Dramatis Personae

Italics indicates that a character is not in Los Angeles (and may never have been, in some cases), and are mostly included because their name might come up ICly.

An asterisk indicates an entirely historical character. This means they are either certainly dead or having fled the city years ago, are unlikely to re-appear in the story owing to their own IC circumstances (and should be considered unreachable).

Dramatis Personae
Clarice ‘Amethyst’ WashingtonAnarch Free StatesAnaheimCaitiff BaronBaron of Anaheim & Santa Ana. Holds sway over most of Orange County. Ambitious.
Jeremy MacNeil*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah Baron (dead)Famous leader of the Second Anarch Revolt. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999).
Crispus Attucks*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Famous coterie mate of Jeremy MacNeil. Childe of Marguerite Foccart. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999). Rumored Sire of Skelter.
Jacqueline Fairmonte*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Wrote the Status Perfectus with Salvador Garcia. Died during the First Sabbat Siege (1965).
Marguerite Foccart*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Famous coterie mate of Jeremy MacNeil. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999). Sire of Crispus Attucks & Steve Booth.
Smiling Jack*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/?Brujah Terrorist (fled?)Infamous troublemaker.
Armando ‘Nines’ Rodriguez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah Leader (dead?)Famously inspiring leader of the Anarch Coalition. Fate unknown.
‘Loco’*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah (dead)El Hermandad. Killed by Hartigan.
‘Mongol’Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujahEl Hermandad.
Fadrique ‘Spade’ Gutierrez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah (dead)El Hermandad. Childe of Nines. Recently killed by Sabbat in mysterious circumstances.
Gloria Martinez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah Baron (Dead)El Hermandad. Childe of Salvador Garcia. Known as Vulchista (she-wolf). Supposedly killed by Dusty's pack during the Second Sabbat Crusade (2013).
Amani WilliamsAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LAToreadorAnarch leader of Willowbrook & Athens. Close to Busta and Calvin (The ABCs).
Busta & Calvin BrooksAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahThey lead an Anarch gang in Compton. Close to Amani (The ABCs).
Jose AngelAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LAToreadorHe leads a small Anarch gang in Rancho Dominguez.
‘Skelter’Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahHe leads the South-Central Anarchs. Former close friend and lieutenant of Nines.
‘Trace’*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujah (dead)Latrell Turner. Former close friend and lieutenant of Skelter. Killed by Warchild in South Gate.
Keon BrownAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahAnarch leader of Watts. Childe of Damsel. Friend of Kismet.
Khalik Abdul Asaad*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujah (dead)Former leader of the Harbor Region Anarchs.
Andrea ViscontiAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujah Idealist BaronThe Countess of Culver City. +bbread 12/28
Tyler WardAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujahAndrea's Childe.
Zuri CarverAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujahTyler Ward's Childe/lover. Clarence Carver's granddaughter.
‘Virgil’ & ‘Annie’Anarch Free StatesCulver CityGangrelThe ‘Vigilante Duo'. Mercenaries working for Andrea. Rumored to be married.
Muhammad al-Muthlim*Anarch Free StatesInglewoodBrujah? (dead)Leader of the Crypt's Sons. Died in the Cathayan Invasion (1999).
Clarence ‘C.J’ Carver*Anarch Free StatesInglewoodBrujah? Baron (dead)Muhammad al-Muthlim's Childe. Baron of Inglewood. +bbread 11/30 and 12/28. Recently killed along with a couple lieutenants by Sabbat in mysterious circumstances.

