Void Engineers

“They used to say that if Man was meant to fly, he’d have wings. But he did fly. He discovered he had to.”

-James T. Kirk


The Anomaly was an inconvenience for most Conventions, but for the Void Engineers it was a life-changing event that brought an existential threat. Fully crewed ships and stations were gone. Those that survived were under attack. Not by EDEs, not by RDs, but by a force calling itself the Technocratic Union. That tidbit quickly became deeply classified, as nobody on Earth needed to know about the problem that became known as Threat Null.

The reason Earth could not be bothered is that Earth could not be trusted. The other Conventions, in the absence of the Control masters, were in the middle of their own conflict. The Void Engineers needed greater command and control, and militarized to face the multi-front threat to their own existence.

Could the Void Engineers keep their identity, recover from the Anomaly, defeat Threat Null, and resume the greater mission?

Current Status

In the years since the Anomaly, the Void Engineers have relaxed and recovered well. The militarization of the Convention has loosened. The willingness to engage in space-based TROs has resumed. Threat Null is virtually gone, with flareups being rare and less severe. The war has been won at great cost through attrition. General U.S. Grant would be proud.

The space fleets have been rebuilt. Ties with Iteration X and other Conventions have been refreshed. Copernicus Research Center, Darkside Base, and other installations have been renewed or rebuilt.

The Convention still has its own quiet, internal debate about the need to remain with the Technocratic Union. The Union Civil War created a broad consensus that now was not the time to quit. But maybe later.

Void Engineers In Los Angeles

To be blunt, most Void Engineers aren’t in Los Angeles or environments like it. They are in the one place uncorrupted by Hermeticism: SPACE!

But a few methodologies are in operation in LA and in southern California more broadly:

Border Corps Division

The Near Orbit Picket, Biospheric Space Garrison, Mirror World Control, and Delta Teams are active at One Wilshire.

The Combat Space Patrol is in space.

Earth Frontier Division

A Aquatic Exploration Team is building a new construct underwater near Catalina, and so is in Los Angeles.

Inaccessible High Elevation Exploration Teams are represented at One Wilshire, from which they deploy to high mountains in the Angeles National Forest.

Maintenance and Custodial Division is present in every Construct.

Incursion Quantitative Analysis Teams are present at One Wilshire.

Cryogenic Specialists and Hydrothermal Botanical Mosaic Analysts have no major role in Los Angeles, as they have nothing here to work on.

Neutralization Specialist Corps

The Incursion Defense Corps watches the entire planet, Los Angeles included. They have monitoring stations nearby, based out of San Diego.

The Spectral Neutralization Division has much to do in Los Angeles, out of One Wilshire.

The Descartes Institute of Mental Health is based in San Diego, with some operations in Los Angeles. DIMH was busier than ever during the Anomaly and succeeding war with Threat Null, and is an active member of the Convention.

Pan-Dimensional Corps

Intelligence Directorate manages its Mount Palomar monitoring station from One Wilshire.

Cybernauts tend to work from home, but do technically have One Wilshire offices.

One Wilshire has not been cleared for a Chrononaut facility, given the lack of supporting DIMH enhanced support that exists at specialized constructs.

Fleet Operations Command and Void Construction Corps are in space.

Research and Execution

Advanced Research Division has its own facilities in the sub-basement. Put on your safety gear.

The Vessel Construction Corps, Field Engineering Corps, and Fleet Intelligence Service are in space.