The Heretics




Rembrandt is hard to miss. He stands at about 6’9-7’1, and where the inches go no one knows. He dresses in zoot suits and wears a porcelain mask along with a straw hat leaving only ratty black hair visible underneath. Get a close look at his neck and one might find that his throat drips plasm from a garrote wound.

As one might expect, Rembrandt is all arms and legs. Literally. Contrary to most Puppeteers, Rembrandt does not exhibit the mnemonic tics of upteen dozen skinridden habits making him actually tolerable to talk to without weirding people out. He does however carry a veneer of gravitas and is entirely respectable.


One might not guess that the sole journalist of the LA Underdog is Tommy. This African-American kid seems to have all the traits one would want – good looks, a sharp wit, a bit of charm. A dogged investigative nose. Why someone like Tommy carries the brand of the Silent Legion on their neck and why plasm dribbles from the corners of his mouth from time to time and his eyes are constantly bloodshot would be rude to ask.

Tommy is 5’7″, a bit shorter than average and dresses as he did in life – jeans and hoodies. He carries a few trinkets to help him sniff for clues, like a crystal he wears around his neck or some bones to toss and consider. While not exceptionally strong, Tommy is very interconnected across LA – having contacts with at least someone from every major player in the city. How he juggles these myriad contacts is anyone’s guess. Tommy certainly doesn’t tell (anonymous sources!).