Character Growth

Wraith Costs:

  • Attribute: Current rating x4
  • New Ability: 3
  • Ability: Current rating x2
  • New Arcanos: 7
  • Arcanos: Current rating x3
  • Initiate Arcanos: per WtO 20th p 146
    • Each Guild has traditional allies. Over the centuries, these relationships have disseminated lesson plans and initiate arts outside the originating guilds. Mechanically speaking, this means Status in a given guild also grants limited access to the guild instruction and initiate arts of two other guilds. When seeking Guild instruction in an allied Guild’s Arcanos, a wraith’s Status in the allied Guild is considered to be two dots lower than her actual Status in her own Guild. For example, a character with Status (Harbingers’ Guild) 4 is considered to have Status (Artificers’ Guild) 2 and Status (Oracles’ Guild) 2 only for the purpose of Guild instruction in Inhabit and Fatalism.
    • Primary Guild :: Allied Guilds
      Alchemists (Flux) :: Artificers (Inhabit), Proctors (Embody)
      Artificers (Inhabit) :: Harbingers (Argos), Alchemists (Flux)
      Chanteurs (Keening) :: Sandmen (Phantasm), Proctors (Embody)
      Harbingers (Argos) :: Artificers (Inhabit), Oracles (Fatalism)
      Haunters (Pandemonium) :: Spooks (Outrage), Mnemoi (Mnemosynis)
      Masquers (Moliate) :: Usurers (Usury), Sandmen (Phantasm)
      Mnemoi (Mnemosynis) :: Pardoners (Castigate), Haunters (Pandemonium)
      Monitors (Lifeweb) :: Puppeteers (Puppetry), Solicitors (Intimation)
      Oracles (Fatalism) :: Harbingers (Argos), Usurers (Usury)
      Pardoners (Castigate) :: Solicitors (Intimation), Mnemoi (Mnemosynis)
      Proctors (Embody) :: Alchemists (Flux), Chanteurs (Keening)
      Puppeteers (Puppetry) :: Monitors (Lifeweb), Spooks (Outrage)
      Sandmen (Phantasm) :: Chanteurs (Keening), Masquers (Moliate)
      Solicitors (Intimation) :: Pardoners (Castigate), Monitors (Lifeweb)
      Spooks (Outrage) :: Haunters (Pandemonium), Puppeteers (Puppetry)
      Usurers (Usury) :: Masquers (Moliate), Oracles (Fatalism)
  • Willpower: GENERAL HOUSE RULE: 10 points per dot
  • New Passion: 3
  • Passion: Current rating x3
  • New Fetter: Desired rating x3
  • Fetter: Current rating x3
  • New Background: 4
  • Backgrounds GENERAL HOUSE RULE: 5 per dot
  • Willpower GENERAL HOUSE RULE: 10 points per dot
  • Pathos: Current rating x3 (Pathos is limited to a MAX of 10)

Shadow Costs:

  • Thorns: Original Thorn Cost
  • Angst: Current Rating
  • New Dark Passion: 2
  • Dark Passion: Current Rating x2