We’re ugly, we’re ugly as sinBut beautiful’s out, ugly’s inIf you’re ugly like me, you’re in good companyThere are millions of us who’re uglyTHERE ARE MILLIONS OF US WHO’RE UGLY

-Jim Henson, “The Ugly Song”

Sect: Anarch, Camarilla, Sabbat (Nosferatu Antitribu)

Nosferatu and the Sects:

One of the secret strengths of the Nosferatu is that they trade information across sect lines. This isn’t exactly dual allegiance (though if anyone was going to do it…). A Nosferatu needs to be aware of the attitudes and allegiances of his clanmates. For instance, a lot of Nosferatu Antitribu aren’t big fans of Calebros. But the sides talk, and a Creep might be able to get backup from the local Sewer Rats or vice-versa. They don’t all live in one Big Happy Warrens, though, especially not in L.A.

Merits & Flaws:

For more information about these Nosferatu Merits and Flaws, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 160,

Foul Blood (1 pt. Supernatural Merit) – Yo blood is SO NASTY that you put it in the vaulderie cup and the cup PUKED.

Lizard Limbs (1 pt. Physical Merit) – You have easily detachable limbs.

Long Fingers (1 pt. Physical Merit) – You have unusually long, nimble fingers.

Monstrous Maw (1 pt. Physical Merit) – You have a bestial, lethal mouth.

Piscine (1 pt. Physical Merit) – Your nosferatu deformities make you a natural swimmer.

Slimy (1 pt. Physical Merit) – Please don’t stand on the carpet.

Spawning Pool (1 -3 pt. General Merit) – You either have your own Spawning Pool or help tend one for the Warrens.

Tunnel Rat (1-5 pt. Mental Merit) – You are especially adept at moving through the underground.

Sleep Unseen (2 pt. Supernatural Merit) – You can use Obfuscate to hide yourself during the daysleep.

Tough Hide (2 pt. Physical Merit) – You have unnaturally thick and tough skin.

False Reflection (3 pt. Supernatural Merit) – Your Obfuscate affects recordings and photographs… at least for awhile.

Patagia (4 pt. Physical Merit) – You have flaps of skin that let you glide through the air.

Rugged Bad Looks (5 pt. Physical Merit) – You are merely so ugly that people recoil in horror, not so ugly that people say ‘that isn’t human’.

Stench (1 pt. Physical Flaw) – You smell like someone pooped in a grease trap at Canada’s Wonderland.

Dangerous Secret (1-5 pt. Social Flaw) – You learned something you weren’t supposed to know, something bad, so bad you’re not even sure who you can tell without putting yourself and others in danger. And what’s worse, someone knows there was a leak and they may not know you know, but how long will it be until they do?

Anosmia (2 pt. Physical Flaw) – You have no sense of taste or smell.

Parasitic Infestation (2 pt. Physical Flaw) – You are infested with ghouled parasites.

Bestial (3 pt. Supernatural flaw) – You have the Gangrel clan weakness in addition to the Nosferatu weakness. On the upside, this may allow you to purchase certain Clan Merits with Experience. Ask your ST.

Enemy Brood (3 pt. Social Flaw) – You made an enemy of another group of Nosferatu, who hound you endlessly.

Putrescent (4 pt. Physical Flaw) – Most Kindred don’t rot. But you do. Please don’t stand on the carpet, you’re shedding bits.

Contagious (5 pt. Physical Flaw) – You’re the most loathed kind of Nosferatu, a plaguebearer. You’re especially hated in L.A., where a Nosferatu just like you started a cult that did a lot of damage two decades ago.

Incoherent (5 pt. Physical Flaw) – You’re physically incapable of human speech and must communicate through sign or other means.

Combination Disciplines:

For more information about these combination disciplines, see Lore of the Clans pg. 164.

Bestial Presence (Animalism OOO, Obfuscate OOO) – Summon a phantom that causes unease among other Kindred and inflames their Beasts. (18 XP)

Cloak the Beast (Animalism OOOOO, Obfuscate OOO) – Shield yourself from attempts to discern your proximity to the Beast. (24 XP)

Forbidden Zone (Obfuscate OOOOO, Potence OOO) – Create a psychic ward against entry to an area. (24 XP)

Haunted Place (Obfuscate OOOOO, Presence OO) – Taint a place with psychic dread. (21 XP)

I Know (Auspex OO, Obfuscate OO) – Dupe a target into knowing you know a dark secret about them. (12 XP)

Power Animal (Animalism O, Potence OOO) – Temporarily imbue an animal with your Potence (12 XP)

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Animalism OOO, Obfuscate OO) – Your Obfuscate now affects Animals. (15 XP)

Background: The Pipeline

Nosferatu deal in secrets, and the best, dirtiest secrets flow down the Pipeline. For our purposes, The Pipeline is identical in system terms to Anarch Information Exchange (Anarchs Unbound pg. 98) except Nosferatu of any sect can take it. If you’re an Anarch Nosferatu, you can take both The Pipeline and the Anarch Information Exchange backgrounds and if one fails to produce information, you can immediately tap the other.


Schrecknet is a resource available to any Nosferatu who can get access to one of its terminals – this requires direct access to a Shrecknet terminal or a device with the encryption keys to access the database remotely. Access to Schrecknet provides a -2 difficulty on all Investigation rolls regarding Kindred society. For more information, see Lore of the Clans pg. 165.