Experience Costs

General Experience Costs

AttributeCurrent rating x 4
New Ability3
AbilityCurrent rating x 2
Background5 per dot (HR)
Merit5 per dot (HR)
Willpower10 per dot (HR)

Numina Experience Costs

New Path7
PathNew rating x 7*
RitualRitual level in XP * 2
New Psychic Phenomena7
Psychic PhenomenaNew rating x 7*

Changeling Experience Costs

ArtCurrent rating x 4
New Art7
RealmCurrent Rating x 3
New Realm5
GlamourCurrent rating x 3

Mage Experience Costs

New Sphere10
Affinity SphereCurrent rating x 7
Other SphereCurrent rating x 8
AreteCurrent rating x 8
Special Advantages5 per dot (HR)
Charms5 per dot (HR)

Vampire Experience Costs

New Discipline10
Clan DisciplineCurrent rating x 5*
Out-of-Clan DisciplineCurrent rating x 7*
New Path (Necromancy or Blood Magic)7
Secondary PathCurrent rating x 4
VirtueCurrent rating x 2**
Humanity/Path of EnlightenmentCurrent rating x 2
* Caitiff have no Clan-based Disciplines – the cost of raising all Disciplines for them is x 6.
** Increasing a Virtue through experience does not increase Traits based on that Virtue (e.g., Humanity

Werewolf Experience Costs

Affinity Gift (Breed, auspice, tribe)Level of Gift x 3
Non-Affinity GiftLevel of Gift x 5
RageCurrent rating
GnosisCurrent rating x 2

Wraith Experience Costs

New Arcanos7
ArcanosCurrent rating x 3
New Passion3
PassionCurrent rating x 3
New FetterDesired rating x 3
FetterCurrent rating x 3
PathosCurrent rating x 3
ThornsOriginal Thorn cost
AngstCurrent rating
New Dark Passion2
Dark PassionCurrent rating x 2