“You can con God and get away with it, Granny said, if you do so with charm and wit. If you live your life with imagination and verve, God will play along just to see what outrageously entertaining thing you’ll do next.”

-Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

Sect: Independent (Usually), Anarch, Sabbat (Ravnos Antitribu)

Note on the Ravnos Weakness: All Ravnos feel the pull to vice. Sometimes they can resist it. But eventually they give in. If you’ve been on a roll resisting the pull of your vice, consider increasing the difficulty of your Self-Control rolls, gradually, until you give in. We’re not going to require you to do this. Consider yourself on the honor system. That’s a little bit of a tease, since you’re playing a Ravnos. See the “I Really Need a Drink” sidebar, Lore of the Clans pg. 185.

Merits & Flaws:

For detailed information on these Merits & Flaws, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 181.

Antitoxin Blood (1 pt. Physical Merit): You are immune to all drugs, poisons, toxins, and venoms, natural or supernatural.

Brahmin (1 pt. Mental Merit, Ravnos Brahmin only) – You have enhanced intellect and presence of mind.

Kshatrya (1 pt. Mental Merit, Ravnos Kshatrya only) – You are reinvigorated by battle.

Legerdemain (1 pt. Physical Merit) – You have quick hands and a quick mouth.

Mute Devotion (1 pt. Supernatural Merit) – Your Animalism commands are hard for others to override.

Vaisha (1 pt. Social Merit, Ravnos Vaisha only) – You have deep pockets, extensive contacts, and friends everywhere.

Critters (2 pt. Supernatural Merit) – If you were any better with animals, you’d be a Disney Princess.

Heart of Needles (3 pt. Mental Merit) – You are jaded and your emotions are difficult for others to manipulate, even supernaturally.

Chandala (1 pt. Social Flaw, Ravnos Chandala only) – You are part of the lowest caste of the Ravnos, looked down on and ignored by the others.

Flawed Reality (2 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – Your illusions always have a flaw that make them easy to disbelieve.

Oathbreaker (2 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – You spat and shook on a promise, and then you broke it. You feel the weight of your broken promise, and anyone who looks at your aura can see it.

Lost Svadharma (3 pt. General Flaw) – Your moment of destiny came… then it went.

Combination Disciplines:

For more information on these Ravnos combination disciplines, see Lore of the Clans pg. 183.

Carriage Horses (Animalism OO, Fortitude OOO) – Transfer damage to a nearby animal ghoul. (15 XP)

Eventide Strength (Chimerstry OOO, Fortitude O) – Your illusions can temporarily withstand sunlight (12 XP)

Heart’s Desire (Auspex OOOO, Chimerstry OO) – Pluck a victim’s deepest wish from their mind and spin up an illusion of it. (18 XP)

Sympathetic Agony (Chimerstry OO, Fortitude OOOO) – The pain another inflicts on you is reflected back to them. (18 XP)

Waking Dream (Chimerstry O, Fortitude O) – You may, from time to time, give illusions you create a brief moment of true reality. (6 XP)

The Path of Paradox:

The Ravnos Path of Paradox is actually several related Paths of Enlightenment. Many of the gurus of these paths were lost during the Week of Nightmares, when the clan fell on each other in a frenzy of murder, but the Paths are still out there for Ravnos to follow. Ravnos Antitribu, note that these Paths are considered Heretical by the Sword of Caine! Per Lore of the Clans beginning on page 185, the Path of Paradox found in V20 is the “Mayaparisatya” Path, which has two variants, one in V20 and one in Lore of the Clans, both of which are seen as valid. Make a note about which version you follow. In addition, Ravnos might follow the “Samsara” Path, and this is also seen as valid.

A “Western” Path of Paradox also exists, likely influenced by the old, defunct Paths of Sin, but Ravnos who follow the old ways consider this path an evil blasphemy, and as the clan re-asserts its traditional beliefs (as much as it can given how few Ravnos are left), it seeks to re-educate or destroy followers of the “False” Path.