Mortal Tiers

More than any other city, Los Angeles is an entrepot where the world’s wealthiest, most accomplished, influential and famous people live. Even if their fame and fortune was earned somewhere else, they tend to have homes in Los Angeles.

It is important that a game in Los Angeles reflect this on some level. Which is why I am rolling out the following incentives which will differ somewhat from that received in supernatural spheres. I have streamlined it from the earlier iteration.

Restriction: No Mortal Feature can ever be Embraced or Awakened, or experience a First Change. They may not have Supernatural powers, like Numina or Gnosis. In certain circumstances, Ghouling might be a narrative possibility. However, the vitae-starved depravity of the average Ghoulish lifestyle – far more intense than a blood bond – is rarely conducive to maintaining one’s place in mortal society.

Background Benefits: Besides the usual starting XP, Tier II Mortal Features may buy some Backgrounds up to 6. The exact nature of how they interact with the Influence system will be discussed when I fully publish it, and will involve some collaboration with my first few Mortal Features before I make a few final decisions. Tier I, if any are so approved, may even potentially possess higher Backgrounds. This would be an Aaron Spelling or LeBron James type figure, and it will be highly scrutinized. It’s also the case that pure Mortals are not limited to 10 merit dots, as supernaturals are.

Age XP: In addition to the usual Tier XP, for every year your Mortal PC is older than 29, they will receive an additional 4 XP.

Tier III: A Tier III Mortal receives a base 75 XP. You must have some kind of concept, like a veteran police officer, hardened gangbanger, community organizer, professor, soldier, doctor, executive, C-list celebrity, influencer or what have you. If you’re willing to abide by the Restrictions (no Awakening, Embracing, etc), then you can collect 75 XP, along with any Age XP. And it will basically be approved. There’s no limit on these.

Tier II: A Tier II Mortal is someone like a SWAT captain, a top researcher, gang leader/cartel lieutenant, B-list celebrity, CEO, city councilperson or along those lines. These are the ‘street level’ movers and shakers of the world, and there are more of them per capita in LA than anywhere else in America. You receive 150 Tier XP, and may potentially buy some Backgrounds up to 6. You will have a great advantage with the Influence system, which you’ll help me polish.

Tier I: I’m not certain that I will be approving a Tier I Mortal in Beta. Although, I will if someone comes at me with an amazing idea. This is A-list Celebrity territory, District Attorney/Mayor, state senator, CEO of a big tech/Fortune 500 Company, a superstar athlete, or Aaron Spelling-esque Director. These are the true titans of industry, and who in many ways have as little in common with the daily lives of average humans as any supernatural creature. This is something we’ll need to talk about, if and when it seems to make sense. It would certainly require as much effort and knowledge as being a Tier I in any supernatural sphere. Perhaps more so, since it reflects our real world.

I know that regardless of the incentives, Mortals will always be outnumbered on a World of Darkness game. But I think the above should make the idea of applying for one a little more intriguing.