The Daughters of the Scythe


Stygia, or Charon specifically, err’ed when creating the Hierarchy. In death, there should be no pecking order because pecking orders are living constructs created by Men. All are equal in the eyes of Death and that should be made the First Law.

The Daughters (men can join too), are feminist human rights activists. When you die, the LEAST life can do is shrug off all those stratifying labels for you. The Daughters believe that everyone, from the tippy-top on down, are equal in the eyes of Death. They disdain the use of Thralls, bristle at the slave trade, and never Soulforge souls ‘who might not be good enough’. Soulforging is a death sentence, but it robs Oblivion of souls to better society – not something you inflict on someone due to a fleeting judgement of character.


For those who enjoy the Hierarchy but none of the leashes it lashes on you, the Daughters have something going. The strongest Renegade group in LA, the Daughters function like a very chaotic charity org/NGO and are organized similarly. They have a bureaucracy that gives them an edge in disseminating information, organizing resources, and using them to defend the cells under their banner. THE LA UNDERDOG, the premiere newspaper of the LA restless, is published by the Daughters of the Scythe.

The highest position in the Daughters is the Handmaiden, a term taken from the Lady of Fate’s personal handmaidens and meant to symbolize the organization’s beliefs as the true heirs of tending to the afterlife. The Handmaiden is elected for “afterlife”, and the current handmaiden is the same that was first elected when the Gang was created in 1932.

Renegade Cells enact the will of the org. Like the activists the gang is partially inspired by, partially created from, Renegade Cells free thralls, destroy slaver gangs and shake the walls of Whitley Heights of how everyone in the Hierarchy are merely souls in a compassionless machine. Now that Stygia is gone there is no reason to cling to the machine that no longer even does the things it was good at, let alone all the bad that it did.

Everyone has a voice in the Daughters of the Scythe, from the Cell member to the paperpusher. The Handmaiden is not more special than the spook that guards the door. Among the Daughters, we’re all in it together.


Having your haunt be in Daughter-controlled territory is a mixed blessing. While not as safe as the domains around Whitley Heights, the Daughters do have cells that keep the riff-raff back as much as possible. The problem of course is that for their talk of equality, they have little in the way of authority. So Daughter-controlled territory is very much an anarchic place to be, their only weapon is peer pressure (who would start something in front of a Cell?).

If you want perks though, you best pay your dues. That’s right. The Daughters’ tax their freewraith residents within their territory. They don’t just take Obolus. Relics, /stuff/ (the more useful the better) can also be given to fill the coffers of the Daughter’s piggybank. That way they can use it to reinforce Haunts and perform what able infrastructure they can to fight off the terrors of the Shadowlands. If you pay dues? Then things change. Those Cells that cater to peer pressure? Outright attack anyone who is bugging you. Especially if you are a woman (and your aggressor is a man), the Daughters can be very inventive.