Senator Pat Geary: “I despise your masquerade, the dishonest way you pose yourself. You and your whole fucking family.”Michael Corleone: “We’re both part of the same hypocrisy, senator, but never think it applies to my family.”

-Michael Corleone, The Godfather: Part II

Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence

Merits & Flaws:

For more information about these Giovanni Merits and Flaws, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 106.

Cannibal (1 pt. Physical merit) – Kindred who watch you sit down and eat a nice sizzling “pork chop” get REALLY uncomfortable.

Consanguineous Resistance (1 pt. Supernatural merit) – You have resistance to being blood bound by Giovanni in your own family line.

Mortuario (2 or 4 pt. Supernatural Merit) – You were embraced after having died a natural death through the power of Necromancy.

Sanguine Incongruity (5 pt. Merit) – Instead of having Lamia’s Kiss, you look like an ashen corpse. Why this makes la famiglia uncomfortable, who knows…?

Inbred (1-5 pt. Physical or Mental Flaw) – Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Ew.

Shadow Walker (6 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – You are dual-natured, existing in both the world of the living and the Shadowlands.

Combination Disciplines:

For more information about the following Giovanni combination disciplines, see Lore of the Clans pg. 107.

Eyes of a Thousand Shades (Auspex O, Necromancy OOO) – Ghosts are everywhere, and you can see what they see and hear what they hear. (12 XP)

Sharing the Master’s Vigor (Dominate OOOOO, Necromancy (Bone Path) OOO) – You can give Zombies you raise a measure of your own Kindred power. (24 XP)

Additional Backgrounds:

Out of all the Necromancers among the Kindred, the Giovanni are the most entrenched. They have the most artifacts of Necromantic power, and more willing and unwilling wraiths in their service than any other group of Kindred necromancers in the World of Darkness. To reflect this, Giovanni can take the Memento di Morte and Spirit Slaves backgrounds. See Lore of the Clans pg. 107 for more information.

Necromancy Rituals:

For more information on these proprietary Necromancy rituals, see Lore of the Clans pg. 108.

Death’s Communion (Level 1 Ritual) – By engaging in a Black Mass, the Giovanni gains additional Necromantic power.

The Ferryman’s Recall (Level 5 Ritual) – The Giovanni uses Necromancy to embrace someone who has died a natural death, drawing them back to this world.

Giovanni Revenants:

The Giovanni have, through enthusiasm, achieved what the Tzimisce and other Kindred brought about through careful breeding – they’ve incepted a revenant line within their own family. Giovanni revenants are always single-blooded Giovanni – favored, pampered, spoiled, given the best of everything… thought not always the first choice for embrace, because they have a gift and they need to pass it along as often as possible within the family. (Gross.)

Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence

Weakness: All Giovanni revenants must take at least 1 point of the Inbred flaw, though they gain points for it normally. Most have more.