Sisters of Hippolyta

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman

All our hopes are pinned on you

And the magic that you do

Stop a bullet cold

Make the Axis fold

Change their minds

And change the world

-Charles Fox, “Wonder Woman”


Sorcerers among the Sisters: The Sisters are a very old mystery cult with a warrior legacy as rich as their history as healers and oracles. The Pogroms were not sudden or unforetold to them. This was not the first time men had risen up against the power of woman, and it would not be the last. What was different this time was that they would need the power of other women, and even some men, outside their circle to survive. When the Hollow Ones reachedou the Sisters replied with a yes.

Current Status

The Sisters of Hippolyta are a sororal craft dedicated to the sisterhood of women, and part of their goals is the achievement and protection of the rights of all women. One would think that in the 21st century reproductive rights, education, sexual assault or even witch burnings would no longer be an issues, but unfortunately they are. It is still very much a man’s world so the Sisters are needed now more than ever.

Hypplolytoi of Los Angeles

The Sisters conclave operate out of a small theater in Silver Lake where they perform ancient Greek plays, and modern feminist comedies. They are governed by epitropi, but outsiders generally meet with Hollywood producer Larissa Demostetes. Behind the scenes, the Sisters have championed numerous causes over the years from finding funding for female filmmakers, secretly backing the Me Too movement, and street outreach for women in the margins.