Dramatis Personae

Italics indicates that a character is not in Los Angeles (and may never have been, in some cases), and are mostly included because their name might come up ICly.

An asterisk indicates an entirely historical character. This means they are either certainly dead or having fled the city years ago, are unlikely to re-appear in the story owing to their own IC circumstances (and should be considered unreachable).

Dramatis Personae
Clarice ‘Amethyst’ WashingtonAnarch Free StatesAnaheimCaitiff BaronBaron of Anaheim & Santa Ana. Holds sway over most of Orange County. Ambitious.
Jeremy MacNeil*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah Baron (dead)Famous leader of the Second Anarch Revolt. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999).
Crispus Attucks*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Famous coterie mate of Jeremy MacNeil. Childe of Marguerite Foccart. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999). Rumored Sire of Skelter.
Jacqueline Fairmonte*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Wrote the Status Perfectus with Salvador Garcia. Died during the First Sabbat Siege (1965).
Marguerite Foccart*Anarch Free StatesCoalitionBrujah (dead)Famous coterie mate of Jeremy MacNeil. Died at the Battle of Signal Hill (1999). Sire of Crispus Attucks & Steve Booth.
Smiling Jack*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/?Brujah Terrorist (fled?)Infamous troublemaker.
Armando ‘Nines’ Rodriguez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah Leader (dead?)Famously inspiring leader of the Anarch Coalition. Fate unknown.
‘Loco’*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah (dead)El Hermandad. Killed by Hartigan.
‘Mongol’Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujahEl Hermandad.
Fadrique ‘Spade’ Gutierrez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah (dead)El Hermandad. Childe of Nines. Recently killed by Sabbat in mysterious circumstances.
Gloria Martinez*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/East LABrujah Baron (Dead)El Hermandad. Childe of Salvador Garcia. Known as Vulchista (she-wolf). Supposedly killed by Dusty's pack during the Second Sabbat Crusade (2013).
Amani WilliamsAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LAToreadorAnarch leader of Willowbrook & Athens. Close to Busta and Calvin (The ABCs).
Busta & Calvin BrooksAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahThey lead an Anarch gang in Compton. Close to Amani (The ABCs).
Jose AngelAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LAToreadorHe leads a small Anarch gang in Rancho Dominguez.
‘Skelter’Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahHe leads the South-Central Anarchs. Former close friend and lieutenant of Nines.
‘Trace’*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujah (dead)Latrell Turner. Former close friend and lieutenant of Skelter. Killed by Warchild in South Gate.
Keon BrownAnarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujahAnarch leader of Watts. Childe of Damsel. Friend of Kismet.
Khalik Abdul Asaad*Anarch Free StatesCoalition/South LABrujah (dead)Former leader of the Harbor Region Anarchs.
Andrea ViscontiAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujah Idealist BaronThe Countess of Culver City. +bbread 12/28
Tyler WardAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujahAndrea's Childe.
Zuri CarverAnarch Free StatesCulver CityBrujahTyler Ward's Childe/lover. Clarence Carver's granddaughter.
‘Virgil’ & ‘Annie’Anarch Free StatesCulver CityGangrelThe ‘Vigilante Duo'. Mercenaries working for Andrea. Rumored to be married.
Muhammad al-Muthlim*Anarch Free StatesInglewoodBrujah? (dead)Leader of the Crypt's Sons. Died in the Cathayan Invasion (1999).
Clarence ‘C.J’ Carver*Anarch Free StatesInglewoodBrujah? Baron (dead)Muhammad al-Muthlim's Childe. Baron of Inglewood. +bbread 11/30 and 12/28. Recently killed by Sabbat in mysterious circumstances.
Steve ‘Hondo’ BoothAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujah BaronBaron of Long Beach. Marguerite Foccart's Childe. Former Surf Guru. Chill. Likeable.
Lazlo VargaAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujah WarlordChilde of Steve Booth. Has three childer of his own that help run the business side of Long Beach. Rumored to engage in dirty work to protect Steve.
