Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that might help people, in no particular order.

Pose Breaks

&speech_suffix me=if(!isooc(loc(%3)),%x0xe2────[repeat(─,strlen(cname(%3)))]────────────────%xn)
&speech_prefix me=if(!isooc(loc(%3)),%x0xe2───<%xn%xh[cname(%3)]%xn%x0xe2>───────────────%xn)

e2 is the color this example uses. You can pick any color you want from +palette.

If you get question marks or such, it’s because either your client doesn’t support Unicode UTF-8 text, it’s not configured to support it (most likely) or it’s not toggled on in-game. You can learn more about UTF-8 by typing +help utf8.

If nothing else works, use this pose break instead:

&speech_suffix me=if(!isooc(loc(%3)),%x0xe2----[repeat(-,strlen(cname(%3)))]----------------%xn)
&speech_prefix me=if(!isooc(loc(%3)),%x0xe2---<%xn%xh[cname(%3)]%xn%x0xe2>---------------%xn)

Mdesc Basics

Change the parts in blue to the name of the outfit you’re descing.

Change the part in red to the desc you want.

Change the part in yellow to the short desc you want.

+mdesc/text work=Brian is a tall man in a suit and tie wearing loafers.
+mdesc/desc work=general/work
+mdesc/short work= (optional short desc, i.e 'A tall man in a suit)

+mdesc/text casual=Brian is a tall man in a tank top and sweatpants.
+mdesc/desc casual=general/casual
+mdesc/short casual=A tall man in sweats (whatever)

Shifter descs operate similarly:

+mdesc/text homid=(your normal human long description)
+mdesc/desc homid=general/homid
+mdesc/short homid=(your normal human short description)
+shift/mdesc homid=homid

+mdesc/text lupus=A big scary wolf with yellow eyes. Awoo!
+mdesc/desc lupus=general/lupus
+mdesc/short lupus=A wolf.
+shift/mdesc lupus=lupus

Building & Homes

  • Don’t format the beginning or end of room descs (i.e., %r%t etc)
  • You can set your home with +home/link
  • You can set locks on any exits you own with +help +exits. You can give out keys or set it to only a particular faction.
  • You can find an apartment with +hangout/type lodging. It’ll give a list of apartment buildings (there might be more on grid not found here). I can make you an apartment in any of them.
  • You can see what you own by typing +build/owned
  • Players can’t set themselves unfindable on Liberation, but they can set the rooms of their building projects unfindable. Everyone is entitled to an unfindable bedroom or gazebo as it were.
  • Every grid room where a player’s build project might be linked has a Resource rating. That’s intended to give the average Resource rating for the average resident. Note that the average NPC Resident of Los Angeles (And IRL) also has the Debts Flaw to help them finance their homes. If a Resource rating has + at the end, (like 3+), then that means the average household has an income of at least two providers, each making around Resources 3.
    • Higher Resource rooms are better patrolled by local law enforcement.

How to not mav

How to not send pages to random channels:

To see all the aliases you have for different channels, type: comlist

Then type delcom on all of them, for example:

delcom pub

Once you've removed all of them, the only way to send to a channel (such as Public) will be to type +Public. With the plus sign.

How to not send pages to the wrong person:

if you don't want the game to automatically page the last person you paged due to a typo, type this:

@toggle me=!MUXPAGE

That specific 'feature' is then turned off. That's all MUXPAGE does.

Turn off channel notifications/mute channels

  • comnotify/off +all – You will no longer be notified when people log in or log out.
  • If you want to temporarily quiet a channel, you can +mute a channel. You can +unmute at any time. Otherwise, it’ll automatically unmute the next time you log back in.
    • +Mute all also works.
  • You can silently leave a channel (i.e., ‘pub off’) at any time.

Easy +requests

You can ordinarily submit a specific request for assistance using +request/help. If that seems too complicated, you can also just do the following:

+request <title>=<text>

It will default to the Sphere bucket for your immediate Director, instead of having to specify creating and category.

Pasting & reading logs

Go to this link:

You must be logged into the wiki to both create and read pastes.

Get more XP

Using the +LFRP flag (see +help lfrp) will potentially double the rate gain for the first 100 vote/idle XP you earn on grid, provided you’re roleplaying with others in a public space.

Note that it will make you findable regardless of your location and isn’t appropriate for private locations.

Raise your stats

Please +bbread 1/27 for an entirely too-thorough review of the philosophy we follow here for stat raises. This philosophy, while onerous to some, is intended to provide the game with as much longevity as possible, to give players the most satisfying and immersive storytelling experience, and to help the character-defining choices in their chargen and backstory stay relevant.

Liberation is set in the World of Darkness – not in real life

You can see what the current time is with +time (it’s roughly 17-18 months behind RL). And you can get an idea of what events happened in our timeline and which didn’t, via +bbread 10/12.