Wraith Creation

To make things easier with character creation, we have added a step-process to guide you through it. Please feel free to ask for help if you need it! Also, we assume that you have a copy of Wraith the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition. If you do not, please let us know and we can direct you to where you can find one.

Step 1: Set your character’s REAL name and BIRTHDATE. (example: 26 November 1981)

Step 2: Set your character’s SPLAT. (example: Wraith)

Step 3: Set your character’s CONCEPT.

Step 4: Set your character’s NATURE and DEMEANOR.

Step 5: Set your character’s FACTION. (Guilds, Hierarchy, Renegades, or Doomslayers)

Step 6: Set your character’s SUBFACTION. (Guilds and Hierarchy ONLY.) (Which Guild or Legion do you belong to?)

Step 7: Set your character’s DEATH. (How did you die? Accident, Murder, etc.)

Step 8: Set your character’s REGRET. (example: Never got to see my kids grow up.)

Step 9: Based on the concept, assign your character’s ATTRIBUTES. You have 7/5/3 to place where your character is strongest to weakest. (Example: 5 dots to assign in Physical Attributes, 7 assigned to Social, and 3 to Mental.)

Step 10: Based on the concept, assign your character’s ABILITIES. You have 13/9/5 to place where your character is strongest to weakest. (Example: 5 dots to assign in Talents, 9 assigned to Skills, and 13 to Knowledges.)

Step 11: Choose ARCANOI. You have 5 points.

Step 12: Choose BACKGROUNDS. You have 7 points. (Please try to base this on your concept.)

Step 13: Choose and NOTE your PASSIONS. You have 10 points. (Cannot be rated higher than 5.) (example: Protect my fetters. (Fear) 5.)

Step 14: Choose and NOTE your FETTERS. You have 10 points. (Cannot be rated higher than 5.) (example: The gun that I used to take my own life. 5.)

Step 15: Set your starting PATHOS. (5 + Memoriam background.)

Step 16: Set your starting WILLPOWER. (5.)

Step 17: Spend your FREEBIE POINTS. You have 15 to assign.


  • Attributes: 5 per dot
  • Arcanoi: 5 per dot
  • Willpower 2 per dot (House Rule)
  • Abilities: 2 per dot
  • Passions: 2 per dot
  • Backgrounds: 1 per dot
  • Fetters: 1 per dot
  • Pathos: 1 per 2 dots

Step 18: Set Notes on Shadow. This is broken down for ease.

A. Choose your Shadow ARCHETYPE. (example: The Monster)

B. Record your Shadow PERMANENT ANGST. (This will be handled via Rolls with staff, per W20 Shadow Creation rules WtO20 p 230 – roll a number of dice equivalent to the wraith’s Willpower against difficulty 6. The number of successes indicates the number of permanent Angst points the wraith starts play with. ).

C. Record your Shadow TEMPORARY ANGST. (Will be 0)

D. Choose your Shadow DARK PASSIONS. (Same process as PASSIONS above, but should be somewhat opposite.)

E. Spend your Shadow FREEBIE POINTS. You have 10 points.


  • Angst: 1 per 2 dots (Can be either Temporary or Permanent Angst) (Permanent cannot exceed Willpower)
  • Dark Passions: 2 per dot (Cannot exceed highest value of PASSIONS)
  • Thorns: See link below. (Cost varies)

F. Adjust notes accordingly.

Step 19: Set all NOTES. (Required for backgrounds, merits, flaws, starting equipment, anything important.)

Step 20: Set your &LOWPENDESC me= as your wraith description. Leave your @DESC blank.

Step 21: Set your BACKSTORY.

Step 22: SUBMIT your character for approval.

Note: While waiting on approval, take this time to read through the book and get familiar with the MU* commands. Please, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help!