‘Kismet’Anarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujahChilde of Steve Booth. Friend of Keon Brown.
Mark SlaterAnarch Free StatesLong BeachBrujahChilde of Steve Booth. Has two childer of his own that help run the Long Beach docks (Butch Beachley & Corky Irons).
Diamond DaveAnarch Free StatesOxnardMalkavian KingpinSelf-appointed ruler of Oxnard.
‘Damsel’Anarch Free StatesPortlandBrujah RevolutionaryCurrent chairperson of the Portland Revolutionary Committee. Former lieutenant of Nines. Sire of Keon Brown.
Jake WhitakerAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/CarsonBrujahRuns an Anarch crew in Carson. Ally of Ken Nakajima and Mason Gordon. Neutral.
Ken NakajimaAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/GardenaToreadorSpeaks for 2-3 other vampires in Gardena. Good reputation. Ally of Jake Whitaker and Mason Gordon. Neutral.
Mason GordonAnarch Free StatesThree Wise Men/RedondoGangrelA Baron in all but name of Redondo and Hawthorne in the Silicon Beach area. Rival of Clarence and David Geduld. Ally of Jake Whitaker and Ken Nakajima. Neutral?
Antwon ‘Antman’ MannersAnarch Free StatesVeniceBrujahAnarch leader of ‘Ghost Town' in Venice. +bbread 12/25.
Ash Rivers*AnarchsHollywoodToreador (dead)Isaac Abram's Childe. Emily Cade's rumored true Sire. Died in the Sabbat Crusade of 2013.
Venus Dare*AnarchsHollywoodToreador (fled)Isaac Abram's adopted Childe. Fled to Seattle during the Second Sabbat Crusade.
Robbie BartokAnarchsHollywoodGargoyleThe Gargoyle of Hollywood.
‘The Professor’AnarchsPasadenaBrujah???The de facto leader of Pasadena. +bbread 12/37.
Jenny MinxAnarchsUnmasteredClub Zombie Owner (?)The Anarch fledglings known as ‘Trey’, ‘Skate’, & ‘Deke’ work for her.
Isaac AbramsAnarchs/CamarillaHollywoodToreador Baron (Former)+bbread 12/26.
Arnie Costa*Anarchs/CamarillaHollywoodVentrue FixerIsaac's right hand. Robbie Bartok's mentor. Died mysteriously in late 2019. Reputedly killed by the Gui Ren.
Karner BlueAnarchs/CamarillaHollywoodMalkavian PrimogenFormer lieutenant of Isaac Abrams. Betrayed him to the Camarilla last year.
Therese Voerman*Anarchs/CamarillaSanta Monica/DTLAVentrue? Prince (fled)Briefly Prince of LA in 2005 before fleeing the city with her sister Jeanette.
David GeduldAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayVentrue PrinceFormer Baron of Torrance. Now Prince of South Bay. Patient and ambitious. Childe of Lawrence Bollard who was killed by Lupines in Chicago (1993). Grand-childe of Horatio Bollard.
Catherine du BoisAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayVentrue SheriffChilde of Louis Fortier. Her own Childe is Priscilla Albret Harris
Tom WeaverAnarchs/CamarillaSouth BayBrujah ‘Primogen'Not as dumb as he looks, but close.
‘Chester’Anarchs/CamarillaSouth BayGangrel DeputyManiac Cop.
‘Donnie’Anarchs/CamarillaSouth BayBrujah DeputyPoor man's Gary Busey.
Horatio BallardCamarillaSouth BayVentrue SeneschalAwful.
Jonathan LightbourneCamarillaDTLAVentrue PrincePrince of Los Angeles. Sire of Bastian Fox & Theodosia. His second eldest Childe, Lewis Price, has yet to appear. +bbread 12/27.
TheodosiaCamarillaDTLAVentrueLightbourne's mysterious eldest Childe. New Age enthusiast.
Bastian FoxCamarillaDTLAVentrue HeraldLightbourne's youngest Childe. Tech wiz. Jerk. Leader of the Venture Pacific Coterie.
