New World Order

It’s too late to change events
It’s time to face the consequence
For delivering the proof
In the policy of truth

-Depeche Mode, “Policy of Truth”


So much for order. So much for unity. Before the turn of the millennium the New World Order controlled a font of truth that pervaded the hearts and minds of the Masses. Now they must face a the fact that they are living in a post-truth world, and they have a lot of work to do to gain control of the narrative gain. Somehow, somewhere, some way, truth slipped the leash with the Order standing there holding a dangling tether. Was it the Anomaly? The loss of the old Masters? Was it the Masses themselves? The Traditions? The Sphinx? Is the Order to blame for the Syndicate’s power grab? Iteration X and the Void Engineer’s insubordination? Progenitor avarice? The civil war?  The Anomaly opened a Pandora’s box of horrors that had been held at bay for the better part of a century. The old conspiracies have died, and the masks of the past have been torn away. The Ascension War has new rules and new players. There is a new order, and the NWO now struggles to gain control of it. It is a world of gods and monsters, and for the first time in its history the Order doesn’t know what to believe. You could call it a crisis of faith, bu that would be unmutual. Mutual or not, the Order must sort through a reality that is either too much or not enough of their own making in order to regain the trust and confidence of the Technocracy, and recapture the hearts and minds of the Masses.

Current Status

All the Conventions were impacted by the Anomaly, but the New World Order was not so nearly dependent of on off-world Colonies as, say the Void Engineers or Iteration X. The Order’s problem was not so much the losses they sustained, but that the  Conventions depended on them to understand these losses. In the past,  when the metal hit the bone, it was the NWO who provided the framing narratives to steer the Union out of uncharted territory. When faced such unexplained phenomena as the Anomaly or the civil war, it proved beyond the Convention’s ability to immediately comprehend. They collectively hesitated, stumbled, stammered, but ultimately fell silent as they realized the disparity between reality and the narrative they had been dictating. The NWO just doesn’t understand. The hollow victory. The Anomaly. The civil war. The new Ascension War. If the Technocracy won then why is reality just a heap of tangled unanswered questions?

The Order’s mission was never about the metal, the flesh, the stars, or the cash. The Order’s concerns were more fundamental. What we believe about a thing defines it. What the Masses do not understand, they fear. In definitions one finds comfort, a sense of purpose, a feeling of order, or even completion. That is the work of the New World Order. Before the Anomaly, creating agreement concerning the narratives, thoughts, and beliefs that defined reality wasn’t easy, but it was possible. Doing so in the 21st century has proven challenging. The hollow victory has shaken the Union’s faith in itself and its capabilities allowing division to fester in the search for individual meaning. Operatives resist NWO’s framing the narratives in favor of their own interpretations, or worse, opinions. The Masses, too, have gone their own way. They now silo themselves off in the walled gardens of the Internet where echo chambers immunize them to anything but their own confirmation bias. The unsolved mystery of the Anomaly haunts the back of every Technocrat’s mind. Without new evidence from Void Engineers these fears just grow stronger, and more resistant to conditioning. Blaming it on the devil they call reality deviants are a convenient, but temporary solution that quickly outlived their usefulness. So much for a new world order.

So where does that leave the New World Order? In some respects they have fared the best of all the Conventions in the  21st century. The Information Age in its Mcluhanesque global village has created the ideal circumstances for the Convention to thrive. The Feed and the Watchers lord over a global panopticon the likes of which no one has ever seen, and created with the willing participation of the Masses. The Ivory Tower can disseminate knowledge to millions with the click of a button. The Operatives may call upon a sediment hypernarratives and propagate new ones to inspire fear and awe. So why is the New World Order struggling? Because the idea of order is absurd. There’s simply too much to keep track of. Privacy is a joke. Cellphone videos incite mass protests and Twitter is used to organize revolutions. Conspiracy theories infect traditional media causing old, irrational myths to mutate into modern forms and spread. On the other hand, totalitarian governments use the same tools to commit genocide, oppress their people, and spread lies. It’s all the New World Order can do to keep its head above water.

