons. The plundering of Africa by the powers of Europe and the Technocracy had put these wise sages on the back foot for centuries, as they conserved what they could of their secrets and labored to preserve their arts in secret. To the Awakened world the Ngoma were a footnote lost to history so the Pogrom was just one of many threats that indirectly affected them. They had survived versions of it time and time again, but what made this one different was the opportunities that came with it. A small minority chose to accept the invitation of House Shaea to join the Order Hermes, making a statement that they were the greatest wizards in the world. The majority of the Ngoma felt no need to prove that, instead envisioning a future where Africa, and more importantly Africans,  took their place as a dominant force on the world stage. The Ahl-i-Batin came to them in secret and proposed an Alliance which they felt might help them do that.

Current Status

Like their counterparts within the Order of Hermes, the Ngoma are a force to be reckoned with. What were once small, obscure schools hidden in African cities are now a global network of universities training a new generation of kuwankedo.

Los Angeles

The Ngoma of Los Angeles operate mainly out of Prince Hall Freemasonry of California with a broad network of Masonic organizations up and down the coast. The Freemasons offer a front that the scholarly cabal, the Horns of Achimi, uses for recruitment. The Horns of Achimi are led by Dr. Nalah Ademola, and their primary goal is the tracing of noble and Ngoma bloodlines lost during the forced diaspora to the New World, in addition to identifying promising candidates for induction into the Craft.  Even in L.A., a city on the other side of the world from Africa, the Ngoma find many who are thirsty for what they have to offer.