His main lieutenants were Ricardo, Tremayne, Perry Hodges (d) and Jamar Hashik (d). Other followers include Aisha, Perry's 2IC Moses, and Jamar's 2IC Razi, who hate each other.
Steve ‘Hondo’ BoothAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujah BaronBaron of Long Beach. Marguerite Foccart's Childe. Former Surf Guru. Chill. Likeable.
Lazlo VargaAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujah WarlordChilde of Steve Booth. Has three childer of his own that help run the business side of Long Beach. Rumored to engage in dirty work to protect Steve.
‘Kismet’Anarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujahChilde of Steve Booth. Friend of Keon Brown.
Mark SlaterAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujahChilde of Steve Booth. Has two childer of his own that help run the Long Beach docks (Butch Beachley & Corky Irons).
Diamond DaveAnarch Free StatesOxnardMalkavian KingpinSelf-appointed ruler of Oxnard.
‘Damsel’Anarch Free StatesPortlandBrujah RevolutionaryCurrent chairperson of the Portland Revolutionary Committee. Former lieutenant of Nines. Sire of Keon Brown.
Jake WhitakerAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/CarsonBrujahRuns an Anarch crew in Carson. Ally of Ken Nakajima and Mason Gordon. Neutral.
Ken NakajimaAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/GardenaToreadorSpeaks for 2-3 other vampires in Gardena. Good reputation. Ally of Jake Whitaker and Mason Gordon. Neutral.
Mason GordonAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/RedondoGangrelA Baron in all but name of El Segundo and Hawthorne in the Silicon Beach area. Rival of Clarence and David Geduld. Ally of Jake Whitaker and Ken Nakajima. Neutral?
Antwon ‘Antman’ MannersAnarch Free StatesVeniceBrujahAnarch leader of ‘Ghost Town' in Venice. +bbread 12/25.
Ash Rivers*AnarchsHollywoodToreador (dead)Isaac Abram's Childe. Emily Cade's rumored true Sire. Died in the Sabbat Crusade of 2013.
Venus Dare*AnarchsHollywoodToreador (fled)Isaac Abram's adopted Childe. Fled to Seattle during the Second Sabbat Crusade.
Robbie BartokAnarchsHollywoodGargoyleThe Gargoyle of Hollywood.
‘The Professor’AnarchsPasadenaBrujah???The de facto leader of Pasadena. +bbread 12/37.
Jenny MinxAnarchsUnmasteredClub Zombie Owner (?)The Anarch fledglings known as ‘Trey’, ‘Skate’, & ‘Deke’ work for her.
Isaac AbramsAnarchs/CamarillaHollywoodToreador Baron (Former)Deposed Baron of Hollywood.
Isaac Abrams & Hollywood: 1910-1999
Most of Isaac Abrams’ past is shrouded in mystery. If asked himself, Isaac will give vague answers as to being a ‘child of the revolution’, yet never quite clarifying whether he is referring to the /American/ Revolution. Perhaps it matters little, as regardless of where Isaac came from, whether as a native or immigrant, he has adopted the idea of America with an unwavering conviction. Isaac himself has hinted that he was a failure for the first hundred years of his existence, both as a mortal, and as a vampire. He failed again and again and again, eking out an existence producing bootleg Gilbert & Sullivan plays across the Midwest.

Isaac Abrams didn’t realize his true calling in unlife, until he witnessed an exhibition of one of the first motion pictures in 1907. It changed him overnight – an art form that he could claim for his own and bring it to the pinnacle of glory. Moreover, he saw the possibility of fusing both his art and his Domain – each would build upon the other. He would take what in the early 1900s was still mostly scattered Victorian cottages and orange groves and build an empire. Having been the first vampire on the West Coast to realize this potential, he was the first to act on it by enthralling both movie producers and real estate developers, binding them to his will.

By the time that the 1940s rolled around, Isaac Abrams had made himself a powerful presence in Los Angeles. He was Primogen of the Toreador, although he was often in deep opposition to the Toreador Prince, Don Sebastian (Also known as ‘Don Juan Sebastian’, or Sebastian Juan Dominguez). This is hardly the place to trace the intricate twists and turns that lead to both the Second Anarch Revolt, and to Isaac Abrams’ eventual decision to side with Jeremy MacNeil. In the end, his support was vital to the Revolt’s success. At the same time however, Isaac Abrams was bitterly distrusted by other Anarch luminaries, such as Salvador Garcia, for his refusal to sign the Status Perfectus. In the end, it was Jeremy MacNeil who forced peace between them, and demanded that no vampire be forced by threat of violence to adhere to the Status Perfectus.

