Sect: Camarilla (overwhelmingly), Anarch (Rarely), Sabbat (Rarely for House Tremere defectors, also House Telyav)


House Tremere: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

House Telyav: Auspex, Presence, Thaumaturgy

Weakness Notes: Members of House Tremere who defect to the Sabbat and partake of the Vaulderie receive the Mark of the Betrayer. Telyavelic Tremere do not; their weakness is an increased vulnerability to the powers of True Faith, per V20.

Tremere Antitribu?

Yes, our timeline includes the metaplot point where the Tremere Antitribu of House Goratrix got wiped out. But Tremere have wills of iron, and for some, it’s better to exist hated but free among the Sabbat rather than slave for the Pyramid and see all your toil amount to nothing. And the members of House Telyav know that the vaunted loyalty of Clan Tremere is bull – after all, it betrayed the Order of Hermes, it betrayed them, and they were House and Clan. In the Sabbat, Tremere Antitribu have to sing for their supper, practicing and teaching Thaumaturgy – but on the other hand, all the dividends of their hard work are their own.

Anarch Tremere?

Every now and again a Tremere will go haring off and start shunning the clan’s Chantries – maybe they just detest the pageantry and other Kindred of the Camarilla. Maybe they’re sick of people bothering them in the Chantry. Maybe they really do believe in the Anarch cause and want a more egalitarian society for all Kindred. And unless you run into one of the really crusty old sticks? The clan really doesn’t care. Why? Because you may think you have independence, but you took the cup and the clan is confident they can reel you in whenever they want to have you describe your research or because you got caught teaching Thaumaturgy to Anarchs (no no no) or just because they feel like it.

That’s the real reason more Tremere don’t go Anarch – why would you claim to be free and independent when you, the clan, and everybody else know it’s a lie?

Thaumaturgy, the Anarchs, and the Sabbat:

If you play an Anarch Tremere or a Tremere Antitribu, someone is going to lean into you to learn blood magic (they might if you play an Assamite Sorcerer too, but for some reason people just seem to pick on the Banu Haqim less. Maybe it’s all the swords). And if you’re too stingy with your Art, it could land you in hot water. On the other hand, stat-wise and from an RP perspective, it takes a certain kind of Kindred with knowledge and patience to even begin learning blood magic of any stripe. That’s the primary reason why most don’t. On the third hand (Mage Hand?) there are all kinds of ooky rumors that dog blood magic, but ESPECIALLY Hermetic Thaumaturgy. Rumors that the Tremere will hunt you down and kill you (or worse, conscript you) if they catch you at it. Rumors that they can track the use of their style of magic like a bloodhound.

In other words we know it’s going to happen, just remember that some doors once open cannot be closed, and Clan Tremere didn’t become the dominant cabal of blood mages in the Jyhad by being nice.

Merits & Flaws:

For more information on these Merits and Flaws, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 218. Many of these merits apply only to the main body of the clan – Some merits and flaws just don’t apply to Tremere not of the main clan: – Anarch Tremere have willfully denied themselves the benefits of access to a Chantry, and there aren’t enough Tremere Antitribu in L.A. to maintain a Chantry of their own – they have to throw in with the Sabbat.

Embraced Without the Cup (1 pt. Supernatural Merit, House Tremere Anarch or Camarilla only) – You did not drink the transubstantiated blood of the Seven upon your embrace.

Secret Society Member (1 pt. Social Merit, House Tremere, Anarch or Camarilla only) – You are a member of one of Clan Tremere’s secret societies, which come with certain role-playing opportunities and possible benefits – talk to your ST during character creation.

Keys to the Library (1-5 pt. General Merit, House Tremere, Camarilla only) – You have unrestricted access to the Chantry’s library with all the benefits that entails. Note that the cost of this Merit is the same as the Los Angeles Chantry’s library rating.

Outside Haven (2 pt. General Merit, House Tremere, Camarilla only) -You are allowed the privilege of maintaining your own haven, outside of the Chantry.

Unmarked Antitribu (5 pt. Merit, House Tremere, Sabbat only) – Taking the Vaulderie does not inflict the Betrayer’s mark on you. Note that the Telyav bloodline already ducks the betrayer’s mark and does not need to take this merit to do so, so the 2 point version in Lore of the Clans does not apply.

Quartermaster (3 pt. Merit, House Tremere, Camarilla only) – You have unfettered access to the equipment stockpiled by your Chantry per its Stores rating.

Arcane Curse (1-5 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – The problem with being exposed to a lot of magic is that sometimes you get hexed.

Cloistered (2 pt. Flaw, House Tremere only) – You spent so long shut up in the Chantry you don’t know how to live in the wider world anymore. You can absolutely take this flaw as an Anarch or Tremere Antitribu, but the pagan House Telyav doesn’t condone such a pathetic lack of worldliness among its Cainites.

Betrayer’s Mark (3 pt, Supernatural Flaw, House Tremere, Anarch or Camarilla only) – You’re (ostensibly) loyal to the main body of the Clan, but for some reason you took a hit of the Vaulderie and so, you name is pretty much mud.

Bound to the Clan (3 pt. Supernatural Flaw, House Tremere, Anarch or Camarilla only) – You have been fully blood-bound to the Clan.

Mage Blood (5 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – You can learn no other disciplines except Thaumaturgy.

Thaumaturgically Inept (5 pt. Supernatural Flaw) – You can’t learn so much as a single pip of Thaumaturgy.

Combination Disciplines:

For more information on these combination disciplines, refer to Lore of the Clans pg. 220.

Blood Sight (Auspex OO, Thaumaturgy (Path of Blood) O) – Gain greater insight into a blood sample. (9 XP)

Chain of Slavery (Auspex OO, Dominate OO) – Determine if a target is being Dominated and by whom. (12 XP)

Theft of Will (Dominate OOO, Thaumaturgy OOOO) – Seize control of another user of Thaumaturgy’s ritual effects. (21 XP)

Thaumaturgical Sight (Auspex OO, Thaumaturgy O) – You gain the power to see the nimbus of blood magic (6 XP).

Thaumaturgy Paths & Rituals

Please see our master list of paths and rituals for a comprehensive list of what is (theoretically) available to a Tremere thaumaturge.

The Los Angeles Chantry:

Rites of the Blood pg. 221, we need to write up the L.A. Chantry here.