Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA: Grand Park

Santa Monica

Vampire Territories

  • Non-colored areas represents parts of the city where there is no realistic control exerted, either owing to the presence of other factions (Koreatown, Chinatown, Skid Row) or where happenstance of geography, culture or lack of population density make it inconvenient to secure (Santa Monica Mountains, Marina Del Rey, Griffith Park, Pacific Palisades, much of the valley).
  • There is a lot of overlap in the mental perceptions of L.A.’s various undead residents, and very few agreements as to territorial borders. There are many areas, such as the Warehouse District in the southeastern corner of DTLA that are claimed by multiple parties. Similarly, Isaac Abrams would argue the exact status of Los Feliz.
  • The Camarilla has a theoretical claim to the entire length of Wilshire Boulevard, from the Financial District to Downtown Santa Monica. This has only been violently contested by the ‘Cathayans’ of Koreatown, where no Camarilla Kindred (and few Anarchs) should ever stop to get out of their car.
  • Some areas (such as Koreatown, WoD’s Chinatown, Hollywood and DTLA) are far more ‘dense’ than others. A single major neighborhood in DTLA, such as the Financial District, is more valuable than the entirety of Glendale.
  • Much of what might seem like mountains to you on the map, such as Bel Air or the Hollywood Hills, are not remotely rural. Every single ridgeline is thick with multi-million dollar homes packed along dense, winding and maze-like roads where the nocturnal habits of neighbors are ignored. They make for perfect Havens.
  • Notably, Westside Anarchs have a poor conception of territory as might be perceived on a map, but a better conception of hot spots and people. Most Westsiders are only recently beginning to understand how other Vampires treat Domain.
Blue is Camarilla | Dark Purple is Hollywood Anarchs | Light Purple is Westside Anarchs | Yellow is South Bay Anarch Confederation | Green is South L.A/South Central Anarch Confederation | Red is Sabbat

Central LA (Late 2020)

Central LA as of November 2020

Northwest LA (Late 2020)

Northwest LA as of November 2020

The Westside (Late 2020)

The Westside as of November 2020

The Southlands (Late 2020)

The Southlands as of November 2020