Isaac Abrams had other rivals among the Anarch leaders who carved up Los Angeles between them, especially the former Ventrue Primogen, Louis Fortier. Unlike Isaac, Louis Fortier was not shy about adopting the Status Perfectus. Yet for all that, the new Baron of Santa Monica ruled his slice of West Los Angeles like a Prince – a clue as to his later ambitions. Much of their animosity dated back to the 1920s, when Isaac was chiefly responsible for killing the nascent film industry in Santa Monica!

It is something of an open secret in Los Angeles that Isaac Abrams and Nosferatu have often worked closely together. This is owing to the belief by most, that the bulk of the Nosferatu warrens are located underneath Hollywood. Yet it also goes back to peculiarities of both Don Sebastian’s rule (and how it ended) and the subsequent ‘reign’ of Jeremy MacNeil. The Nosferatu remained largely underground throughout the Free States era, during which the Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon was the only one to make serious contingencies for the eventual return of Camarilla rule. It is thought that for much of the post-war period, Isaac Abrams remained a secret channel by which the Nosferatu communicated and collaborated with MacNeil, especially on areas of common interest. This included both repelling the 1965 Sabbat Siege and of purging a Setite Temple in the late 70s that had taken root in Hollywood.

There were other good reasons for both MacNeil (if not many other Anarchs) and the Camarilla to tolerate Isaac Abrams. He had sided against a despotic Prince of his own Clan, proving his revolutionary credentials. In addition, the former Toreador Primogen was responsible for covering up numerous Masquerade breaches with a competence and professionalism that the Anarchs who inherited Los Angeles couldn’t match. This made him an invaluable resource to Jeremy MacNeil. At the same time, there were many a wayward childe of influential Toreadors back east who slipped their Sire’s leash and came west to Hollywood and the Anarch Free States – many of them with stars in their eyes and dreams of using their gifts of Presence to make themselves rich and famous. It was Isaac’s pleasure to collect these errant souls and pack them back to their grateful masters. In this way, Isaac Abrams accumulated a fantastic amount of Influence, not just in Los Angeles, but nationally.

The Baron of Hollywood began to grow disenchanted with the Anarch Free States during the chaos and gang warfare of the 1990s. And yet, despite the beliefs by most Anarchs to this night, there is no evidence that he ever betrayed Jeremy MacNeil. This stands in contrast to Salvador Garcia, who would be responsible for MacNeil’s own assassination at Signal Hill (ostensibly owing to unhappiness at MacNeil’s purported willingness to cooperate with the Camarilla against the Sabbat and Quincunx), or Louis Fortier’s more banal betrayal (in return for being recognized by the Quincunx as Prince of Los Angeles).

Isaac Abrams, along with the Nosferatu, Maximillian Strauss and Sebastian LaCroix (a name which bore an ironic resemblance to the last Camarilla Prince) orchestrated the events by which Louis Fortier was destroyed, the Quincunx were driven out of Los Angeles, and Salvador Garcia chased into exile. In 1999, Isaac Abrams once more took on the role of Toreador Primogen.

