House Rules: Werewolf

Learning Rites

You may learn Minor, Level 1 and 2 Rites from PCs and NPC Mentors for free, although it requires a certain duration of teaching. This won’t be obsessively enforced, but I am wanting something like an average of three days per Minor Rite, a week per Level 1 Rite, and two weeks per Level 2 Rite. While I don’t require logs of the teaching sessions, the roleplaying does need to happen.

Levels 3-5 Rites still need to be taught by a PC or NPC Mentor, but they cost 5 XP each (per Rite, not per level of the Rite). Again, higher level Rites are unlikely to be taught to lower ranked Garou outside extreme situations.

  • PC teachers must have an Instruction Ability equal to the level of the Rite they are hoping to teach.
  • PC teachers may teach one concurrent Rite for every dot of the Instruction Ability that they possess.

It should be noted here that Rites from Garou Tribebooks and Fera Breedbooks are one of the only mechanics from Werewolf Revised, that with a little tweaking where required, will be mostly allowed on Liberation MUSH without much comment. This is because many of the Rites are very flavorful and were clearly cut from later compendiums almost entirely owing to issues of available space.

You will still need to be patient with us about getting every past Rite added to the statdb. Often, if a Rite isn’t already added to the database, we will have you set it as a +note until we can get around to it.