After the Reykjavik Accords, the New World Order quickly put forth an ambitious agenda that represented the new direction of the Union, and this was met with near universal praise. Beneath the praise was quiet resignation. The bruising the Order took at the hands of Syndicate remains a sore point of contention, but that isn’t what rankles the Ivory Tower. Before the Anomaly, the other Conventions were dazzled by the narratives and agendas of the NWO like the sleight of hand of a stage magician. The veneer of idealism was torn away in the Storm, however. The old answers no longer satisfy. The mechanisms of control were laid bare, and though the other Conventions accept these mechanism out of necessity, they no longer wholly believe the justifications that are given. They are no longer dazzled or inspired. They see them clearly, and simply do not see a better alternative. He or she who controls the filing cabinet is king. This is not the vision the Order has for the Union. If they are to steer the Union to Empowerment then New World Order must find answers to the unanswered questions. The Technocratic Union’s future may very well depend on it.


  • The Operatives – The 21st century is the best of times and the worst of times for the Operatives.  The Methodology’s has always focused squarely on Earth so it wasn’t hit as hard by the Anomaly as others. One could say it is business as usual, but the usual business is pretty weird. The Anomaly tore loose  centuries old wards and magickal protections allowing ancient monsters to once again leak into the world. The Gauntlet is full of holes allowing the worst reality deviants to creep back in. If that wasn’t bad enough the turn of the millennium burned away age-old cloak and dagger conspiracies and spy networks leaving the Methodology exposed in the field. Numerous agents were killed or had to be retired because their covers were blown. The Operatives have only begun to rebuild what they have lost. Luckily the society of the Awakened is still a covert one, and espionage is very much in fashion again. It’s difficult to imagine a future without the Operatives.
    • Black Suits – Black Suits are divided along similar lines as Iteration X concerning the Pogroms, but one would never know it. A mask of pristine professionalism renders any dissent beyond opaque. Sure, during the heated days post-millennium there a rash of insubordinations where Black Suits refused to carry out this or that order. These were, of course, simply isolated incidences and that is to be expected given how unprecedented the Anomaly was.  Since then , the Black Suits have returned to business as usual, and orders are rarely questioned. They benefit from their infamy in the popular imagination which allows them to blend into law enforcement professionals around the globe. On the other hand, the rise of distrust of authority and anti-law enforcement sentiment makes field work interesting. It’s nothing the Black Suits haven’t seen before, and at least today’s dissidents aren’t dropping acid and espousing free love.
    • Grey Suits – When the Anomaly came, the Grey Suits were everywhere but the Otherworlds. The unveiling of age-old conspiracies unmasked numerous Grey Suits who were sacrificed to the cause of reason. Unfortunately their names cannot be allowed to appear on the memorial walls. A simple grey star represents their loss.  The Grey Suits recovered swiftly  promoting from among the numerous Black Suits who quickly vanished into their assignments. The Grey Suits also benefit from the Black Suits’  infamy in that not only the public, but also deviants have come to see the Black Suits as the public face of the Union allowing the Grey Suits better opportunities for infiltration. Practically speaking, the Grey Suits are the Technocracy’s public face for the 21st century Ascension War. Its your best friend. Your dog. The girl at the coffee shop. One that is hiding in plain sight. One that insidiously divides, and then lets the agents in from the inside.
    • Intelligence Analysts – The loss of Horizon surveillance stations and satellites in the Deep Universe caused a temporary black out, and many agents were lost in White Monday. This crisis forced the Analysts to reconsider not what they were watching, but how they did so. “I was blind but now I see” comes to mind when one thinks of the night and day difference between pre/post millennium Intelligence Operations. The Internet would rapidly rise to take the place of the Cold War era infrastructure with blinding contrast and clarity. Like the Watchers, the Analysts, safe behind their consoles, reap the many fruits of the abundance of mass electronic surveillance. There has never been a better time to be up on a wire, and the wires are a buzz with streams of surveillance. The streams from an increasingly diverse set of origins forms a kind of super surveillance that has rendered the Methodology’s Correspondence procedures virtually Paradox free. With the rise of social media the Masses have been blithely persuaded to surveil themselves and others. Bentham’s Panopticon has never had more to watch. Little slips through their notice, and they are ever vigilant to ensure that the contentions of the past twenty years are monitored and dealt with lest they rise to threaten the Union once more.
    • White Suits – Of the four wings of the Methodology the White Suits were hit the hardest by the Anomaly, and there was never a time when they were more needed than at the turn of the millennium. Iteration X takes the lion’s share of the blame for the post-millennium schisms, but one could argue that the White Suits had their part to play. As the orthodoxy police of the Technocracy most of their ranks were cut off or killed during the Anomaly. Some claim that this resulted in the near centuries old system of control breaking down allowing dormant “rogue elements” to briefly flourish. New White suits were promoted from within the ranks, but it took at least a decade for them to root out the bad apples. The White Suits are, perhaps, the weakest link in the Methodology’s chain, but not for lack of trying. Some believe these new White Suits to be too naive, too idealistic to be effective, but others argue it is not naivety they exhibit, but a perspective that isn’t readily comprehensible to those who see the war through the lens of past mistakes.