Tier Character Creation Guidelines

Here on Liberation MUSH we acknowledge that some players enjoy taking the lead and others taking concepts that all-too often are the pivotal-yet-ignored concept, be it because it doesn’t give enough glam or that it cuts them out of rp. Therefore, this little guide will help you in deciding whether or not you are up to snuff in making a Tier’ed character. Here is how Wraith sphere establishes the Tiers:

TIER 3 Characters – Lemures/Experienced Agents

Tier 3 characters are those who have been around the block for a while – the established lemure or the operative who has seen their fair share of sh**. Tier 3 cannot be applied for, but is the result of an excellent concept and submission that your Local Funeral Director feels warranted to put some grit under their skin.

Tier 2 Characters – Gaunts/Weathered Agents

Your character has been around, not just a while…but a good time. The wraith who is starting to count their age with 3 numbers, or the operative who has been with the company since it’s inception and is beginning to suffer under the strain. Tier 2 characters are leaders, meaning they will take a prominent second-hand role in the storytelling of the sphere they are in – be it small ops or one-shots for either their group or! (if you are lucky) another group. This includes Guildmasters, Centurions, Gang and Cult leaders. Among the living agents of Orpheus, this is your middle-management or the operative who has been pulled to lead a new fresh crucible right out of training. Tier 2 characters are likely to become Producers, given their knowledge of their chosen system and their time allowance. We have lives. I won’t rob you of yours.


Tier 1 characters on Liberation Mush are the tippy top of the totem pole. For Wraith this includes Anacreons, Regional commanders of the Doomslayers, major league Renegade leaders or Cult leaders. Orpheus would have you behind a desk working either as a Branch Manager or, hey, even a Director of a major branch.

The setting of Wraith here on Liberation MUSH involves the absence of such major players. There aren’t supposed to be Anacreons or regional commanders or major leaguers. Therefore at this time Tier 1 Concepts are Closed. This may change as the narrative develops and Tier 1 characters begin to become possible.

The Dead’s Guide to Tier submissions
    1. Make your character as if making a standard character with no bonus.
      1. Remember, Tier rewards grant experience to your character – meaning that the experience will build on what is already there. Making your character with all the big stuff paid for to the point that Tier XP is required to flesh everything out? Is not going to add points in your favor. Make a standard character, add XP afterward. Easy peasy.
  1. 2. When you are ready for approval, add a comment that your application is seeking Tier approval (at this time, 3). 2 is a reward and cannot be asked for. Asking for it will have you nuked from orbit.

3. Character stats will be based on backstory only.

Wraith is about the story of your last chance, and that is best reflected in a character that reflects that story. If a concept or backstory doesn’t reflect stats (a computer programmer with Str 5/Sta 5) or a non-academic with Int 5/wits 5 will be denied. The dots must make sense. Remember, you are the wheat among the chaff with a Tier’ed character. Do your sphere proud.

4. If approved for Tier XP, your character will be approved before XP is rewarded.

Your approval request will also serve as your XP bank. If approved, your Local Funeral Director will let you know how much rewards you receive pending your Tier level. Then, simply add a comment in the job your XP allotment. Your Local Funeral Director will stat it for you. Easy peasy.

    1. Tier XP cannot be used to buy off level 1 attributes.

If you have a 1 in an attribute, that is a pertinent flaw of the character and not something that can be bought with XP at the Tier stage. It will haunt you for a time as you overcome your obstacle.

2. Tier XP counts towards Arcanos caps

You have 15 (5 starting+10) Arcanos that you can learn without a teacher. Tier XP uses these spots.

3. Tier XP expenditures require the same justification as if you were buying them in game.

I am one of those storytellers that enjoys watching character’s grow, not spontaneously evolve like a Pokemon after reaching a certain level. If you raise stats to a phenomenal level (4-5), I will ask where you learned it from, how you learned to master it, and may ask you to reflect that with other purchases (such as backgrounds or taking flaws to reflect your journey to mastery).


Wraith XP Spending


Wraith Backgrounds

Wraith Merits & Flaws