Anarch NPCs

Isaac Abrams, Toreador Baron of Hollywood

Some young Anarchs don’t know what to make of Baron Isaac. In some ways, he acts like a Prince. He expects Kindred who linger in Hollywood to present themselves to him, he expects to be treated with all due courtesy, and when he issues a request he expects it to be carried out. On the other hand, the old Toreador is a true believer in the Anarch cause and is considered one of the last lions from the Heyday of the Free State. He once declared that if the Camarilla wanted Hollywood, he’d give them a war “worthy of Kurosawa” and so far no Prince has dared to call his bluff.

Abrams was deeply involved in the film industry in life, and remains so in death. He’s worked with all the greats, and was a personal friend of James Dean. “Still am,” he once cryptically declared. Abrams is known to have embraced movie star Ash Rivers in 2003, but Rivers did not take well to un-life and engaged in reckless behavior that threatened the Masquerade and drew the attention of mortal hunters. It is believed by most that Rivers met Final Death at the hands of the Society of Leopold.