“Kali maa! Kali maa shakti de!”

-Mola Ram, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Sect: Tal’Mahe’Ra

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Necromancy

The Nagaraja, the Idran/Itarajana, and the Chakravanti: House Tremere weren’t the first group of mortal mages to transform themselves into vampires – that honor goes to the Nagaraja. Whatever the Nagaraja (and the Idran/Itarajana) did, it caused a rift in their sect, and the other half of that rift became the Chakravanti, who consider the Nagaraja to be abominations, a blood-soaked slap in the face to everything they stand for. They don’t much care for the still-human Itarajana, either…

Nagaraja and the Followers of Set:

The Nagaraja were created from stolen Setite blood by the Liches of the Tal’Mahe’Ra, as warriors to battle the Followers of Set when they attempted to conquer Enoch for themselves, long ago. Antipathy and an urge toward violence against the Childer of Sutekh was woven into Nagaraja blood. While they can restrain this urge, Nagaraja are still tense and hostile around all lineages of Setites, including their Tlacique allies. Fortunately Tlacique aren’t a numerous bloodline…

Merits & Flaws:

See Lore of the Bloodlines pg. 70 for more information about the Merits & Flaws unique to the Nagaraja.

Extra Sharp (2 pt. Physical Merit) – Your teeth are exceptionally deadly.

Speed Eater (2 or 4 pt. Physical Merit, Stamina 3) – You are able to consume flesh exceptionally fast.

Wolverine’s Palate (3 pt. Physical Merit) – You even eat the bones, and gain more sustenance by so doing.

The Largest Maw (2 pt. Physical Flaw) – Due to the size of your teeth, you have a hard time speaking.

Body Trail (4 pt Social Flaw) – You’ve left a trail of bodies behind you that threaten the Masquerade.

Combination Disciplines:

For more information on the combination disciplines of the Nagaraja, see Lore of the Bloodlines pg. 70.

Soul Separation (Auspex OOOO, Necromancy (Vitreous Path) OOO) – YOUR SOUL… IS MINE! (21 XP)

Unseen Spirit (Necromancy (Vitreous Path) OO, Obfuscate OO) – Further occultate yourself with the help of Necromancy. (8 XP)