Changeling Backgrounds

Changelings use Backgrounds taken from page 168-172 of Changeling the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. Some Changeling variants, such as the Hsien, have a few other special Backgrounds which are noted in the Changeling character creation guide. In addition to all the general Backgrounds described above, all Changelings have access to the following unique Backgrounds:

  • Chimera: Items or companions of yours that only exist in the chimerical world.
  • Dreamers: Inspired mortals whom you patronize for Glamour.
  • Holdings: A faerie freehold that you claim as your own.
  • Remembrance: Your intuitive link to the Dreaming and the collective knowledge possessed by all fae, possibly even your own past lives.
  • Retinue: Enchanted mortals who assist you in your endeavors.
  • Title: Your rank in the Kithain nobility.
  • Treasure: An item of yours that has magical powers of its own.