Cheree CrowleyCamarillaDTLAVentrueHarpy. Childe of Bastian Fox. Erratic. Rumored accidental Sire of Harry Kane.
Harry ‘Hurricane’ KaneCamarillaDTLAVentrueThe Brute from Brixton. Potential heavyweight champion disqualified for killing his opponent in a boxing ring in 1979. Bastian's former ghoul bodyguard. Recently Embraced while dying.
Eva PereiraCamarillaDTLAVentrueBastian's executive assistant.
Vannevar Thomas*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Prince (Dead)Prince of LA from roughly 2007-2013. Died towards the end of the Second Sabbat Crusade in a fluke accident.
Violeta Altamirana*CamarillaDTLAToreador Prince of LA (Dead)Prince of LA from ~2015 to 2020. Died in a car bomb, sparking a chaotic period.
Lance HaywoodCamarillaDTLAVentrueWill explain crypto to you. Venture Pacific coterie.
Miss CuveyCamarillaDTLAVentrueOwns several fashion boutiques in LA. Venture Pacific coterie.
Achille D'ArnouxCamarillaDTLAToreador ArchonRecently arrived agent of Justicar Diana Iadanza.
Godfrey BullardCamarillaDTLAVentrue Archon (Missing)Torpored and somehow misplaced agent of Justicar Lucinde.
Maximillian StraussCamarillaDTLATremere RegentInfamous and feared Warlock. Currently in Vienna.
Sebastian LaCroix*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Prince (dead)The notoriously Machiavellian Prince of LA, and the second named ‘Sebastian' to be killed by Anarchs (1999 - 2004).
Grayson Mitchell*CamarillaDTLAVentrue Primogen (dead)Off and on Primogen of LA. Supposedly met a mysterious fate in Las Vegas related to his sale of his stake in the Ritz-Carlton to the Chinese Zhejiang Group.
Alistair Grout*CamarillaDTLAMalkavian Primogen (dead)Assassinated by the Quincunx, supposedly at Prince LaCroix's instigation, in 2004.
Alonzo de Portola*CamarillaDTLATremere (dead)Childe of Maximillian Strauss. Killed in 1927 after challenging Don Sebastian.
Sebastian Juan Dominguez*CamarillaDTLAToreador Prince (dead)Also known as Don Sebastian. The infamous former Prince of LA whose tyranny sparked the Second Anarch Revolt (1944).
Alejandro LopezCamarillaDTLATremere PrimogenProtege of Maximillian Strauss. Currently serving as Primogen and Regent. Only surviving Magister from prior to 2012.
Summer HastingsCamarillaDTLA/Beverly HillsToreador PrimogenProtégé of the former Prince Altamirana. Ruled as Prince for the better part of a year before displaced.
Peter CrawleyCamarillaDTLA/HollywoodNosferatu SeneschalRumored éminence grise of LA.
Sloane DavenportCamarillaHancock ParkVentrue?Fledgling debutante.
Stanley & Kitty DavenportCamarillaHancock ParkVentrue?NIMBY. Somewhat odd.
Martha GrubbsCamarillaHancock ParkVentrueNIMBY. Who will think of the children?
Winston HuntingtonCamarillaHancock ParkVentrueNIMBY. Neighborhood Watch obsessed recluse.
Ian Stanford*CamarillaHancock ParkVentrue Alastor (Dead)Former president of the Hancock Park Association. Assassinated by unknown party.
Elizabeth TannerCamarillaHancock ParkToreador ChancellorCurrent President of the Hancock Park Association.
Gary Golden*CamarillaHollywoodNosferatu Primogen (Dead)Supposedly killed by Jeanette Voerman in 2005. The truth was never established.
LucindeCamarillaInner CircleVentrue JusticarVery concerned about the Quincunx.
Diana IadanzaCamarillaInner CircleToreador JusticarShe's peripherally aware of one or two situations, yet is very busy.
