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Christian Cruce
"There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity."
- Douglas MacArthur

Birthplace: California Birthdate: ???
Full Name: Oliver Christian Cruce Concept: Anarch Family Man
Nature: ??? Demeanor: ???
Job: Baron of West Los Angeles Specialties: Hacker/Security
Roleplay Hooks

Family Man:

Christian Cruce lives in Santa Monica along with his wife and two young children. He keeps a mostly reclusive lifestyle, though he can be seen out and about at night in the Westside. He often visits Drop the Mic in downtown Santa Monica.

Baron of West LA:

The nights are difficult, and Baron Cruce's aim is to provide a haven for Thinbloods and others in the city where they may live their best unlife without fearing for their safety. Following Baroness Spare's final death, Christian stepped up and took up the mantle for the Kindred of Santa Monica despite the unrest in the area. He eventually expanded the title after making more allies, all of which recognized him as the Baron of West Los Angeles, to include the entirety of the Westside.

Aspen - There is nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Angelica - Still the sensible one in her group.

Bill - Huh.

Cheyenne - We both got called sell-outs.

Colton - Joyous as he was the first time we met.

Kaden - You're earnest and I'm glad you're around.

Teresa - Resourceful, very resourceful.

Trent - The fact is, we've got the fundamentals in common.

Vy - You seem to be in touch with your humanity and I appreciate that.

Spencer - Insignificance revels in irreverence.

Baptiste - Trustworthy, solid. Embodies some of the best traits among the Anarchs.

Tara Rice - We're In This Together [NiN Cover'

You and me
We will make it through somehow
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow