Packs of Los Angeles (beta)

All names in bold are approved character bits.

Player Character Packs

These packs consist of approved characters and are aligned with the Sept, staking out various territories across Downtown Los Angeles. (Note that Tribes aren’t restrictions, but themes listed for quick reference.)


Totem: Unicorn
Territory: Central City, DTLA
Tribe: Children of Gaia

  • Liam “Peacekeeper”, Athro Child of Gaia Philodox
  • Storms-at-Dusk, Adren Child of Gaia Philodox
  • Chazz “Bear-Claw”, Fostern Child of Gaia Ahroun

Black Coil

Totem: Coyote
Territory: La Brea, Central LA
Tribe: Mixed

  • Addison “Ghostwalker”, Adren Uktena Ragabash
  • Silas “Shot-in-the-Dark”, Fostern Glass Walker Philodox
  • Parnell “Mightier-than-the-Klaive”, Fostern Bone Gnawer Galliard

Credit Union

Totem: Easy Credit
Territory: None; presence in Historic Core, DTLA
Tribe: Glass Walkers

  • Piper “Go-Phish”, Fostern Glass Walker Galliard
  • Brandon “Roller-Coaster”, Fostern Glass Walker Ahroun
  • Lynn “Cut-Eye”, Cliath Glass Walker Theurge

Obsidian Mirror

Totem: Jaguar
Territory: Pico Union and Westlake, Central LA
Tribe: Uktena

  • Wovoka “Laughing-Blood”, Fostern Uktena Ahroun
  • Freya “Winter’s-Fury”, Fostern Get of Fenris Theurge
  • River “Eksa’a Onontsi”, Cliath Uktena Galliard


Totem: Lion
Territory: Butte Street Junction, South LA
Tribe: Mixed

  • Niall “Wrath-of-Danu”, Fostern Fianna Ahroun
  • Lucas “Heart-of-Fire”, Fostern Child of Gaia Ahroun
  • Meg “Binds-the-Blue-Sky”, Fostern Black Fury Theurge
  • Mike, Cliath Child of Gaia Ragabash


Totem: Rat (Mama)
Territory: Florence-Graham, South LA
Tribe: Bone Gnawers

  • Clint “Gonna-Eat-That”, Fostern Bone Gnawer Theurge
  • Pace, Cliath Child of Gaia Ahroun
  • Billy “Black-Thumb”, Fostern Uktena Ahroun
  • Gabe “Blends-with-Shadows”, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ragabash

Waste Management

Totem: Raccoon
Territory: Down Town, Inner Bawn
Tribe: Bone Gnawers

  • Rigby “Soup-for-My-Family”, Fostern Bone Gnawer Ragabash
  • Mark “Snatches-the-Meat”, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ragabash
  • JoAnne, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ahroun

Concrete Flowers

Totem: Old Oak
Territory: San Julian Park, DTLA and the LA River
Tribe: Children of Gaia

  • Corey “Blood-Stains-the-Snow”, Fostern Child of Gaia Philodox
  • Felicity “Brightens-the-Day”, Cliath Bone Gnawer Ragabash
  • Granuaile “Friend-to-Most”, Cliath Child of Gaia Theurge
  • Kelli “Hope-Seeker”, Cliath Child of Gaia Theurge
  • Callum, Cliath Child of Gaia Ahroun