  • Ivory Tower – From the point of view of scholarship, the Anomaly was a tremendous blow as many of the Collegia’s greatest minds were lost. What few the Methodology were able to contact once the Anomaly passed chose to take early retirement or simply refused to return to Earth. Being cut off from Collegia chairs disrupted the entire system of mentor-student relationships putting scholarly advancement back decades. Debates about the nature and understanding of both the Anomaly, the Pogroms, and the civil war within the Union at the turn of the millennium continue to vex the the Collegias. They simply cannot agree on the facts or how to portray the recent events. Externally they have cobbled together a satisfactory narrative to disseminate to the rank and file, but the debate sorely divides the Collegium of History.  While there has always been a a gap between technology and Sleeper acceptance, the Ivory Tower’s work was some of the most subtle and least Paradox inducing means by which the Technocracy influenced the Ascension War. To make matters worse, Sleepers have begun to distrust or outright reject the Ivory Tower’s scholarship in favor of crackpot theories found on the Internet. Some of the finest scholarship the Ivory Tower has crafted has been ignored, rejected, or in extreme cases, provokes a Paradox effect. The Convention has been hiding this fact from the Technocracy, and should the weakness become public it could cripple the Methodology.
    • Administration was formed in 2003 as a result of the Anomaly. The loss of the leadership threw all the Conventions into chaos, but fortunately the New World Order was there to offer a steady, guiding hand. They were instrumental in healing the post-millennium fractures, and were there to remind Technocrats of the first principals that bind the Order together. They also took up much of the bureaucratic slack enabling the Conventions to focus on more important things. Since 2003, Administration has grown increasingly important, and their ubiquity is now an unquestioned reality with virtually all amalgams having a member embedded with them. Even the Conventional amalgams rely on the Administration to give citizens their marching orders and ensure the paperwork gets filed correctly. Questions are raised, on occasion about the true nature of Administration’s new found ubiquity, but when forced to choose between having Administration in the mix or deal with the the mountain of forms, reports, and recruitment details, most choose to stay silent.
  • The Watchers -The proliferation of information technology and media has revolutionized the Watcher Methodology, and yet, no Methodology’s success has ever garnered them more resentment from the Union at large.  Surveillance has never been easier filling the Watchers with a giddy sense of empowerment. Very little escapes the notice of the Watchers, and they are especially vigilant in light of the recent civil war. Being at the center of panopticon has its downside, however. First, since the Anomaly destroyed the connection to Control the Technocracy as a whole has quietly begun to resist the Watcher’s ubiquitous surveillance apparatus. The aforementioned resentment comes in a range of forms from deception and obfuscation to clandestine sabotage of the Watcher’s infrastructure. Embedded Watchers are ditched, go missing for a period of time, and are ostracized by their fellow Technocrats. This has lead the Methodology to pursue different tactics  The Watchers understand all too well what motivates fellow Technocrats resentments, but persist with the confidence that it is for their own good. The Methodology remains undeterred by these acts of insubordination, and have begun to employ methods both direct and indirect to compensate. Secondly, the more instruments one has, the more ways to watch one has. The more ways to watch one has the more things one has to watch. With so many things to watch how does one choose? Watchers are an anxious paranoid bunch as one would expect. That’s what drives one to watch in the first place, but the onslaught of surveillance may ultimately be the Watcher’s Achilles Heel. The New World Order is currently embroiled in developing strategies and tactics to make the best use of the brilliant flights of information and deep sources of data the the Methodology now has access to. The Watchers may be up to their eyeballs in intelligence, but the more they see the more they can’t shake the feeling they are missing something.
    • Field Observers –  Field Observers are the most despised members of the Methodology, and modern Field Observers are nearly as tough as their Reporter siblings. After the civil war, the Methodology put recruitment into overdrive and have deployed a horde of these operatives across every facet of the Union. As resentments grew and the ducking of surveillance increased so did the Field Observers numbers. Conspiracies concerning observers watching the observers who in turn watch those observers is not an  uncommon belief among the rank and file. How many Field Observers are present at any given time is only understood by the Lenses, and they aren’t talking.
    • Field Reporters – The so-called “Ascension War Correspondents” have had a lot to correspond about since the turn of the millennium. Surveillance by intelligence services and law enforcement has ballooned since 9-11, and Field Reporter Sympathizers have ridden their coattails to increased funding. The Field Reporters have always been tough and agile, and their skills are well suited to the modern Ascension War. The 21st century is proving to be a lot of maneuvers in the dark and shadow games, something the Field Reporters excel at. Their ability to pick through the chatter and find what is important is proving more and more valuable. Where the Field Observers are resented and distrusted, a Reporter’s whisper are taken very seriously. The Field Reporters have a fascination for the Sphinx that borders on unmutual, and anyone intercepting a missive enjoys a certain celebrity (but is also watched very closely).
