Thirteen tiger teeth in my talismanSt. John The Conqueror and a black cat boneBeen seen walkin’ with the GuardiansNow I’m in the alley and I’m all aloneCan’t run can’t hide from destinyKnew this day was comin’ nearly all of my lifeBeen done ain’t the only boy from TennesseeTo carve his name in cypress with a jawbone knife

-Steve Earle, “Meet Me In the Alleyway”

Sect: Independent, Camarilla

Disciplines: Fortitude, Obfuscate, Thanatosis

Merits & Flaws:

For full writeups on these Merits and Flaws, see Lore of the Bloodlines pg. 91.

Death Grip (3 pt. Supernatural Merit) – Gain intuitive knowledge of a target’s death.

Stitcher (3 pt. Physical Merit) – If you lose body parts, you can simply sew them back on.

Brittle Body (2 or 4 pt. Physical Flaw) – Your body is less resilient than that of other Kindred in some ways.

Mortal Flashbacks (5 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – You relive your death when you arise each evening.

Combination Disciplines:

For full writeups on these combination disciplines, refer to Lore of the Bloodlines pg. 89.

Switched at Death (Thanatosis O, Obfuscate OOO) – Appear as a specific dead body you’ve touched. (12 XP)

Grisly Gris-Gris (Fortitude OO, Thanatosis OO) – Bestow protective power onto another through a little piece of yourself. (12 XP)

Exquisite Corpse (Fortitude OOO, Obfuscate OOO) – You just don’t seem to register injury. (18 XP)

Samedi and Blood Magic:

Samedi may learn Necromancy and Wanga at out-of-clan costs without a teacher or without having to join a Serpent cult, usually expressed through Vodou, Palo Mayombe, or other Afro-Indigenous-American religions. They avoid teaching others, as those who join the Baron’s cult become the Baron’s playthings.