General House Rules

These are House Rules which apply to all characters.


Awareness is often a big deal on World of Darkness MUSHes. We handle it in a special way here. +bbread 2/13.

Character Creation

  • All Abilities and Secondary Abilities cost the same to raise, and may not be raised past 3 at character creation except with freebie points (see below).
  • All Abilities & Secondary Abilities cost 1 freebie point per dot, up until level 3. They cost 2 freebie points per dot to raise above 3.

  • Supernatural Characters are restricted to 10 dots of Merits both during and after character creation.
    • The Language Merit does not count against your 10 dot limit.
    • You might qualify for a free Language Merit dot. +bbread 2/16.
  • Willpower costs 2 freebie points per dot, and may not be raised in chargen more than three dots above your starting Willpower rating.
  • You will eventually have to +note various things related to our game’s house ruled specialties and influence system. This is not a prerequisite of being approved. It is merely a prerequisite for benefiting from the game’s Influence and Specialties system. You may even allocate mundane Background points to placeholders, initially.

Experience Costs

  • Willpower costs a flat 10 XP per dot to raise.
  • Backgrounds and Merits cost a flat 5 XP per dot to purchase.
    • Some Backgrounds are more difficult than others to increase after chargen, such as Resources.
    • Some Merits are restricted from being taken after chargen, such as the Kinfolk, Kinain or Unbondable Merits. These are typically noted in the 20th Edition book that they’re drawn from.
    • At your Director’s discretion, Flaws can be bought off at a rate of 5 XP per dot. Very rarely, the profundity of IC events might enable them to be removed for free.
  • Experience spends are not automatically approved here. They must be justified to and approved by a Director, not unlike as if you were playing a tabletop game.

Other House Rules

Some of these are more of a WIP than others.

House Rules: Changeling – Specific House Rules for changelings.
House Rules: Mage – Specific House Rules for mages.
House Rules: Vampire – Specific House Rules for vampires.
House Rules: Werewolf – Specific House Rules for shifters.
House Rules: Wraith – Specific House Rules for wraiths.