His relationship would almost immediately sour with Prince LaCroix, who once in power, revealed himself as little better than Louis Fortier or even his namesake had been. Yet that story is told elsewhere.
Arnie Costa*Anarchs/CamarillaHollywoodVentrue FixerIsaac's right hand. Robbie Bartok's mentor. Died mysteriously in late 2019. Reputedly killed by the Gui Ren.
Karner Blue*Anarchs/CamarillaHollywoodMalkavian Primogen (dead)Former lieutenant of Isaac Abrams. Betrayed him to the Camarilla last year. Killed in Chinatown under mysterious circumstances. +bbread 11/35.
Therese Voerman*Anarchs/CamarillaSanta Monica/DTLAVentrue? Prince (fled)Briefly Prince of LA in 2005 before fleeing the city with her sister Jeanette.
David GeduldAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayVentrue PrinceFormer Baron of Torrance. Now Prince of South Bay. Patient and ambitious. Childe of Lawrence Bollard who was killed by Lupines in Chicago (1993). Grand-childe of Horatio Bollard.
Catherine du BoisAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayVentrue SheriffChilde of Louis Fortier. Her own Childe is Priscilla Albret Harris
Tom WeaverAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayBrujah ‘Primogen'Not as dumb as he looks, but close.
‘Chester’Anarchs/CamarillaSouth BayGangrel DeputyManiac Cop.
‘Donnie’Anarchs/CamarillaSouth BayBrujah DeputyPoor man's Gary Busey.
Horatio BallardCamarillaSouth BayVentrue SeneschalAwful.
Jonathan LightbourneCamarillaDTLAVentrue PrincePrince of Los Angeles. Sire of Bastian Fox & Theodosia. His second eldest Childe, Lewis Pryce, has yet to appear.
History of Jonathan Lightbourne
This gives a less rosy account of Lightbourne’s true origins. You must check with me before assuming your character is aware of any of the details given below:

* In his own words (as once shared in polite conversation in the Elysiums and Harpy salons of London, Seville and Paris during the Late Renaissance), Lightbourne grew up ‘bare feet on the dusty streets of Timbuktu’ in the waning years of the Mali Empire. At the time that Lightbourne told this story, the vast majority of his listeners did not believe that Timbuktu had ever existed, and the rest believed it to be a fantastical city of scholars where the streets were paved with gold.

* At some point in the first decade of the 16th century (around 1510 or such), he was sold while still a young boy into captivity. There was a thriving market for young, educated slave boys who would be sent over a long and perilous, overland journey across the Sahara to the Mediterranean-kissed shores of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. There, they would be put to work in the households of newly wealthy pirate lords whose legacy would be burned into history as that of the Barbary Corsairs. Many of these raiders competed with each other for honors, bribes and beydoms from the Ottoman Empire, who exercised a suzerainty over the area for several centuries.

* Lightbourne’s first master was a Turkish-born privateer and admiral named Ahmed Kemaleddin, although known to European posterity as ‘Camalicchio’. His first master died at sea in 1511, whereupon Lightbourne was inherited by Ahmed’s paternal nephew, Ahmed Muhiddin Piri. It is from his second master that Lightbourne learned the arts of navigation, geography and cartography, and by his dedicated service, made himself second to none in his master’s household. He followed his master on many expeditions and into several wars, including the 1516 -> 1517 Ottoman conquest of Egypt and the 1522 Siege of Rhodes. He was awarded a ‘chelengk’ (a decorated feather worn in the turban to indicate bravery) from the hand of Suleiman the Magnificent for his valor in slaying a gigantic German sergeant of the Knights Hospitaller in personal combat.

* In 1523, Lightbourne was given command of his own galley, presumably to embark upon his career as a privateer in service to a still greater lord. He had the misfortune on his first voyage to be nearly wrecked in a storm, and then attacked by a Genoese galleass. He was left for dead among the wreckage.

* He was miraculously rescued by Sir John Sommers, a famous Londoner and leading member of the Honorable Company of Merchant Adventurers. Sommers appears to have believed him yet a slave rather than a captain (in truth, he was both), since the penalty in those waters in that time was death for most any captured Turk or Muslim. Sir John would eventually ‘leadeth him from heathenry unto Christ, saving his imm’rtl soul’ not long after.

* The newly christened ‘Jonathan’ would proceed to serve Sir John Sommers with extreme competence and diligence for many years. He seems to have very quickly made himself an invaluable member of the company. His fearlessness, navigation skills, literacy and intimate knowledge of the North African and Levantine worlds would have made him irreplaceable. He saved his comparatively meager wages from serving Sir John on various voyages to invest in his own side trades. A handful of spice in Outremer could fetch a pouch of gold in 16th century London or Antwerp.

* ‘Jonathan’ first came to London during the reign of Henry VIII. He would return to it over the next several decades of merchant voyages through the subsequent reigns of Edward VI, Mary I and finally Elizabeth I. By the dawn of the Elizabethan Era in 1562, Jonathan (who first appears as ‘Jonathan Lightbourne’ in this time period), was probably around sixty, himself. There are references to him in certain rare journals or society bills from that era as the ‘Old Moor’, who often seemed to entertain the elites of London with his flawless English and seemingly endless anecdotes of a life of adventure…even as they envied him his vast wealth. Perhaps the only reason that Lightbourne’s name was not blackened in memory or forgotten entirely, was that he had no known family, having never taken a wife or sired any progeny. His will (when he ‘officially’ died in the 1580s) left every taler, florin, crown, ducat he had ever made to the widows and orphans of London. It also prevented an unseemly fight for his fortune, which might have revealed other details.

* It is known now that at some point in the 1560s, Jonathan Lightbourne was Embraced by the Duchess of Amber, who along with the Duke of Amber, were childer of the Prince of London, the legendary Ventrue of the 4th Generation known as Mithras. As ancient as Mithras was, his childer were methuselah themselves, playing in the shadows of the English aristocracy where they had given way to indulgence and depravity. They needed a man like Lightbourne to manage their affairs, and to save them more time for their preferred pleasures of hunting unwanted fledglings, anarchs and Caitiffs for sport. It was Lightbourne’s responsibility to cover up these depredations.

* Jonathan Lightbourne would serve the Duke and Duchess of Amber with the same diligence that he had served every master before them. After half a century or so, he was sent to represent the Amber’s economic interests in the New World entrepot of Seville during a stretch of the 17th century. It was there at Jonathan Lightbourne encountered the Toreador known as Violeta Altamirana of Seville for the first time. They seemed to have nothing in common on the surface, such as that their friendship was an object of amusement to the local Harpies (one particularly faded old creature might recall something along the lines of ‘The Old Moor and the Young Whore’ as one of the kinder sobriquets from that era). However, they seem to have worked well together and found the most rarest of all undead commodities: True friendship of the most complete soul deep and intellectual variety. They seem to have often kept each other’s company up until the War of the Spanish Succession (somewhere around ~1700).

* Violeta Altamirana’s perambulations during most of the 18th and 19th centuries are fairly easily tracked. She shows up time and again as a Harpy, Primogen or Keeper across Italy and France. Jonathan Lightbourne’s sojourns become harder to track, although there is evidence of him being involved in the founding of Hamilton in Bermuda, and having been with Wellington in India.

* There is virtually nothing known of Lightbourne’s activities in the 19th-20th centuries, except that he took his definitive first childe, known as ‘Theodosia’ in the early 1800s. He Embraced at least one other, an African-American soldier known as ‘Lewis Price’ in Paris, 1918. It is thought that much of Lightbourne’s time during this era was spent in matters involving the Ventrue’s interest in the East India Trading Company, and the ‘Great Game’, whereby Clan Ventrue sought to expand and hold onto its ill-gotten wealth and power in South Asia in the teeth of other supernaturals who sought to expel them (and who eventually did).

* By the 1980s, Lightbourne’s interest seems to have returned to America. He Embraced Bastian Fox not long after the latter made his fortune by coding a suite of financial enterprise software that Wall Street was practically built on for decades.