Ian CarfaxCamarillaInner CircleTremere JusticarControversial election. Favors a hardline stance along Justicar Lucinde to reform the Camarilla to better compete with the Quincunx.
Cock RobinCamarillaInner CircleNosferatu JusticarRumored to have agents up and down the West Coast. Very concerned about the Quincunx.
Petrodon*CamarillaInner CircleNosferatu Justicar (dead)Assassinated in Seattle around 16-17 years ago.
Hellene PanhardCamarillaNew YorkVenture PrincePrince Michaela's last surviving Childe and heir.
Alan SovereignCamarillaNew YorkVentrueFinancier. Sire of the murdered Will Leos. Childe of Horatio Ballard. Bought his freedom after the 2008 crisis ruined Horatio.
Genevieve OrseauCamarillaParisToreadorSire of Summer Hastings.
Tara KearneyCamarillaSan DiegoBrujah PrinceNotorious traitor of the Anarch Free States. Current Prince of San Diego.
Sara Winder*CamarillaSan FranciscoVentrue Prince (dead)Former Prince of San Francisco. Assassinated by deranged Cathayan (since disavowed).
Jochen Van NuysCamarillaSan FranciscoVentrue PrinceFormer and current Prince of San Francisco. Brought Winder's assassin to justice via cunning diplomacy.
Bertram Tung*CamarillaSanta MonicaNosferatu (fled)Former agent of Gary Golden. Destination unknown.
‘Mitnick’Camarilla/AutarkisBurbankNosferatuHe's rumored to be involved in the Burbank Airport, allowing Kindred to fly in and out now that LAX is too dangerous.
‘Beth’ & ‘Coop’Camarilla/AutarkisDTLABrujah/Caitff?Former Anarch fledglings that follow Primogen Quinn around.
‘Bela’Camarilla/AutarkisGlendale?MalkavianNot in his right mind, lately. Also, you got any meth? Sire of Terrence.
Terrence SkeffingtonCamarilla/AutarkisGlendale?MalkavianTerrence Wobart Skeffington III. Childe of Bela. Doing his best.
Emily CadeCamarilla/QuincunxSan FranciscoToreador Harpy (fled)Supposed influence peddler and lobbyist for the Quincunx. Supposed traitor. Friend of Jochen. Spirited from the city by then Primogen Kennedy and Robbie Bartok before killed by Crawley.
Bita Sasani*Camarilla/WestsideDTLABrujah Sultana (dead)Persian. Childe of Cyrus 'Khan' Hatami. Former Sheriff and enforcer for Prince Altamirana. After the latter's death, declared herself Sultana and ruled for a month before running afoul of Crawley.
Luis RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Dario GiovanniGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Giancarlo RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Bruno RossiGiovanniSan PedroGiovanniRossi Outfit.
Jezebel Locke*InfernalistHollywoodToreador Cultist (dead)Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle.
Ming Xiao*QuincunxNew Promise MandarinateMandarin (dead)Ally of LaCroix. Killed by the Anarchs in 2004.
Jiejie LiQuincunxNew Promise MandarinateMandarinBone Flower
Salvador Garcia*(?)Quincunx/AnarchsNew Promise MandarinateBrujah Baron (fled)Former leader of El Hermandad. Supposedly working for the Quincunx around Stockton, these nights.
‘Crave’SabbatEastsideNosferatuWarren Master. His 2IC is a big guy in a gimp suit named ‘Leather Fish’.
‘Jael’SabbatEastsideSalubri Ductus-PriestNotoriously dangerous leader of the Crucible pack. Followed around by the gigantic monster known as ‘Hartigan’.
Leila Monroe*SabbatEastsideLasombra (dead?)Childe of The Caballero. Dusty's Sire. Fate unknown.
‘Dusty’SabbatEastsideLasombra DuctusLeader of the Army of the Night pack. Rumored assassin of both Prince Altamirana and Nines Rodriguez. Packmates include ‘Verasha’, ‘Lynx’, ‘Kovac’, ‘Glitch’. Located in Deadfall.
