House Rules: Vampire

Hive-Minded Merit (Gangrel Only)

Hive-Minded (1-5 pt Merit)

For one point, your Animalism works on insects and other creepy-crawlies in addition to mammalian animals.

If you select the two-point version of this merit, your Protean 'bat' form may take the form of an insectoid swarm roughly 2 yards in diameter, rather than a single creature.
* The base physical attributes are equivalent to your 'bat' form. Combat is resolved as per the rules for 'Swarms' in combat (See V20 core, page 391 'Packs and Swarms').

* Your base damage as per Swarm combat is your Bat form Strength (1) + half of your Brawl rating, rounded up. You benefit from Fortitude while in Swarm form, but no other Physical Discipline.

* For Hive-Minded 3-5: You may benefit from one additional dot of Celerity and/or Potence while in Swarm form, and your Swarm's 'extent' increases by 1 yard radius.

All Vampires can potentially drain Blood while in 'swarm' form. Just as they could while as a bat or a wolf. Although it typically requires a successfully damaging attack and is limited to one Blood per round, and does not benefit from the Kiss.