We use World of Darkness 20th Anniversary edition rules for the game lines.

House Rules are currently WIP.

Affiliate links

Here is a list of WoD 20th books with affiliate links supporting the site.

Character Creation

The following links are intended to get you up and running:

CHARGEN: All/Mortal
CHARGEN: Changeling
CHARGEN: Vampire
CHARGEN: Werewolf

Experience Costs

Here are charts with XP costs for various spheres.


Here is a list of all currently approved Archetypes taken from 20th Edition corebooks.


Many of the Backgrounds on LiberationMUSH have been given a unique spin, or some added flavor.

Merits & Flaws

Here’s a sorted table of many of the Merits and Flaws we use on Liberation, many of which are house ruled.

House Rules

Some of these are more of a WIP than others.

Influence System – An overview of the Influence system used here.
House Rules: General – An overview of House Rules which apply to all characters.
House Rules: Changeling – Specific House Rules for changelings.
House Rules: Mage – Specific House Rules for mages.
House Rules: Vampire – Specific House Rules for vampires.
House Rules: Werewolf – Specific House Rules for shifters.
House Rules: Wraith – Specific House Rules for wraiths.


There have been several maps made to help players navigate Los Angeles.