The fire seven times tried this,Seven times tried that judgment is,That did never choose amiss.Some there be that shadows kiss.Such have but a shadow’s bliss.

-William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Sect: Sabbat, (Rare) Camarilla

Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Merits & Flaws:

For full writeups of the Lasombra-specific Merits & Flaws, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 121.

Court Favorite (1-5 pt. Social Merit) – You are skilled at the workings of the Lasombra Courts of Blood and have a knack for getting decisions favorable to you.

Eyes of Shadow (1 pt. Supernatural Merit) – To meet your gaze is to stare into the Abyss.

Bigger Boys Came (2 pt. Social Merit) – You may use your Contacts background aggressively to prevent someone else from using theirs.

Call of the Sea (2 pt. Mental Merit) – The sea, she calls to you.

Comfortable Night Sight (2 pt. Physical Merit) – You can see in the dark.

Secret Stash (2-5 Point Social Merit) – You have Background points sitting “in reserve” which when you cash them in instantly and permanently become Background dots on your sheet.

Aura of Command (3 pt. Social Merit) – You have a knack for commanding others.

King or Queen of Shadow (4 pt. Mental Merit) – You are better able to stay humane, even among the Sabbat.

Long-Term Planning (4 pt. Mental Merit) – You’re always one step ahead of the game.

Instrument of God (5 pt. Supernatural Merit) – You are better able to withstand the force of True Faith.

Uncontrollable Night Sight (2 pt. Physical Flaw) – You see well in the dark. Can’t see shit in the light, though.

Insubordinate (3 pt. Mental Flaw) – You just cannot follow orders someone else gives you.

Unproven (3 pt. Social Flaw) – Other Lasombra look down on you.

Combination Disciplines:

For full writeups of these combination discipline powers, see Lore of the Clans pg. 124.

Armor of the Abyss (Fortitude OOO, Obtenebration OOO) – Spin the darkness into tangible armor. (18 XP)

Empower Minion (Dominate OOO, Potence OOO) – Empower a servant. (18 XP)

Fear of the Dark (Obtenebration OO, Presence OO) – Spin shadows into the stuff of nightmares. (12 XP)

Mind Strike (Dominate OO, Potence OO) – Strike an enemy with a psychic attack. (12 XP)

Shroud of Absence (Obfuscate OOO, Obtenebration OOO) – Veil an area in forgetful darkness. (18 XP)

Abyss Mysticism:

Some Lasombra do more than merely draw on the Abyss – they study it, and spin its power into rituals of (literal) black magic. Abyss Mystics are mistrusted even by their clanmates and many of their rituals have serious drawbacks, but some Keepers will make any sacrifice for power. For more information on these Abyss Mysticism rituals, see Lore of the Clans pg. 125 and Rites of the Blood pg. 37. Note that unlike most blood magic rituals, Abyss Mysticism rituals have an XP point cost of 3 x Level – you can’t pick them up from a book, you have to print them on your very soul.

Kiasyd may choose to become Abyss Mystics. The Lasombra have tried to keep these secrets out of their hands, but trying to get between a Weirdling and Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know is largely wasted effort.

Light Within Shadow (Level One Ritual) – Gain the power to see in blackest darkness.

Comforting Darkness (Level Two Ritual) – Use the Abyss to heal damage.

Claiming the Dark (Level Three Ritual) – Draw the Abyss into yourself for shadowy power.

Vision of Shadow (Level Four Ritual) – All darkness is one darkness; use the Abyss to scry on enemies.

Commune with the Abyss (Level Five Ritual) – They say the Abyss knows all secrets. Ask it your questions; it might answer.