Chantries / Constructs


Chantries and Constructs are at the heart of Mage role play at Liberation. A Technocrat’s assigned construct is where one reports to work, requisitions equipment, receives missions, gives reports, and makes plans to save humanity from peril. The Construct is the monument to, and hive of, the bureaucracy that keeps the Union as a living organization.

In the case of the Traditions, there is no central hierarchy. There are nine distinct Traditions, each with their own beliefs, their own laws, and their own social norms. It is only through local Chantries and Cabals that the Traditions have any sense of shared community at all. Without Chantries, there would be no single faction of the Traditions, as loose and fragmented as they are.

And so, here are the currently active feature Chantries and Constructs on Liberation. They are all mixed-Tradition/mixed-Convention. In the case of the Traditions Chantries, they tend to have certain Traditions in prominent and founding roles. But in theory, any member of any Tradition can join any feature Chantry.

There may be additional player-created Chantries on grid. Ask around in game.

This is a map of Downtown Los Angeles and surroundings, depicting the locations of Chantries and Constructs

Technocratic Union

Foundation Construct Alpha Two

Foundation Construct Alpha Two (FCA2) is a known stronghold below the famed One Wilshire telecommunications trunk in Los Angeles. Its only PC Amalgam QRC is led by (Status 4) Administrator, who delegates tasking to faceless T0s and T1s. Other Amalgams toil within the region and report their successes/failures to FCA2 and frequently submit requests for provisions. FCA2 has become something of a ‘giving tree’, which serves the greater region at the expense of being able to hold any resources for itself.

Led by one Administrator sitting beneath the heart of Los Angeles’s Internet infrastructure in downtown Los Angeles, FCA2 is attempting to resume surveillance of the Los Angeles Area. Its new flagship Amalgam is the Quick Reaction Capability (QRC), seeking and attuning Reality Deviant problems in the region.

Council of Nine Mystic Traditions

Ascension Lodge

Ascension Lodge is a university campus nestled in the Hollywood Dell. Boasting of a massive library in the Atheneum, and a Tower lodging many faculty offices and cells, it is a hub of the Order of Hermes in Los Angeles. Founded by Gregory Temple bani Fortunae and Marjorie Prince bani Jerbiton, The Lodge rose with the wild heyday of old Hollywood, descended into a ruin of drug-addled orgies in the 70s, but has been revived in the present day. Mages new and old have come to rebuild the once-great institution.

Prince ended up going mad, kidnapping and killing Temple in a deranged ritual in a pocket realm in the hopes of awakening the Conquering Child’s brood to overrun the Los Angeles Area. The Lodge’s reputation will recover, but it will take some effort. And the new generation of Mages is certainly up to the task, having rebuilt the Tower, hired new leadership, awakened a new Node, and recovered its heirloom wonder, the Orrery.

Glendale Tool Company

In the Tropico neighborhood of Glendale, Dr. Nash Smith (Sons of Ether, Utopian League) founded the Glendale Tool Company (GTC) to capitalize on the post-Storm lull in the Ascension War. Operating openly as a 501(c)3 non-profit think tank, the GTC engages in a variety of activities to try to influence the Consensus. GTC members consult on public service projects, tutor teenagers in math and science, host epic fireworks shows, launch subversive cryptocurrencies, and engage on social and streaming media.

Funded by Harold Montague’s Glendale Tool Trust, the GTC is the leading front of the ephemeral Phantom Current confederation of Virtual Adept and Sons of Ether cabals and chantries. It is also, beneath the surface, a chantry gearing for open warfare in the confines of its massive hangar, which once built Montague Aerospace etherships before the Storm.

Respect Community Center

After the Los Angeles riots culminated a rise in shocking violence between Los Angeles’s Black and Korean communities, Amos Williams (Spirit Forge Dreamspeaker) from South Central and Mi-Sook “Missy” Park (Akashic of the Sulsa school) from Koreatown founded the Respect Community Center (RCC) in Arlington Heights. Hidden in plain sight in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles, right between Koreatown and South Central, the RCC reaches out to the youth of the both sides, trying to teach tolerance, life skill, and most importantly, respect for others and for self.

The death of Missy after a long and respected life, along with Amos himself reaching old age, has seen Respect reach out for new blood to keep the project alive. Its nondescript building primarily teaches martial arts and trade skills such as auto repair and metal work.

Virgens de Los Angeles

Founded by a triumvirate of service-conscious Mages, Virgens de Los Angeles serves the poor of Los Angeles. Sitting in the Good Shepherd soup kitchen in Boyle Heights, it reaches into Skid Row, attempting to shape it into a Reality Zone that enables the Mages to do good works.

However most of the old guard have sought retirement, leaving just Sister Maria Alvarez (Celestial Chorus) to step back as an “Elder,” while new young leaders come in to address new threats. When Skid Row can be devastated by a huge corporation, feeding the poor is not enough to help those most in need.

It has sadly, recently been destroyed.

The Vanguard

Smash the Technocratic state. Smash capitalism. Save the world.

A mysterious immigrant Sahajiya builds an underground anarcho-magickal movement near DTLA. How will its story be written?