“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win…”

~Stephen King


I think we all remember telling ghost stories as kids. Whether around a campfire or under the blanket of a tent fort in your bedroom with a flashlight. As we grew in age we moved away from this and into reading books and watching movies of Horror written from someone else’s imagination. Sure, we may still pass down those stories we heard and shared as kids, but when was the last time you did this?

In Wraith the Oblivion (20th), you have a chance to do just that. You have the opportunity to not only tell those frightening stories to others, but you get to experience them yourself. This time, you get to be the ghost. Just imagine. One moment you are living a normal life, something happens, and you die. You won’t know it at first. Eternity seems to pass in the blink of an eye. You wake up suddenly being torn from the sack-like Caul which obscures your vision. You open your eyes to see a stranger standing over you. They offer you a hand up. You stand and when you look around, you see the necropolis for the first time. A mixture of the current city, along with buildings from the past that were no longer in the the world of the living. Everywhere you look, you see others. Wraiths, that move about performing their daily routines. Some seem mindless, reliving the last moments of their life before death. Over and over again. The others, like you, are free to roam this purgatory called the Shadowlands. You stare into the distance towards the West and see a great storm raging over the Tempest (The ocean). A deep-seated fear seems to creep up on you as you hear the wails of Spectres , the Shadow-Eaten. Those wraiths who have fallen to their darkest desires. Those who have been transformed by Oblivion. They seek to add to their ranks. They seek others. Others like you… You hear a voice in your head, telling you to do things.  Things that you normally wouldn’t do. Do you give in?

Welcome to Wraith the Oblivion.