    • Lenses AKA the Lensmen – The Anomaly and White Monday blindsided the Lenses with the crash of orbital satellites and operatives up on wires in the Digital Web. The last 20 years have allowed them to rebuild what they have lost, and then some. The Lenses now sit the very center of the most powerful panopticon ever known where they are attempting to juggle competing surveillance agendas and trying make sense of the mountain of intelligence they receive from the Reporters. Rumors of Denial causing feedback loops are greatly exaggerated.
  • The Feed – In the year 2000, the nascent Methodology known as the Feed was formed to attempt to tame the many headed beast that is the Internet and the Digital Web.  Made up of forward thinking members of of the Operatives, Ivory Tower, and Watchers Methodologies, the Feed fills the crucial, interdisciplinary needs of the 21st century Technocracy. They formed after White Monday so they inherited the lemon that was the Digital Web at the time, but their ingenuity allowed them to make lemon-aid. The panicked reports of an the Internet having slipped the leash are greatly exaggerated. This isn’t the first time hypertech has been so completely embraced by the Masses that it jumped the Time Table by a few years. All this hyperventilating on the part of Iteration X and the Ivory Tower is completely unwarranted. Over the last 20 years, the Feed has tamed much of the wilder elements of the Internet placing it safely once again within Technocracy hands. Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies now control much of what we think of the Internet, and we control them so…what is the big deal? There’s nothing to worry about here. The Masses love their smartphones and social media, and this allows the Technocracy an unprecedented opportunity to dialogue with the Masses. Mind procedures through social media have gain increased acceptance, and faster Internet speeds allow for great amplification of the message within the medium. There is nothing to be afraid of here. The Feed has everything under control.
    • Trend Analysts – Days of start-up amalgams with vintage video game tournaments, ping pong tables, and craft beers are behind the Methodology. What was once a bunch of scruffy data nerds and web coders have turned into the Conventions best and brightest. Trend Analysts can be found advising the other Methodologies, and consulting for the other Conventions. They make up the bulk of the Methodology’s leadership, but still have time for a game of Centipede on a Friday now and then. More than a few ambitious Operatives, Statisticians looking for a change, and Lenses seeking to broaden their skills have joined the Trend Analysts increasing their credibility. The Trend Analysts might lead the Feed, but within the Union proper they have quietly become the most important advisors to Management. Time till tell whether or not staking your career on their findings was really wise.
    • Deep Divers – The Divers have their hands full. The trends keep changing and forming more trends, and the algorithms seem to be taking on a life of their own. Rumors of contact with rouge AIs and other denizens of the net persist. Outside the Digital Web, Deep Divers cultivate contacts in Silicon Valley and other big tech sectors around the globe. From this vantage they can nudge the tech giants towards the Technocracy’s vision, and pass on any Extraordinary Citizens to the Handlers for development.
    • Handlers – Over the past 20 years, the Handlers have focused on two fronts: recruitment and development. The Handlers have developed contacts within the other Methodologies and Conventions, and it was their efforts in this area that the Feed’s numbers have grown significantly. Though things have changed for the better, the Internet and the Digital Web have a history of being fickle making many reluctant to change careers mid-stream. Outsiders who have joined the Feed have seen their stars rise, at least in the short term.  Internet has caused a wave of Extraordinary Citizens, and the Handlers have been tasked in ensuring their talents are put to good use for the Technocracy, either directly or indirectly. Handlers compete with Virtual Adepts, Etherites, and other deviant so-called “technomancers” for these talented citizens. Luckily, the Handlers are well funded and can out bid the scrappy Traditions and Crafts.
  • Enlightened Shock Corps – After the turn of the millennium, all  ESC teams were disbanded, but rumors began in 2018 that several ESC teams were called back to duty. The official word remains that ESC troops are a thing of the past.
  • Q Division – The Anomaly took out Q Division secret, off-world laboratories crippling the division. There were rumors that Q Division would go the way of the HIT Marks and other Ascension War relics. That all changed with the rise of the Global War On Terror. Q Division is fully funded again and began cranking out Consensus ready technology to the Masses, and bleeding edge hypertech to the Technocrats. Flush with cash from its tech markets, the quasi-Methodology has recouped its losses, and re-established its operations Earthside. Despite the old-school aura of this quasi-Methodology (or, more likely, because of it), Q Division remains among the Technocracy’s most popular divisions. Like the Feed, Q Division is multi-disciplinary drawing its membership from the other Methodologies, and has now begun to attract members from other Conventions. What can we say? In a gadget heavy world, Q Division is cool. This popularity has made the culture of quid pro quo interactions with Q Division even worse. Operatives who want the best gear know to keep on the division’s good side.

