House Rules: Werewolf

Learning Gifts

 There are two ways to learn Gifts on LiberationMUSH:

1) Spirit-Taught: As per W20, most Garou (and most Fera!) learn gifts by:

   "...petitioning a particular spirit to teach her its powers or ask an elder to summon that spirit on her behalf. Traditionally, the Garou first travels to a caern with a power level equal to or greater than that of the desired Gift to petition the spirit personally to do otherwise is to defy tradition, which risks incurring the wrath of the spirit. But as more caerns fall to the talons of the Wyrm, many Garou are forced to make do with whatever places of power they can find, or even to summon spirits outside of caerns completely. Such slighted spirits often demand recompense or service before consenting to share their blessings.
   Other Garou, lacking access to a ritemaster capable of summoning spirits at all, must track down potential mentors and petition them directly in the Umbra. The manifold dangers of such ventures include offending the spirit in its home or mistaking a hostile spirit for a friendly one."
  • Spirit-Taught gifts are more akin to a ‘blessing’ than an instruction, bringing with them more or less instant comprehension. You are able to learn any Gift that correlates with your Breed, Auspice/Aspect or Tribe, etc.
  • You may not learn Spirit-Taught gifts from outside your Breed, Auspice/Aspect or Tribe.

2) Shifter-Taught: The other way to learn Gifts is to either be taught by another Shifter of your own race (such as a Garou teaching a Garou, a Ratkin teaching a Ratkin, etc). There are one or two special racial mechanics (such as high ranked Corax or Bastet possess) which allows them to ‘steal’ a Gift from another Shifter race, depending on the Storyteller allowing it. Those gifts are not covered here.

W20 describes Shifter-Taught Gifts as follows:

   "...this process is neither fast nor easy. Learning a gift from another Garou is a long process of trial and error, of attempting to achieve communion with another werewolf and emulate the shape of his soul. At best, the process takes a full lunar month. Most elders strongly discourage this practice, viewing it as unacceptably risky on a number of levels. Wielding incomplete mastery of Gifts such as Silver Claws, for example, can be not only painful, but dangerous to the Garou and to others in his pack or sept. Moreover, the level and depth of sustained intimacy necessary for werewolves to teach Gifts to one another can strain the bounds of the Litany."
  • The only way to learn Gifts that are outside your Breed, Auspice/Aspect or Tribe, is to learn them from another Shifter PC of your same race, or a Mentor. It takes at least one RL month to learn a single gift in this fashion, and (at least among Garou) it is highly discouraged. Although, even the elders who discourage it likely have learned a few Gifts in this way in their time.
  • As ever, out of Tribe/Auspice/Aspect/Breed Gifts costs 5 x per level instead of 3 x per level.
  • If you’re a Tier buying Gifts in CGEN, you can take whatever your Director agrees is reasonable according to your Backstory.
  • You do not need to supply logs or even engage in elaborately roleplayed scenes (although, why not RP about it?). We will however enforce that it takes a RL month to learn (and teach!) Gifts across Breed/Tribal/Auspice/Aspect boundaries, etc.