The Beautiful People

Belief System

Ever wonder why you never landed that job interview you wanted or married that sweet spouse you pined for? Why you never made it out of the dregs during your living days? That’s because you were ugly, you idiot. A brilliant soul in the body of a hunchback will just get laughed at – not revered. Your body was different from your mind, and because of that…there was no chance for you while alive. God stacked the cards against you. Tough. Deal with it.

But now that your dead, your body can be whatever you want it to be. Finally the mind and body can become one, and following the guidance of the Great Sculptor, perfection will lead to Transcendence. Life was just the lead-up to prepare you for a life of metamorphosis. Not just a nose job, but of spiritual refinement and perfection. 

The Beautiful People believe that Corpus is the ultimate tool for Transcendence. The ability to change yourself into absolutely anything gives the person power over themselves they never could while alive. What you create is an expression of yourself revealed and will guide you on the arduous path of Transcendence, where you cast off your Corpus to become something truly incarnate and join the Great Sculptor, who continues to proctor his masterpiece – the universe.

Who Joins?:

The Beautiful People pull from the ranks of the physically oppressed. Everyone has had demands on them due to their body in life – just imagine how many times “the idealized woman” made it to perfume and lingerie ads: The well-breasted vixen of beautiful hair and curves. Men too, who had to be chiseled, angular “manly men”. To be anything else caused ‘concern’ or derision or some good ol’ fashioned “Body ranking” (Miss America anyone?). Celebrities all but require plastic surgery to stay beautiful. And not to mention the cognitive trauma Transsexuals face by society being demanded to accept their body as-is, something the mind cannot endure. How many liposuctions will it take for you to fit in?

Cult Life:

Your in for a wild ride.

The Beautiful People espouse the doctrine of “Corporeal Freedom”, meaning that whatever you become, is you. This means that while most Beautiful People are some of the most dangerously beautiful wraiths that it’d make you want to slash your wrists on it, this also means there are some horrifying monsters, abstractly conjured beasts, and demonic presences among the Beautiful People. Changing your Corpus is a spiritual practice and reflects your mood and personality. That doesn’t always mean it’s pleasant, nor does it have to last. You will find your “skin”, soon. All of the Beautiful People learn Moliate upon initiation, and quickly seek to master it’s secrets so as to engage in Corporeal Freedom.

Because the Corpus is so intrinsic to the soul, altering the Corpus of others is something as intimate as sex to the Beautiful People. The problem of course is, the Beautiful People see it as a gift to be shared – an intimate bond that brings people together as the visage of one is imposed on the other. So saying ‘no’ just means you don’t understand. The Beautiful People will just Moliate you anyway.

The precept of Corporeal Freedom means that restless are free to pursue what they need and therefore Cult Circles are diverse. Dogma says you will find out the truth of yourself as you change your body and if that means you find you need to reconcile something in the Skinlands? Okay. Socially, all Heretic Circles consider themselves as one big Circle of wraiths, with the Surgeon General at the top.

The Pecking Order:

Upon being inducted, the Beautiful People often link the cult to the Freemasons. It has the same allure, a group of craftsmen who oblige to a quasi-deific entity. They are partly right, but that is where the similarity ends.


There is a quasi-deity at the center of the Beautiful People: The Great Sculptor. This incarnate has sloughed off it’s mortal shell and Transcended, guiding those who follow in it’s footsteps through cryptic tablets, weird messages or “divinely inspired ideas” among the Cult’s followers. The Great Sculptor’s path can be seen in history. The Humanists of the Renaissance who epitomized the mortal form triumphed into Modern era of human art, and finally the Post-Modern era. There is nothing after this but Transcendence.

The Great Sculptor is formless, shapeless and genderless. The concept of it ‘talking’ even makes Heretics debate. How can it talk? That would define it somehow. Shouldn’t it? The Sculptor’s visage, when invoked in ceremony, is just a blob of corpus. The corpus to whom it was shaved from should be honored, for their corpus is used to represent mutability, formlessness, and perfection.


Below the Quasi-Deific you get to the actual Heretic Cult led by The Surgeon General. The Surgeon General is said to hear the whispers and conjurations of the Great Sculptor, envisioned the tenet of Corporeal Freedom and saw the link between freedom of body and Transcendence.

Dr. Almquist – Surgeon General of the Beautiful People.

No last name, Dr. Almquist was a former Masquer’s Guildmaster who went outside Guild protocol by Moliating kidnapped freewraiths obtained from Slavers. While this wasn’t as bad, it was illegal when he unleashed them on LA causing the Unlidded Eye (functional at the time) to turn it’s gaze towards the Masquers Guild. Dr. Almquist was censured, Moliated armless and mouthless, and banished from the Guild as a symbol of punishment to the Hierarchy.

