Orpheus Backgrounds

Orpheus PCs have access to the standard Background array. Here is a list to remind you:


None: A character with no Allies is unusual, and you should decide what it is about your character that drives others away.

• A single Ally, probably highly valued for her uniqueness.

•• Two Allies; are they jealous of each other?

••• Three Allies; one may be special in some way.

•••• Four Allies; do your Allies know of each other’s existence?

••••• Five or more Allies; why are you so popular?


None: No useful Contacts. However, perhaps you are a Contact for some other wraith (not a player character).

• One major Contact and few others. You probably have a special arrangement with this Contact.

•• Two major Contacts in different areas and a scattering of associated minor Contacts.

••• Three major Contacts and a fair helping of minor ones.

•••• Four major Contacts, all in different areas, although you could double up and cover one particular field completely.

••••• Five major Contacts and an associated minor Contact on almost every street corner.


None: Perhaps you have a problem with authority, or you seek a master worthy of your attention.

• A distant or unimportant Mentor.

•• A helpful but eccentric mentor.

••• Notable mentor with time.

•••• Well-respected Mentor.

••••• Powerful and influential mentor.


None: You live paycheck to paycheck.

• Small Savings: 1,000 liquid, $500/mo to spend.

•• Middle Class: 10,000 liquid, $1,500 in cash/mo.

••• Large Savings: 50,000 liquid, $2,500/mo. to spend.

•••• Well off: 5,000,000 liquid, $10,000/mo. to spend.

•••••  Fabulous Wealth: Immeasurable liquid, $30,000/mo. to spend.


*: Status is hand-given to PCs for exemplary work fulfilling Orpheus mandates and objectives. Therefore all Opheus agents begin with Status 1 (Orpheus) for free in Chargen, though they may raise it if they wish to take on additional responsibilities. Higher Status may be restricted pending Director Approval.

None: No organization recognizes you.

• An initiate of some kind. You are most likely responsible for unpleasant duties, but are at least recognized as part of the group.

•• After demonstrating your devotion to the group, you have been chosen for a position of some responsibility.

••• You are in the murky middle ranks. Not low enough to be pushed around or high enough to do the pushing, this is a dangerous place to be, but has many rewards.

•••• This level of Status represents the level of management and privilege. You can access the resources of the group and are trusted by its leaders.

••••• Player characters are unlikely to ever rise higher than this. Having gained significant power and respect, you are a leader.


X You stand without Fate’s protection, but also without Fate’s constraint.

• One reroll.

•• Two rerolls.

••• Three rerolls. The markings of Fate shine clearly on your gauze, and characters at this level will be of interest to those who dwell on the Isle of Eurydice.

•••• Four rerolls.

••••• Five rerolls. Your projections are portents that thunder throughout the Shadowlands. The Labyrinth buzzes in anticipation and fear of your approach, and the Lady of Fate sends her agents to aid — or obstruct — your endeavors.

Gauze Relic:

X Your gauze refuses to manifest an item. Do you have no material possessions that you value?

• You have a small relic, such as a knife.

•• Your gauze relic is more powerful, like a handgun, though you’re on your own for the ammunition. Relics at this level possess general functions or grant +1 to an Ability roll related to the item.

••• At this level, gauze relics are capable of electronic interactions when invested with Pathos, such as a wi-fi connection that reaches across the Shroud. Alternately, larger objects can be manifested (such as a bastard sword or assault rifle), or relics that grant a –2 difficulty bonus to one Ability roll.

•••• Gauze relics are now more akin to Artifacts, and are capable of intricate mechanical or electrical operations (such as a motorcycle that works without fuel).

••••• You possess some sort of powerful talisman that does something truly unique, allowing for +4 to an Ability roll, or +1 to an Attribute roll.


X You have no remembrance of your past lives.

• You have a case of déjà vu that allows you to draw upon a skill from a past life.

•• You may derive capabilities from quick flashes of the past.

••• Past friends you’ve never met are in your mind, and you occasionally remember their names.

•••• The quick flashes evolve into extended flashbacks, which are often pertinent to the situation at hand.

••••• You remember portions of past lives the way an adult remembers kindergarten.

Orpheus Creation