* In 2016, Violeta Altamirana finally achieved her ambition of becoming Prince of a major city.
TheodosiaCamarillaDTLAVentrueLightbourne's mysterious eldest Childe. New Age enthusiast.
Bastian FoxCamarillaDTLAVentrue HeraldLightbourne's youngest Childe. Tech wiz. Jerk. Leader of the Venture Pacific Coterie.
Cheree CrowleyCamarillaDTLAVentrueHarpy. Childe of Bastian Fox. Erratic. Rumored accidental Sire of Harry Kane.
Harry ‘Hurricane’ KaneCamarillaDTLAVentrueThe Brute from Brixton. Potential heavyweight champion disqualified for killing his opponent in a boxing ring in 1979. Bastian's former ghoul bodyguard. Recently Embraced while dying.
Eva PereiraCamarillaDTLAVentrueBastian's executive assistant.
Vannevar Thomas*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Prince (Dead)Prince of LA from roughly 2007-2013. Died towards the end of the Second Sabbat Crusade in a fluke accident.
Violeta Altamirana*CamarillaDTLAToreador Prince of LA (Dead)Prince of LA from ~2015 to 2020. Died in a car bomb, sparking a chaotic period.
Lance HaywoodCamarillaDTLAVentrueWill explain crypto to you. Venture Pacific coterie.
Miss CuveyCamarillaDTLAVentrueOwns several fashion boutiques in LA. Venture Pacific coterie.
Achille D'ArnouxCamarillaDTLAToreador ArchonRecently arrived agent of Justicar Diana Iadanza.
Godfrey BullardCamarillaDTLAVentrue Archon (Missing)Torpored and somehow misplaced agent of Justicar Lucinde.
Maximillian StraussCamarillaDTLATremere RegentInfamous and feared Warlock. Currently in Vienna.
Sebastian LaCroix*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Prince (dead)The notoriously Machiavellian Prince of LA, and the second named ‘Sebastian' to be killed by Anarchs (1999 - 2004).
Grayson Mitchell*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Primogen (dead)Off and on Primogen of LA. Supposedly met a mysterious fate in Las Vegas related to his sale of his stake in the Ritz-Carlton to the Chinese Zhejiang Group.
Alistair Grout*CamarillaDTLAMalkavian Primogen (dead)Assassinated by the Quincunx, supposedly at Prince LaCroix's instigation, in 2004.
Alonzo de Portola*CamarillaDTLATremere (dead)Childe of Maximillian Strauss. Killed in 1927 after challenging Don Sebastian.
Sebastian Juan Dominguez*CamarillaDTLAToreador Prince (dead)Also known as Don Sebastian. The infamous former Prince of LA whose tyranny sparked the Second Anarch Revolt (1944).
Alejandro LopezCamarillaDTLATremere Magistrate (Away)Protege of Maximillian Strauss. Currently serving as Primogen and Regent. Only surviving Magister from prior to 2012.
Armand Bellaume*CamarillaDTLAToreador Harpy (dead)Originally from the French West Indies. He Embraced a Childe, Celeste, after the Second Sabbat Siege. He held the Arts District as Domain until he and Celeste were killed during the Night of Burning Roses. (+bbread 11/7).
Summer HastingsCamarillaDTLA/Beverly HillsToreador PrimogenProtégé of the former Prince Altamirana. Ruled as Prince for the better part of a year before displaced.
Peter CrawleyCamarillaDTLA/HollywoodNosferatu SeneschalRumored éminence grise of LA.
Sloane DavenportCamarillaHancock ParkVentrue?Fledgling debutante.
Stanley & Kitty DavenportCamarillaHancock ParkVentrue?NIMBY. Somewhat odd.
Martha GrubbsCamarillaHancock ParkVentrueNIMBY. Who will think of the children?
Winston HuntingtonCamarillaHancock ParkVentrueNIMBY. Neighborhood Watch obsessed recluse.
Ian Stanford*CamarillaHancock ParkVentrue Alastor (Dead)Former president of the Hancock Park Association. Assassinated by unknown party.
Elizabeth TannerCamarillaHancock ParkToreador ChancellorCurrent President of the Hancock Park Association.
