The Doomslayers

“Be the hunter, not the hunted: Never allow your unit to be caught with it’s guard down.”

~James Mattis

Were there ever a word that makes the Shadow-Eaten quake in fear, it is Doomslayer.

Created by Charon to exist both a part of, yet outside the Hierarchy the Doomslayers have been kicking Oblivion’s ass for centuries. These guys and gals are tough as nails, well-trained, battle-hardened souls who hunt for one thing and one thing only: Spectres. The iconic bounty hunter, Doomslayers travel where they will, hunting spectres at any Necropoli they come across. By imperial mandate, the Doomslayers are not beholden to the legions or the Deathlords. Their purpose is to fight Oblivion face-first – and a lot of them are more than happy to do that and is why Doomslayers so often venture into the Labyrinth willingly: Something 99 percent of most restless would never dream of doing.

So grab your broadsword, your AK and your steel plate. We’re goin’ in. Praise Charon and pass the ammunition!

The Doomslayer Orders

Chin up strait you flacid splat of Corpus! Listen up. You will only learn them once so pay attention! I don’t have time for green-eared Lemures.

The Order of the Thorn 

When people think of Doomslayers, they often think of these spooks. The Order of the Thorn are the Doomslayers’ front-line combatants. The oldest of the Orders, the Thorns are dedicated soldiers at the front and typically the vanguard of any Doomslayer division into the Labyrinth. They know more of the Labyrinth than anyone save Charon due to their lengthy excursions and depth of knowledge of their chosen battlefield. It is whispered they have strength over their shadow that allows them to fight with spectral ferocity.

The Martyr Knights

Every once in a while you will find a Doomslayer amidst the ranks of high falutin’ people. Anacreons and Marshals and the like. And they stick around, keeping Spectres out of Necropoli. These are signs you have a Martyr Knight in your neighborhood. Their mandate is to make sure Spectres don’t infiltrate restless society and are the sole enemies of Dopplegangers. Further than that, the Martyr Knights take these Dopplegangers into secret locales where they attempt to ‘redeem’ them – but that’s stupid right? …. right?

The Helldivers

That’s no Mortwight you idjit! That’s one of ours, one of the Helldivers. Doomslayers who prioritize the Moliate Arcanos, Helldivers are the Doomslayer’s assassin squad – typically charged with whacking a high profile Spectre. To do so they need to be able to pass as Spectres, and Helldivers are eerily efficient in it. It is whispered they even know how to peel the corpus off a Spectre and wear it as their own skin. But no one would willingly do that right? … right?

The Darksiders

Yeah yeah, your thinkin we’re probably up to our eyeballs in Angst right? Nope! That’s because for every good squad there is a Darksider amongst them. Pardoners and those focusing on Castigate, the Darksiders make sure that the Doomslayers don’t become what they are charged to fight – helping the Doomslayers mitigate their shadows so they can keep fighting.


Solos ain’t a division you Pathos-bleedin’ piss bucket! We call Solos anyone whose a Doomslayer but aint a part of the Orders. This is usually where your bounty hunter shows up, or your thrill-seekin spook wanting a taste of terror and danger. We don’ turn down help from outside, we’re all in it together once we head into the Labyrinth but each solo is different from the rest…can you rely on them?


It’s a great time to be a Doomslayer in LA. Originally there was a fort off the coast of Santa Monica that housed the Order of the Thorn but the Sixth destroyed both it and the contingent of Thorns there. There is rumored to be a cell of Martyr Knights embedded in Whitley Heights at the Hierarchy-controlled Necropolis. If the Thorns are still around, they are probably spelunking the Great Rip or Mictlan or something equally dumb. Then again, for LA to be suffering what amounts to be a never ending Malestrom due to the Great Rip…the fact that the Shadow-Eaten haven’t come and eaten everyone for lunch is odd. How -can- people survive here?

Where was the Order of the Thorn again?