As Cult beliefs go, Dr. Almquist heard the Great Sculptor during his durance of forced Moliation and understood the gestalt nature of Corporeal Freedom. It is said that his understanding, and the blessing of the Great Sculptor, is why Dr. Almquist now appears as an androgynous bomb-shell, with two arms and a slithery snake tail, six membranous plant-like tentacles that grow out of it’s back, a tail (as in like a cat’s tail, along with it’s snake tail for a leg), breasts it reveals openly, and a line of hair from it’s scalp to it’s tail-tip (both). It is said to be stroked by one of these membranous strands of Corpus will evoke a surge of pathos unlike anything a wraith has experienced – Dr. Almquist doesn’t elaborate. Instead it simply says that the tentacles express their ‘split-mindedness’ and reminds them that he needs to bring themself into focus to slough off the tentacles. For now, they can’t imagine themself without them.

THE MORPHEUM – The Sculptor’s instruments

The Circle of the Surgeon General serve as Administrators, called Morphites or collectively, The Morpheum among Cult members. Serving as part clergy, part military, the Morphites ensure the purity of the message is followed heard while organizing the Cult’s defenses. In many ways, the Morpheum resemble a Stygian Legion. Those who find that their Corpus are best reflected as godless killing machines make for very effective defense against those who persecute them for their beliefs.

Blasphemies OF THE CULT:
  • Never Moliate the mind. The body informs us of our nature. To pervert the mind is to pervert the body’s message.

Putting the Solicitors and Mnemoi (The two most reviled Guilds) once more on the chopping block, the Beautiful People espouse that the mind must remain as is. Sure, the afterlife may change you in subtle ways but the body will tell you how and where. You don’t need to muck around and enforce change. How can you be perfect if you keep changing the goal posts? While it’s easy to cast off Solicitors and Mnemoi, this tenet of Dogma makes most Beautiful People chaff against the Pardoners Guild who seek to guide wraiths in ways to stand against the shadow. To the Beautiful People? That’s brainwashing, and brainwashing violates Corporeal Freedom.

  • Never ignore the Shadow. The Shadow too, is a guide to perfection.

The Shadow has some keen insights into you for some reason. While the Beautiful People don’t believe that the Shadow is some version of themselves, they do know that the Shadow has intimate knowledge of you. Knowledge that can inform your Moliation. This blasphemy is the hardest to not break, since wraith culture all but demands the Shadow is an enemy of yourself. the Beautiful People are encouraged to tease the Shadow to pry out its secrets to inform your next Moliation.

  • Let No One or Nothing Rob You of Your Freedom

Hypocrisy at it’s finest, this tenet is the establishment of Corporeal Freedom: the free ability to be whatever you want to Moliate yourself to be. However, the Beautiful People read this as their Corporeal Freedom, not others. So the Beautiful People can moliate whoever they please (so long as they aren’t fellow believers, then it has to be consentual).

History of the Cult:

The Cult has a long history in LA. The cult-like personification of beauty endemic of Hollywood made the Heresy all but a certainty. It was just a matter of when. No one knows when Dr. Almquist received their revelation. The Masquer’s don’t like to talk about them and the Hierarchy only knows Dr. Almquist went AWOL from the Penitent Legion in 1954. Were they a cult leader then? Who knows. The Morpheum doesn’t address dates. They are just happy they received revelation. Time will be meaningless in Transcendence anyway.

With the destruction of the Legions and the crippling of the Hierarchy, the Beautiful People came out in force. Their image of self-perfection, self-revelation and body-shaping attracted scores of people frustrated due to the Skinlands obsession over physicality. As the Cult swelled, and Dr. Almquist’s influence expanded, everyone began to take notice. At first, it was considered an LA fad turned cult-of-personality: Dr. Almquist was some nut who loved Moliate and found others who did. Not taking the Beautiful People seriously, much of the afterlife left them alone.

Then the disappearances started. Restless would be plucked from their homes and Circles would find their fellows mysteriously disappeared. During the reign of disappearances, Monsters appeared across LA. Nightmarish moliated mutations of wraiths bound together in a heinous monstrosity of a form. While the Masquer’s Guild were quick to tidy up the mess, that They showed up. They, were Wraiths who were moliated with Spectre parts. Sometimes a wraith and spectre bound together. Why? Dr. Almquist claims it was to show the Unchanging (which Dr. Almquist refers non-members as) a lesson on how the body can define a person. In a twisted, vile sort of way they got their point across. The monstrosities of They united the Renegades, the Hierarchy remnant, the Guilds, even the Jade Remnant came out of hiding to assist in purging the monstrosities. Something that would never have happened if those poor souls just looked like Spectres. Looks! Dr. Almquist claimed, is the key to enlightenment.

The unity didn’t stop there. The coalition harrowed dozens of Heretic members and ran off the rest of the Cult, isolating them into Beverly Hills, where they remain today. To rush headfirst into the Beautiful People would cost too many souls, and no one wants that. For now, the goal with the Beautiful People is containment – but even with containment, they can still quietly spread their message of physical perfection.

You should play a member of the Beautiful People if…

Moliate is super fun, and can be an imaginative outlet to exploring your character by basically evoking your concept on your skin. The Beautiful People are not the worst cult to join, and can be interesting to see how you interpret your character through physical modification. The beautiful people are for those who want an inventive interpretation to spirituality, or a way to express it in a unique way (often with claws, horns and elaborate masks and tentacles).