(The Free Union of Haunters, Spooks and Puppeteers, United)

It pays to not give a shit.

The Haunters have never beat to anyone’s drum. The loosest cannons of Criminal Guilds the Haunters have terrorized the Quick since before Dictum Mortuum. They did it afterward too. The benefit of Guild membership was that when the going got tough, you had other people who didn’t give a shit to wreck havoc and chaos for you to get away. Their cousins, the Spooks, were cut from the same cloth. The Haunters and Spooks are the closest Guilds across Stygia standing against the tide. In a way, F.U. already existed since the Haunters and Spooks frequently run together to keep the Hierarchy off their collective backs.

Look at LA. A veritable hotbed of poltergeists, spooks and haunted sightings across the city. You think the Hierarchy made that happen? Get real. It was the Haunters who made that happen. It’s the Haunters who keep it happening and it’s the Haunters who will continue to do it. Hierarchy or SAG or whatever be damned.

Then the Puppeteers came along, and things turned interesting.

The Formation of F.U. 

According to Haunters, one day the local Puppeteers came to the Haunters and Spooks with an offer – a tag-team dream-team. Everyone hates their Guilds, and as much as people like their results they disdain the practitioners. Best corner the market and rip the rug right from under them. Both the Haunters and Spooks agreed, and the guilds hatched a plan. What’s the plan?

Bring down the Shroud, of course.

With LA in it’s current state due to the Great Rip, the Hierarchy was both impotent and, in the rare case it revived, would never be able to help them. SAG was too busy jerking itself over it’s newfound power over the restless dead so no one would notice. Spectres? That’s what the Spooks are for, and Spooks love to beat the hell out of Spectres. So everyone wins right?


The Truth Behind F.U. 

F.U is the brainchild of the local Puppeteers looking to use LA’s current situation coupled with the loss of Stygia and the state of affairs to achieve the Puppeteer’s great dream – the collapse of the Shroud. A Criminal Guild if there ever was one (besides the Proctors), the Puppeteers risked a gamble by aligning themselves with the Haunters and the Spooks, the two most loose-cannon Guilds the Underworld ever produced. Through the Haunters and Spooks, LA’s paranormal activity would remain high with the occassional Puppeteer influence – the odd death here, the freak haunting there getting in on some of the action.  

That’s not all the Puppeteers are doing. F.U. is a smokescreen. The puppeteers pop agents into every echelon of LA life to milk the culture of death that LA is so famous for. Even Steven Spielburg, for his bachelor party, had a seance. The fascination with the dead is something the Puppeteers want to tap, and keep it going. It should be no surprise that F.U. is also the primary funnel of Risen into LA, all endebted to the Puppeteers, who plan to cash them in when the time comes.

F.U. Structure (Or Lack of One)

F.U. has no formal structure like SAG. It has no place where it handles it’s affairs like SAG does. The Haunters and Spooks are notoriously anti-authoritarian so the Guilds basically do what they have always done. Instead, F.U. is a mutual alliance rather than a Union. Should a Guild member be in trouble, the others are obliged to back them up. Since the Haunters and the Spooks don’t trust the Puppeteers and vice versa, the fear of squealing keeps this obligation being truthful rather than fiction. In a sense, F.U. is more truthful to the Compact of the Guilds than SAG ever hoped it could be. Independent agents bound by mutual survival.

The Haunters and Spooks follow their own drums. The Puppeteers merely aim their chaos in one direction or the other. Like Puppeteers. Go figure.

Relations with Other Guilds

Everyone’s relationship to the Haunters and Spooks is unique. You either like them, or you don’t. The Puppeteers are worse – your either creeped out by them, or tilt your head at them. But F.U. as a whole has some ideas on the other Guilds.

SAGC-SCAM: F.U. thinks SAG is a joke. Pathos regulation? You serious? Try regulating when a Puppeteer forces a car crash for the local Spooks to reave that sweet, sweet terror pathos. F.U. of course named itself based on SAG, something SAG knows deep down and resents – yet another Haunter gimmick.  Since F.U. has no formal structure, SAG has nothing to rail against save a lone Haunter or, gods forbid, a circle of Spooks. 

The Oracles and Mnemoi: Ewwww. And Double ewwww. The Oracles are onto them. And the Mnemoi are investigating them. The last one is easy to deal with, just point them out as Mnemoi and watch everyone rip their eyes out of their corpus before shoving them into a forge. The first? Is aggravating! Why can’t they do other oraculary stuff like predict the sun rising! The Oracles are the staunchest opponents to F.U., and the one’s most likely to know of the Puppeteer’s plot. If F.U is sniffed out, it’s lights out.

Relations outside the Guilds

Everyone Else: No one likes them. The Hierarchy despises them (less the Spooks and more the Puppeteers), or is terrified of them (more the Haunters). The Renegades, as much as they hark about being different are kind of the same way. F.U. is the ultimate outsider and the iconic pariah. They just don’t care.

The Shadow-Eaten: Oh the Spectres love F.U. What Oblivion worshipping Shadow-Eaten wouldn’t enjoy watching the Shroud drop following a mass-haunting with three good deaths? F.U.’s typical antics give the Spectres no small sense of satisfaction as it seems like the restless are doing their jobs for them.

On the flip-side, F.U. thinks Spectres are a bigger joke than the Hierarchy. Wah wah wah, mommy was mean to me so I’m gonna worship Oblivion! Considering some Haunters and Spooks have Passions that would make Spectres look tame it is no surprise the Shadow-Eaten are seen with such derision and ambivalence. The Haunters and Spooks will beat them up and haunt them too. The Puppeteers of course look at Spectres more traditionally, dark reflections of what they could be. Thankfully they have uncaring psychos between them and the Shadow-Eaten.