Gary Golden*CamarillaHollywoodNosferatu Primogen (Dead)Supposedly killed by Jeanette Voerman in 2005. The truth was never established.
LucindeCamarillaInner CircleVentrue JusticarVery concerned about the Quincunx.
Diana IadanzaCamarillaInner CircleToreador JusticarShe's peripherally aware of one or two situations, yet is very busy.
Ian CarfaxCamarillaInner CircleTremere JusticarControversial election. Favors a hardline stance along Justicar Lucinde to reform the Camarilla to better compete with the Quincunx.
Cock RobinCamarillaInner CircleNosferatu JusticarRumored to have agents up and down the West Coast. Very concerned about the Quincunx.
Petrodon*CamarillaInner CircleNosferatu Justicar (dead)Assassinated in Seattle around 16-17 years ago.
Hellene PanhardCamarillaNew YorkVenture PrincePrince Michaela's last surviving Childe and heir.
Alan SovereignCamarillaNew YorkVentrueFinancier. Sire of the murdered Will Leos. Childe of Horatio Ballard. Bought his freedom after the 2008 crisis ruined Horatio.
Genevieve OrseauCamarillaParisToreadorSire of Summer Hastings.
Tara KearneyCamarillaSan DiegoBrujah PrinceNotorious traitor of the Anarch Free States. Current Prince of San Diego.
Sara Winder*CamarillaSan FranciscoVentrue Prince (dead)Former Prince of San Francisco. Assassinated by deranged Cathayan (since disavowed).
Jochen Van NuysCamarillaSan FranciscoVentrue PrinceFormer and current Prince of San Francisco. Brought Winder's assassin to justice via cunning diplomacy.
Bertram Tung*CamarillaSanta MonicaNosferatu (fled)Former agent of Gary Golden. Destination unknown.
‘Mitnick’Camarilla/AutarkisBurbankNosferatuHe's rumored to be involved in the Burbank Airport, allowing Kindred to fly in and out now that LAX is too dangerous.
‘Beth’ & ‘Coop’Camarilla/AutarkisDTLABrujah/Caitff?Former Anarch fledglings that follow Primogen Quinn around.
‘Bela’Camarilla/AutarkisGlendale?MalkavianNot in his right mind, lately. Also, you got any meth? Sire of Terrence.
Terrence SkeffingtonCamarilla/AutarkisGlendale?MalkavianTerrence Wobart Skeffington III. Childe of Bela. Doing his best.
Emily CadeCamarilla/QuincunxSan FranciscoToreador Harpy (fled)Supposed influence peddler and lobbyist for the Quincunx. Supposed traitor. Friend of Jochen. Spirited from the city by then Primogen Kennedy and Robbie Bartok before killed by Crawley.
Bita Sasani*Camarilla/WestsideDTLABrujah Sultana (dead)Persian. Childe of Cyrus 'Khan' Hatami. Former Sheriff and enforcer for Prince Altamirana. After the latter's death, declared herself Sultana and ruled for a month before running afoul of Crawley.
Luis RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Dario GiovanniGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Giancarlo RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Bruno RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Jezebel Locke*InfernalistHollywoodToreador Cultist (dead)Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle.
Ming Xiao*QuincunxNew Promise MandarinateMandarin (dead)Ally of LaCroix. Killed by the Anarchs in 2004.
Jiejie LiQuincunxNew Promise MandarinateAncestor (dead?)Also known as the Bone Flower. Recently assassinated at a diplomatic summit with the Camarilla in Chinatown.
Johnny AkachiQuincunxNew Promise MandarinateOperativeZhejiang Investment Group fixer.
Chao-XingQuincunxNew Promise MandarinateWarriorBlood Violet Posse war-wu.
Fang ZimoQuincunxNew Promise MandarinateWarriorBlood Violet Posse war-wu.
Salvador Garcia*(?)Quincunx/AnarchsNew Promise MandarinateBrujah Baron (fled)Former leader of El Hermandad. Supposedly working for the Quincunx around Stockton, these nights.
‘Crave’SabbatEastsideNosferatuWarren Master. His 2IC is a big guy in a gimp suit named ‘Leather Fish’.