The Order In Los Angeles

Where there is authority and surveillance, there is the New World Order. Part of civilization involves ensuring that people in charge are maintaining law and order, and Reality Deviants tend to operate outside these boundaries. The NWO wants a unified consciousness and the first step is to make sure that everyone in Los Angeles follows the marching orders. They are at home in law enforcement, emergency services, and city hall. The New World Order is the most centralized and largest Convention in Los Angeles. They are based out of the One Wilshire Construct, but have field offices and and armies of sympathizers throughout the city.

  • Chancellor Alia Atanasaoff aka The Russian Doll , Gatekeeper of the Ivory Tower – From her accent one can assume Atanasaoff originally hails from the former Soviet Union, but besides the accent you’d never know it. The writer and philosopher spent her youth debating the best minds in Russia at the Nabokav House, but fell in love with America, and more importantly, American movies in 1925. A long time resident in Los Angeles, she came to Tinsel Town to become a screen writer. Her initial work favored romantic realism, but within such tales were the beginning of a deeper philosophy. Her career with the Order began with some simple screen writing gigs, and she slowly rose through the ranks of sympathizers. Encouraged by the Order, she pursued a PhD in the newly formed film studies discipline at the University of Southern California. Her academic and creative writing lionized reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge, and dramatized the rejection of faith and religion. Atanasaoff came up through the Ivory Tower the hard way, and has a reputation as someone who’s paid her dues successfully leveraging her knowledge of Soviet culture and language during the Cold War era of the Ascension War. Atanasaoff rose to the rank of Gatekeeper in the early 1980s leaving a trail of crushed careers, dashed hopes, and scathing rebukes in her wake. It made her few friends. From her glass office at the heights of One Wilshire she has a hand in nearly everything the Technocracy does in Los Angeles, and chairs the of the Los Angeles Symposium. Atanasaoff was once famed for her hands on style of management of the Construct, but after a series of assassination attempts at turn of the millennium she rarely leaves her office. She now operates through an ever complex network of intermediaries, handlers, assistants, and private security. The ubiquity of Atanasaoff’s entourage earned her the sobriquet “the Russian Doll”, but on one who wants to sip tea, take in the latest Hollywood gossip or have their minds blown by her mastery of film theory would ever get caught using it. Her physical presence is a rarity these days, but the memos she writes can be found all around the Construct. The smooth ink and crisp cursive letters are as unique to her as her fingerprints.
  • The Baeden-Powel Corporation – The Baeden-Powel Corporation began as a non-profit Ivory Tower Think tank focused on the Cold War arms race, but has sprawled into a shadowy, interdisciplinary brain trust with tendrils throughout Los Angeles. Management ensures Baeden-Powel is kept quietly out of the media, but has struggled to quell conspiracy theories that have begun to crop up on the Internet concerning Baeden-Powel’s seemingly global omnipresence. Even the Enlightened operatives understand only a small portion of  the company’s true purpose. Its most visible fronts are Gate-Angeles, the Western Solutions, and the Wenner-Gren Group, but under virtually every stone and dark corner one can find operatives and sympathizers with ties to Baeden-Powel. Baeden-Powel houses the Convention’s Ivory Tower leadership colloquial referred to as Administration. Administration has a convoluted internal structure, but it is lead by Atanasaoff and a clutch of Managers, Supervisors, and advisors from the Ivory Tower. Administration handles the day-to-day affairs of the Technocracy in Los Angeles to ensure that the Time Table is implemented correctly.
    • Gate-Angeles – Gate Angeles is operated by a mixed amalgam from the Feed and the Watchers. To the Sleeper world and its T-0 sympathizers it is a private surveillance firm with deep ties to the intelligence community. Lead by jittery (some say paranoid) Lensmen Manager Phil Bendix, Gates Angeles is the nerve center of the Union in the city. Bendix also oversees all of the embedded Observers and Reporters, and is responsible for processing and managing the Union’s many listening posts throughout the city. Gates-Los Angeles operates out of its office in the bowels of One Wilshire, but maintains several satellite offices across Los Angeles County.