Juarez Joe*SabbatEastsideVentrue (dead)Infamous Sabbat that had been around for a century before he was killed year or two back. Former packmate of Dusty.
‘Warchild’SabbatEastsideBrujahAnarch traitor. Killed his whole gang except Ghost. Disliked by everyone. Packmate of Dusty.
‘Shyla’SabbatEastsideToreadorPackmate of Dusty. Trouble.
‘Bill’SabbatEastsideMalkavianPackmate of Dusty. More trouble.
Benny LiconaSabbatHawaiian GardensPanderHis big brother, Rick Licona, is the mortal kingpin of Hawaiian Gardens.
‘Andrei’*SabbatHollywoodTzimisce (dead?)Tried to take over Hollywood in 2004.
Arturo CruzSabbatSan BernardinoArchbishopHe gained his current position by defeating and diablerizing The Caballero after the Second Crusade's failure.
‘Cicatriz’SabbatTijuanaBishopBishop of Tijuana. Helps smuggle up weapons and war packs.
Dawn Cavanaugh*(?)SetitesHollywoodSetite (fled?)Infamous Setite. Has almost taken control of LA twice.
Jill IkariTakeoujiLittle TokyoWho knows?Japanese-American vampire. Keeps a low profile.
Isamu ‘Sammy’ NakamuraTakeoujiLittle TokyoWho knows?Japanese-American vampire. Keeps a low-ish profile.
‘Caspara’Assamites?Westwood?Vizier?Nothing you need to be concerned with.
‘Maddox’WestsideBel AirVentrue?Supposed fledgling kingpin of Bel Air and Ventura Boulevard.
‘Sonny’WestsideMalibuToreador?He looks like he sells MDMA to teenagers.
Louis Fortier*WestsideNew Promise MandarinateVentrue Baron (dead)Former Baron of West LA, and Western Minister of the New Promise Mandarinate. Defeated and killed in 1999.
Cyrus ‘Khan’ Hatami*WestsideNew Promise MandarinateBrujah (dead)Sire of Ali Aslan, Farid Bekhti and Bita Sasani. Louis Fortier's main enforcer. Killed by Smiling Jack in 1999.
‘Hayk’WestsideSanta MonicaUnmasteredLouis Fortier's sinister dwarf seneschal that he picked up in parts unknown and brought to LA with him.
Farid Bekhti*WestsideSanta MonicaBrujah Baron (dead)Childe of Cyrus. Sire of Cheyenne. Brother of Ali Aslan. Killed by Jael during the Second Sabbat Crusade.
Cheyenne Spare*WestsideSanta MonicaBrujah Baron (dead)Childe of Farid Bekhti. Former Baron of Santa Monica. Killed by Jael last year.
Christian CruceWestsideSanta MonicaThin-Blood BaronFirst ever Thin-Blooded Baron. Ruler of Santa Monica.
‘McKenna’WestsideSunset StripToreador?Leader of the #YPM (Yoga Pants Mafia) clique. Followed around by Makayla, Mackenzie, Mackenzie Too and a couple dudes.
‘Money Shot’WestsideVeniceThin-BloodCurrently doing his best to not ruin the career of Antman's nephew, Young LGND (and his best isn't that great).
Abiral & Babie RayaWestsideWest HollywoodToreadorAnglo-Nepalese expatriates. They own three nightclubs in Boystown.
Ali ‘Stallone’ AslanWestsideWestwoodBrujahLocated in Westwood. Childe of Cyrus Hatami. His own childer are ‘Nasser’, ‘Karim’, & ‘Ava’.
YuaGui RenKoreatownSalubriRumored Salubri Infernalist associated with the 'demon people' cult of Koreatown.
Ri-Ah & Shi-OnGui RenKoreatownTrue SwordsPronounced ‘Lia' and ‘Zion'. Unusually serious ‘True Swords' of the gang of street bike racing Korean hooligans known as the ‘Sword Dogs'.
Yul & TokkiGui RenKoreatown?????A magician and his rabbit.