‘Jael’SabbatEastsideSalubri Ductus-PriestNotoriously dangerous leader of the Crucible pack. Followed around by the gigantic monster known as ‘Hartigan’.
Leila Monroe*SabbatEastsideLasombra (dead?)Childe of The Caballero. Dusty's Sire. Fate unknown.
‘Dusty’SabbatEastsideLasombra DuctusLeader of the Army of the Night pack. Rumored assassin of both Prince Altamirana and Nines Rodriguez. Packmates include ‘Verasha’, ‘Lynx’, ‘Kovac’, ‘Glitch’. Located in Deadfall.
Juarez Joe*SabbatEastsideVentrue (dead)Infamous Sabbat that had been around for a century before he was killed year or two back. Former packmate of Dusty.
‘Warchild’SabbatEastsideBrujahAnarch traitor. Killed his whole gang except Ghost. Disliked by everyone. Packmate of Dusty.
‘Shyla’SabbatEastsideToreadorPackmate of Dusty. Trouble.
‘Bill’SabbatEastsideMalkavianPackmate of Dusty. More trouble.
Benny LiconaSabbatHawaiian GardensPanderHis big brother, Rick Licona, is the mortal kingpin of Hawaiian Gardens.
‘Andrei’*SabbatHollywoodTzimisce (dead?)Tried to take over Hollywood in 2004.
Arturo CruzSabbatSan BernardinoArchbishopHe gained his current position by defeating and diablerizing The Caballero after the Second Crusade's failure.
‘Cicatriz’SabbatTijuanaBishopBishop of Tijuana. Helps smuggle up weapons and war packs.
Dawn Cavanaugh*(?)SetitesHollywoodSetite (fled?)Infamous Setite. Has almost taken control of LA twice.
Jill IkariTakeoujiLittle TokyoWho knows?Japanese-American vampire. Keeps a low profile.
Isamu ‘Sammy’ NakamuraTakeoujiLittle TokyoWho knows?Japanese-American vampire. Keeps a low-ish profile.
‘Caspara’Assamites?Westwood?Vizier?Nothing you need to be concerned with.
‘Maddox’WestsideBel AirVentrue?Supposed fledgling kingpin of Bel Air and Ventura Boulevard.
‘Sonny’WestsideMalibuToreador?He looks like he sells MDMA to teenagers.
Louis Fortier*WestsideNew Promise MandarinateVentrue Baron (dead)Former Baron of West LA, and Western Minister of the New Promise Mandarinate. Defeated and killed in 1999.
Cyrus ‘Khan’ Hatami*WestsideNew Promise MandarinateBrujah (dead)Sire of Ali Aslan, Farid Bekhti and Bita Sasani. Louis Fortier's main enforcer. Killed by Smiling Jack in 1999.
‘Hayk’WestsideSanta MonicaUnmasteredLouis Fortier's sinister dwarf seneschal that he picked up in parts unknown and brought to LA with him.
Farid Bekhti*WestsideSanta MonicaBrujah Baron (dead)Childe of Cyrus. Sire of Cheyenne. Brother of Ali Aslan. Killed by Jael during the Second Sabbat Crusade.
Cheyenne Spare*WestsideSanta MonicaBrujah Baron (dead)Childe of Farid Bekhti. Former Baron of Santa Monica. Killed by Jael last year.
Christian Cruce*WestsideSanta MonicaThin-Blood Baron (Fled)First ever Thin-Blooded Baron. Ruler of Santa Monica. Recently fled. (+bbread 11/34)
‘McKenna’WestsideSunset StripToreador?Leader of the #YPM (Yoga Pants Mafia) clique. Followed around by Makayla, Mackenzie, Mackenzie Too and a couple dudes.
‘Money Shot’WestsideVeniceThin-BloodCurrently doing his best to not ruin the career of Antman's nephew, Young LGND (and his best isn't that great).
Abiral & Babie RayaWestsideWest HollywoodToreadorAnglo-Nepalese expatriates. They own three nightclubs in Boystown.
Ali ‘Stallone’ AslanWestsideWestwoodBrujahLocated in Westwood. Childe of Cyrus Hatami. His own childer are ‘Nasser’, ‘Karim’, & ‘Ava’.
YuaGui RenKoreatownSalubriRumored Salubri Infernalist associated with the 'demon people' cult of Koreatown.
Ri-Ah & Shi-OnGui RenKoreatownTrue SwordsPronounced ‘Lia' and ‘Zion'. Unusually serious ‘True Swords' of the gang of street bike racing Korean hooligans known as the ‘Sword Dogs'.
Yul & TokkiGui RenKoreatown?????A magician and his rabbit.