      • The Field Reporters have been engaged in a long-term project on Los Angeles’ highway system, monitoring any and all reporting that comes in through video surveillance and police reports. Second to that is air traffic control and emergency service dispatch. T-0 and T-1 operatives make up the bulk of these amalgams with Enlightened handlers calling the shots.
      • Field Observers operate in small cells lead by Enlightened personnel. They perform audits on field personnel and research entities within the Construct. They pass no judgment, but focus exclusively on collecting evidence for leadership–be it the Administrator or unseen White Suits. Each amalgam has at least one Field Observer embedded with them, but everyone knows where one is seen at least one other remains unseen. If there is any suspicion of insider threat or unmutual behavior, a Field Observer probably sees it first.
      • Half the Lensmen are embedded with Wenner-Gren who act as conduits between  Syndicate Media Control’s Spin Division regarding the New World Order’s information campaigns. The other half are the architects New World Order’s messaging and communication, or counterintelligence. You can’t kid a kidder or out fox a fox. Spying on the NWO remains hard and these folks are the reason why.
    • Western Solutions – Based out of the Federal Building, Western Solutions is a consulting firm for Los Angele’s law enforcement agencies. White Suit Remington Ford, grizzled veteran of the Ascension War, oversees the many amalgams throughout L.A.’s robust law enforcement agencies. Ostensibly they provide data analystics, best practices, trainings, and other resources, but LAPD, FBI, ICE, CIA and all the rest of the law enforcement letters have sympathizers and Grey Suits among them. Bendix and Ford have a long standing beef the nature of which is unclear. The two operatives manage to work together, but a frosty rivalry has developed since the Anomaly. Numerous amalgams of secret Operatives report to Ford, and he has the authority to deputize other amalgams for operations or support in the field as needed. Ford’s reputation is such that when he calls you don’t questions it. You just go.
    • Wenner-Gren Group – The Order’s various entertainment and news organizations are controlled by Wenner-Gern. Their holdings are diverse ranging from talent agencies to media Internet start-ups. The Group is lead by Feed Trend Analysts Manager Rosa Atlas who oversees a host of T-0 and T-1 operatives with their hands on the media leavers in the city. Recently, Ford has assigned a small amalgam of Operatives who report to Atlas. Their official designation is ad hoc security, but seasoned agents know they are a fixer cell.
      • The Digital Web experts of the NWO reside here, but despite their name, the Void Engineers accuse them of only skimming the surface of the Web. The Deep Divers in LA have been tasked with collecting intelligence on the Digital Web rather than the mundane variety. While Void Engineer Cybernauts explore and map, these personnel are curating assets to gain an edge on the Virtual Adept and Society of Ether presence online.
      • Handlers are out at fundraisers, VA meetings, and networking mixers identifying Extraordinary Citizens and potential recruits. New talent gets identified quickly, but there is a bitter rivalry between Wenner-Gren Handlers and those in Silicon Valley due to poaching of L.A.’s best talent north.
      • Trend Analysts rarely leave One Wilshire thanks to a significant amount of traffic that routes through their taps. Any anomalies are evaluated amongst the team’s various specialties to paint pictures of possibilities, which are likely filed away for future reference.
      • Q Division finds itself operating within Wenner-Gren , largely in special effects for Hollywood. This mix of fantasy in reality allows them to perform covert feasibility studies on what technology might be accepted by the Masses on a large scale.
    • Rosslyn 152 -If one speaks of Rosslyn 152 it is in a whisper. Officially, Los Angeles’s has no wetwork cells. Officially…