I’m dressed to killAnd you know that I willWe’re dancing in the darkWith my hands around your heartOh, heads will roll and blood will spillBut how can you resistWhen baby, I am dressed to kill?

-Cher, “Dressed to Kill”

Sect: Camarilla, Anarch (Rarely), Sabbat (Toreador Antitribu)

Toreador, Sects and Violence: That’s a pun, I couldn’t resist.

Could you play a Toreador with the standard clan weakness in the Sabbat, or a Perv in the Camarilla or the Anarchs? Sure. Do it up. Just be advised you’re creating new challenges for yourself. The Toreador tendency to be enraptured is regarded as effete weakness by many in the Sabbat. And a Perv’s excesses of behavior will… probably get along fine outside the Sabbat, but they’re going to get some raised eyebrows, and almost certainly be watched closely by other members of their clan, who know that among Toreador there’s a difference between a catty bitch and a vicious sadist.

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Merits & Flaws:

See Lore of the Clans pg. 200 for more information about these Merits and Flaws.

Indelible (1 pt. Physical Merit) – Most Kindred bodies reject piercings, tattoos, implants and other modifications. Yours doesn’t, unless you will it to.

Impressive Restraint (2 pt. Mental Merit, Self-Control virtue only) – You have greater restraint when hungry.

Master of the Masquerade (2 pt. Supernatural Merit) – You have the little tics of life that put the Kine at ease around you.

Slowed Degeneration (5 pt. Mental Merit, Path of Humanity only) – You have greater ability to resist the pull of the Beast.

Tortured Artist (1 pt. Mental Flaw) – Just call yourself Don Music and slam your head on your piano keys, because you’ll never get it right, never, never…!

Private Life (3 pt. Social Flaw) – Somebody’s got a seeeeeeeeecret – and if it gets out, you might be fucked.

Combination Disciplines:

These secrets, proprietary to the Toreador, can be found in Lore of the Clans beginning on pg. 201.

Bliss (Dominate OO, Presence OOO) – Enhance your virtues through the power of rapture. (15 XP)

Devil’s Mark (Presence O, Vicissitude OO) – Modify other Cainites with the power of your Presence. (9 XP)

Doubletalk (Auspex OO, Celerity O, Obfuscate O) – Hide one conversation amidst another. (12 XP)

Haunting Seduction (Dementation OO, Presence O) – Drive a target mad with your seductive presence, even when you’re gone. (9 XP)

Scalpel Tongue (Presence O, Celerity O) – Fire a verbal slap so stinging it stuns your victim into silence. (6 XP)

Soul Painting (Auspex OOOO, Presence OO) – Depict the truth of a subject’s soul in a portrait. (18 XP)

Under the Skin (Auspex OOO, Presence OOO) – Lay into a victim with a put-down of supernatural power. (18 XP)